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Organic Nontoxic Hair Care Products
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Organic Nontoxic Hair Care Products


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  • 2. Organic Nontoxic Hair Care Products Everyone wants healthy, manageable and clean beautiful hair. This is usually easy to obtain but what most people don’t know is that they do not have to put their health at risk in order to obtain gorgeous hair. The mass marketed hair care products on our shelves today may contain ingredients that are suspected of causing cancer and may have negative liver, neurological or immune system impact.
  • 3. Cause birth defects They also cause birth defects, hormone problems and any numerous other bodily diseases. Looking for nontoxic hair care products is not difficult and it usually just means reading the label. The majority of stores that stock hair care products also stock nontoxic hair care products. Some of these stores even have them listed in a special organic section.
  • 4. Research Even hair care products that claim to be natural or use organic ingredients are often from companies that use a few healthy ingredients mixed in with synthetic chemical and petroleum based colors, preservatives and fragrances only so they can call their product natural based.
  • 5. Nontoxic hair care products If you want to know if the hair care products that you are using are nontoxic hair care products then read the ingredients. Nontoxic hair care products are products that are made without the use of synthetic and petroleum based ingredients. Any form of “paraben”, such as propylparaben, butylparaben and methylparaben exist in many natural and organic hair care products. These synthetic chemicals are used as preservatives and are toxic to the system.
  • 6. Foaming and Wetting agents Foaming and Wetting agents that create lather are another surfactant that is toxic to the system. Natural products are good, but organic nontoxic hair care products are better. Nontoxic hair care products means 100% synthetic free and custom formulated to be an effective healthy alternative to synthetic chemical products. Nontoxic hair care products will have a major benefit for all of us by reducing toxic chemical human exposure and pollution to our air, water, land and food.
  • 7. Demand for petroleum resources It will reduce the demand for petroleum resources through product and crop manufacturing. Nontoxic hair care products come from farm production that does not use toxic synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or peticides to maintain soil fertility.
  • 8. Beneficial insects Farmers use beneficial insects that are natural predators to pets and will improve the crop rotation and will pull weeds mechanically or physically. So do your homework when looking for nontoxic hair care products and think organic. It’s all in the labels and label reading is something we can do for the environment and ourselves.
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