Hair Care and Treatment Tips for the Shiniest Head on the Block


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Hair Care and Treatment Tips for the Shiniest Head on the Block

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  2. 2. Hair Care and Treatment Tips for the Shiniest Head on the Block Flaunting the healthiest head of hair on the block goes beyond mere shampoo and conditioner and into some of the fabulous hair care and treatment products that are introduced into the beauty market every day. You can create curls, smooth the frizzies or get a whole new look with a change to your hair color. Add highlights, volume or whatever your diva's heart desires. We will explain the most popular hair care and treatment products right here so you can put your best head forward every single day!
  3. 3. Chemical Treatments Past fads dictated a trend toward big, bodacious curls, and many women found the easiest way to get that look was with permanent treatments that would add body and bounce for a number of weeks. Today, many women are opting instead for straight, sleek tresses and there are products available to achieve that look as well.
  4. 4. Tends to frizz These are especially popular with women who have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz with too much styling and humidity in the air. While there are at home treatments available for hair straightening, it is often preferred to have this process done by a professional in a salon for best results. It is also important to take good care of hair that has been treated to avoid damage to the strands.
  5. 5. Popular chemical hair care treatment Another popular chemical hair care treatment that has been around for decades is hair coloring. Actually, hair coloring goes back centuries, to the 1800's when men began using silver nitrate to add darker color to facial hair.
  6. 6. Care and treatment Today's products focus on both hair care and treatment to get the results you want without causing damage to the fragile individual strands. Most home treatments will come with conditioners to use directly after the processing and for a period of time afterward. There are also shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for chemically treated hair that will keep the hair soft and the color brilliant.
  7. 7. Styling Products Hair care and treatment also pertains to the styling products that you can use to get the various looks you want, and these are plentiful indeed. Look for shine serums that will add a nice sheen to straight, sleek tresses and volumizing products to add oomph to your do.
  8. 8. Curl enhancing products For those who want to keep their curls all day, there are curl enhancing products, and women who fear the frizzies can find lotions and serums that will keep them at bay. Hairspray will help to keep your perfect hair in place, and you can choose from lightweight formulas that allow movement or heavy duty products that will keep complex styles like updo's in place all night.
  9. 9. Crowning glory Your hair is your crowning glory and it deserves to look its best every day. With the right hair care and treatment products, you can rest assured that your treasured tresses are getting all of the pampering that they deserve.
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