Mobile Recruitment in NZ Nov 2012


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A look at the mobile recruitment landscape in New Zealand.

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  • Events help drive audience to these devices. As you can see the massive spike last year was due to the earthquakes.Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • What you can see here is an accelerated consumption of content from our iPhone and iPadusers since 2009. The reason for this is packaging. You read a newspaper cover to cover, a website you never read cover to cover but an app can be read cover to cover. It gives you the feeling that if you read all this you are up to date. There is an opportunity to improve brand recall by buying frequency on these devices. Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • We have noticed that mobile / tablet activity is extending the time reach of the nzherald. On both a daily and hourly basis mobile delivers brand eyeballs to the advertiser at times that are lighter for the web site.The chart shows the % share of users by day.Great office audience on the website during the week while mobile gives you a good weekend audience – excellent for retailers and branding.Source: Omniture Discover
  • If we look at it by time of day you can see nzheraldmobile products perform well outside the normal working hours.Generally the website displays a strong mid-day peak and flatter morning – the trend was skewed a little by RWC.Mobile morningWeb during the dayTablet at night. Source: Omniture Discover
  • Long Tail Mobile (2008) If you want to reach users with the older handsets then this is the place to be. This is our “Lite site” due to the data charges associated with these devices and the speed at which they can load content. It is text heavy and quite basic in its appearance. July 2010Fast forward two years and our mobile site had gone through a number of re-builds and was an Official Honouree at the International Webby Awards. By this point the market had caught up to us and the application rush was in full flight.  Next Generation Mobile SiteThe NGM site was built for your smartphones – iPhones and Galaxies for example and is one of the main drivers of traffic for our mobile platforms. It’s a full HTML5 site. iPad appWe launched our iPad application in July of 2010 and received a medal at the Asian Digital Media Awards for our efforts. We were recognised by the International society of publication designers and the Asia Pacific newspaper association and we were even featured in Apples TVC promoting the iPad. I guess you could say we are quite proud of this one. iPhone appOur iPhone application was well received by the market when it was released in April last year. It is image rich and includes some nice features like swiping and the customization of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The iPhone app has received 195,000 downloads to date. Android appLaunched June 2011 our Android application use is continuing to grow as the number of New Zealanders using Android phones increases.Windows appThe NZ Herald worked closely with Microsoft to adopt their innovative new operating system and together develop New Zealand’s first news app available on Windows 8 – launches 26 October 2012.
  • US data – but closely aligned to AustralasiaActive could be as low as 10% in certain disciplines – are they the best candidates?Casual – how do you reach them – all in the timingPassive – has become a key word in clients Recruitment StrategyNot looking – but would they jump at the right opportunity?
  • “it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark!”
  • Mobile Recruitment in NZ Nov 2012

    1. 1. It’s Time To Mobilise YourRecruitment StrategyThe New Zealand mobile landscape in 2012 andwhy mobile is important for both consumers and brands.
    2. 2. By the end of 2012there will be moremobile devices in useglobally than people.
    3. 3. For a many of us it is the first thing we checkin the morning, regularly during the day andthe last thing we see at night.Mobile is a medium we’re deeplyengaged with – and this is why it’s soimportant for advertisers.
    4. 4. The Mobile LandscapeWhat’s the mobile landscape in NZ look like?
    5. 5. Handset penetration isThat means there are more mobilesin NZ than there are people.
    6. 6. 5.4million mobiles2.5m Smartphones47% and growing Source: “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX
    7. 7. These figures aresupported trafficwhich shows a similarsplit between devices• iPhone 51%• iPad 24%• Mob site 19% &• Android 6%Source: “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX
    8. 8. As advertisers we not only have to deal withthe fragmentation of audience across mediabut also within platforms like tablets andmobile as more devices flood to market.Content adaptationis required to provideinformation andfunctionality acrossmultiple platforms,and most importantlya good customerexperience.
    9. 9. Consumer BehaviourHow has mobile changed media consumption?
    10. 10. What is a Smartphone?A device with a recognized operating system with theability to install apps.These features allow us to do much more with ourphones and help drive increased consumption ofinformation through the devices.The web used to be something you went to, withthese devices, it is something you take with you…
    11. 11. Smartphones are not just changing the way weconsume information online……they are replacing everyday items.
    12. 12. Consumers are using Smartphones to:• help with shopping (79%)• make a purchase, online, in-store, or on their phones(74%)• look for local information and take action (88%), and82% of Smartphone users notice mobile ads.The mobile is now wherethe purchase cycle startsand finishes.Source: “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX
    13. 13. An International Audience• 1 in 3 visitors to are international• Almost 80% of this audience plan on returning to New Zealand within the next 3 years.You can leverage this.Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Jan brand survey Dec 2011
    14. 14. Mobile for RecruitmentHow should this influence your Recruitment Strategy?
    15. 15. Mobile for RecruitmentOur choice of Channels is increasingly fragmented:– Newspapers– Niche print– Job Boards– Digital (Desktop)– Digital (Mobile)– Social (Paid and networked)– Out of Home (Ambient)– Radio
    16. 16. Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics, US
    17. 17. Mobile – Prepare yourself1. Who are we targeting?2. Where are they?3. What is the message?4. Active and/or Passive?5. Which channels are they exposed to?(Consider the attributes of all channels)
    18. 18. Mobile recruitment inventory in actionVodafone• 100 skilled vacancies in Auckland• Multi-media campaign• The first iPad App recruitment ad in NZ
    19. 19. Mobile inventory in actionVodafone – Results• 10 day mobile campaign• 120,000 targeted impressions• 1812 Clicks• CTR 1.51%• 43 hires from the campaign
    20. 20. Mobile inventory in actionEQC• 150 vacancies in Hamilton• New call centre• Multi-media campaign• The first iPhone App recruitment ad
    21. 21. Mobile inventory in actionEQC - Results• 7 day mobile campaign• 105,000 targeted impressions• 248 Clicks• CTR 0.23%
    22. 22. Why mobile for these campaigns?• Geo-Targeted• Multiple roles• Passive reach• Targeted demographic• Targeted skillset• Cost effective• High profile and multi-channel
    23. 23. Your Recruitment “Moments of Truth” • Over 15% of Job Board traffic is mobile • However. few Careersites are optimised for mobile • Few ATS systems are mobile friendly • Only 15% of NZ companies planned to make their Careersite mobile in 2012 – how many achieved it?Source:HainesAttract CSS Survey 2012
    24. 24. What are your candidates experiencing when they try to apply for your roles? Consider the complete candidate experience.
    25. 25. janCompiled by HainesAttract and