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The importance-of-learning-french
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The importance-of-learning-french


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French, French language in India,

French, French language in India,

Published in: Education
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  • Begin the presentation with an attention grabbing introduction to get parents thinking about the presence of French in their own lives – it really isn’t a foreign language!
    Ask the parents “How do you wish someone ‘Have a good trip!’ when they are leaving on vacation?”
    Encourage participation from parents and award them with a French-related prize that they can share with their child when they go home (a bookmark, sticker, etc).
    A positive attitude about learning a language is perhaps the most important starting point – if parents support the programme and see relevance in the subject, they will in turn pass on their appreciation to their children.
  • Many parents, especially those who might not use a second-language in their daily lives wonder why their children are learning French – give them something to think about when sharing these ideas.
  • We borrow terms from French as well! At a restaurant you may order the soupe du jour or apple pie à la mode.
  • Clarify for parents what the goals of core French.
    Often parents have only their own personal experiences with French as a school subject to relate to - the pedagogical approach has changed a great deal over the past years.
  • Define core French is not – it is not the same as when parents were in the French classroom.
    We learn vocabulary in the context of a theme that appeals to students interests.
    We do not drill verbs – we look at structures in the context of the stories we read and the projects we write.
  • Allow time for parents to ask questions or invite them to speak to you personally following the presentation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Importance of Learning French Presented by Hakkim.s ( Asst.Prof /French)
    • 2. Why Learn French? 10 compelling reasons why you will benefit from studying the French language
    • 3.  French is the 11th most widely-spoken language in the world.  French is the official language of 33 countries in the world.  French is the official language of several African countries.
    • 4.  French is the 2nd most widely-used language on the Internet.
    • 5.  People who are bilingual can earn a higher salary than those who are unilingual.  There is a demand for people who know French language.
    • 6.  Over 20,000 English words have their origins in French.
    • 7.  France is the third most popular destination for Higher studies  Study and work in the heart of Europe  Post graduation and doctorate opportunities  France has leading universities in business, Engineering, Technology Science.
    • 8.  France has the 5th largest economy in the world after the U.S., Japan, China, Germany.
    • 9.  the French are a world leader in medical research  the AIDS virus was first isolated by French doctors  A team of French researchers has developed an artificial heart that resembles and beats almost exactly like the real thing.
    • 10.  France has one of the world’s fastest train the French TGV.
    • 11.  France is a world leader in aviation & space technology  Most commercial satellites are put into space on French Ariane rockets
    • 12.  The United Nations  UNESCO  NATO  The International Monetary Fund  The International Red Cross/Cresent  The International Olympic Committee
    • 13. • France is the crossroads of Europe, the world’s largest consumer market. • The India and France are major business partners. •Several Indian MNC companies need French-speaking employees.
    • 14. Fashion Dance Cuisine Cinema Theatre Music Literature
    • 15.  Over 75 million tourists visit France every of them could be you!  France has highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites
    • 16.  Scientific research has proven that learning a second language early in life enhances a child’s cognitive skills.  Learning French also improves memory, self-discipline and self-esteem.
    • 17.  Higher studies in France  International Diplomacy  Travel and Tourism  Work around the globe  Multilingual people in demand
    • 18.  rote learning of isolated vocabulary.  drilling of grammar.
    • 19.  basic communication in the French language.  active participation.  integration of grammar into authentic tasks.  an appreciation of French culture and the Francophone world.  FUN!
    • 20. Please feel free to ask