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Yahoo Marketing Strategy
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Yahoo Marketing Strategy


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. Target AudienceFor this marketing campaign, the target audience is users between the ages of 18-25. Targeting this age group will be effective because:  This generation relies heavily on technology  College-age students spend a great amount of time on their computers and mobile devices
  • 3. Challenges & GoalsPossible Challenges Goals Standing out from  Improve Yahoo’s competitors social media Creating effective presence Facebook ads  Create internet Getting young marketing campaign people interested in  Develop a more the campaign interactive user experience
  • 4. Campaign ThemeThe main theme of this campaign is creating a more interactive user experience for Yahoo.comThe campaign will focus on the areas of:  InternetMarketing  Social Media Presence  Mobile Marketing
  • 5. Internet Marketing To improve Internet marketing, a Facebook ad campaign should be created. This ad campaign will focus on marketing specific elements of Yahoo that appeal to the target audience. The ads will include content written in a way that attracts the attention of young people.  Example ad content: “Don’t look like an idiot in class. Keep yourself informed with Yahoo News.”
  • 6. Social Media Presence Social media needs to be a main focus of the campaign. We will use the Facebook and Twitter pages already in use, but we will improve them by:  Creating ways for users to feel a more personal connection with the site  Developing what is posted, how it is posted, and what users can do with the posts
  • 7. Mobile Marketing This campaign will utilize the Yahoo apps that exist by making them more user-friendly. We will develop the apps so that Yahoo articles can be viewed, commented on, and reposted easily. We will also develop a function where users can send comments directly to to voice opinions and suggestions for the site and mobile apps.
  • 8. Linking these ElementsTogetherThe elements of social media, internet marketing, and mobile marketing will all embody the theme of the campaign. All three elements will be marketed around the idea of a more interactive user experience. The Facebook ad will link to the improved Yahoo News site. The Facebook and Twitter pages and mobile apps will provide more options for users to interact with each other and with representatives from Yahoo itself.
  • 9. Measuring Success To measure success of the campaign, we will take these necessary steps:  Track the Facebook ads and their effectiveness  Enact Google Analytics (or a similar program) that tracks the traffic to the site  Read the user comments that will be made available with our new social media and mobile marketing elements
  • 10. Budget & TimelineBudget Timeline The proposed budget  One year from for this campaign is concept to launch $1.5 million  Specific goals to be To be spread out over accomplished each the Facebook ad month campaign, app development, and  Monthly status increased social meetings to keep on media user interaction track