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Benefits of Hair Treatment Conditioner in Preventing Damage of Hair Extensions
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Benefits of Hair Treatment Conditioner in Preventing Damage of Hair Extensions


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Preventing damage of hair extensions with hair care products developed specifically for the maintenance of hair extensions. …

Preventing damage of hair extensions with hair care products developed specifically for the maintenance of hair extensions.

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  • 1. Benefits of Hair TreatmentConditioner in PreventingDamage of Hair Extensions May 1, 2012
  • 2. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsAll of us are aware of the fact that our hair issusceptible to damage from brushing, heat,chemicals, etc. We are also aware that cut hair is ateven greater risk because it does not have thenatural hair oils to provide additional protection.What most of us are not aware of is just howextensive this damage might be or to what extentnatural oils prevent hair damage.
  • 3. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsWhat happens to the hair with a lot of damage due tobleaching, dyeing, and “stripping of cuticles”? Thefibers become brittle and vulnerable to damage fromgeneral grooming, especially when brushing hairwhen it’s wet. The loss of the cuticle scales, groovesand damaging along the fiber weakens the hair andleads not only to split ends and fracture, but also toirreversible swelling.
  • 4. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsHair swelling occurs when the hair fibers get saturatedwith liquid. When the hair fibers get swollen withwater, they return to their natural state when dry.However, when they are saturated with chemicals, thebonds get broken which creates irreversible damage asthe hair fibers cannot return to its natural state. Whenthis damage occurs, it limits the life time and cosmeticqualities that include body and shine.
  • 5. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsHair & Compounds not only conducted research in thisfield, but also developed the IONIX Pre-Shampoo hairextensions treatment to help prevent the damage ofcut hair. IONIX Pre-Shampoo solution was developedspecifically for the maintenance of hair extensions. It isbased on natural oils which are to mimic the healthycuticles that are often removed or altered in cut hair.These oils are absorbed into the fiber to moisturize andcreate a barrier that will reject water and cleaningagents from penetrating the hair and causing swelling.
  • 6. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsTo present the benefits of the IONIX Pre-Shampoo hairtreatment conditioner in preventing the hairdamage, Hair and Compounds conducted several testson protein loss and water uptake. They study theeffects on hair extensions, bleached hairextensions, and hair extensions that were treated withboiling water for two hours in order to stimulate fiberdyeing.
  • 7. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsProtein Loss is one of the most significantmeasurements for hair damage. To measure whetherthe IONIX Pre-Shampoo hair extensions treatmenthelps to prevent hair protein loss, each hair bundle waswetted and vigorously combed 50 times with a fine-toothed nylon comb. Every single bundle was combedfrom both sides and along the entire length of the hair.To dislodge the debris, the comb was dipped in abeaker with water after every 5 strokes. After every 10strokes the entire bundle of hair was dipped in water tocollect loose and damaged hair particles. Then by usingthe Lowry method the water was tested for proteincontent.
  • 8. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsBelow you can see the graphs showing the damage foreach hair group. Figure 1 shows the data of theprotein-loss for the control group of undamaged hairextensions. Figure 2 and 3 show the same trend asFigure 1 with more protein loss visible for the hair thatwas not treated with the IONIX Pre-Shampoo hairtreatment conditioner.
  • 9. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 1
  • 10. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 2
  • 11. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 3
  • 12. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsIt is easy to notice from looking at this data that theprotein loss is significantly less for all of the hairbundles when they are treated with the IONIX Pre-Shampoo hair extensions treatment before shampoowash. This data also shows the significance of thefiber lubrication. This we can see after comparing theresults when IONIX Pre-Shampoo hair treatmentconditioner was used as a prewash and when it wasused as both pre wash treatment and post washconditioner. This shows that it is more important tolimit hair fiber swelling then just lubricating theswollen fiber.
  • 13. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsWater retentionSince the goal of the hair extensions treatment is toblock the hair fibers from absorbing liquid. This testwas to determine how much liquid is retained in hairfibers. As part of this study, the hair tresses weresoaked in the polysorbate 80 solution for 30 minutesand then they were dried to remove the water fromthe surface before being weighted. Then it was driedfor 90 minutes to determine the dry weigh of the hairand weighted again.
  • 14. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsThe data of the control group in Figure 4 shows that thewater retention index is 2-5% in undamaged hairextensions. It is important to mention that the result maybe due to the oil residue that is left on the hair from theIONIX Pre-Shampoo hair treatment conditioner. Theresults from figures 5 and 6 show that the water retentionindex in much higher in more damaged hair from bleachand water damage. This is due to the chemical damage ofproteins that made the hairs liquid absorbing instead ofliquid rejecting which is common for healthy hair.Furthermore, repeated swelling and contraction isdamaging to the fiber of the hair. Therefore, limiting liquidabsorption can reduce hair damage.
  • 15. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsThe data in Figures 5 and 6 also shows the importance ofthe sequence of application of the IONIX Pre-Shampoohair extensions treatment. When applying the IONIX Pre-Shampoo hair treatment conditioner after washinghair, the liquid is already absorbed into the hair fiber andthe IONIX Pre-Shampoo hair extensions treatment is lessaffective. In this situation the oils are only located on thesurface of the hair. When applying the IONIX Pre-Shampoohair treatment conditioner before washing the hair, theoils can penetrate into the hair fibers and cuticle layers.This effect is much more visible with damaged hair as theliquid can easily penetrate the hair causing significantswelling.
  • 16. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 4
  • 17. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 5
  • 18. Preventing Damage of Hair ExtensionsFigure 6
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