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Haiku media agency presentation



Presentation of Haiku media, a multidisciplinary agency focused on creating and implementing interactive marketing solutions.

Presentation of Haiku media, a multidisciplinary agency focused on creating and implementing interactive marketing solutions.



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Haiku media agency presentation Haiku media agency presentation Presentation Transcript

  • About us We are a multidiscliplinary agency focused on creating and implementing interactive marketing solutions, with a strong expertise on the technological development involved on these projects. We are based in Barcelona, Madrid and in Florence (since April 2012) We are part of “TT Tecnosistemi” global Hardware/IT consulting company We set up European strategic partnerships to develop particular projects which need an high level of a specific expertise
  • Our Vision The haiku media vision is about opening new ways, creating innovative and visionary ideas to help our clients’ sales in their points of sale, in their internet channels or during a live contact moment. Thanks to our solutions, the purchase moment has to be an unexpected event.
  • Our services We count on a great experience on a large number of projects which are related with the communication strategy or with more tactical projects of several fields: websites development, e-commerce and social networking applications, mobile marketing, interactive TV channels ... In haiku media we have 4 business units skilled in: - Online communication and Digital Strategies - Retail digital marketing - Mobile marketing and apps development - E-commerce applications
  • Our services Since his foundation in 2000, haiku media has proved to be able to carry out every kind of digital project, from the generating idea phase up to its achievement, including all the developing phases: Strategy Creativity Development Integration Thanks to the work experience generated through important projects with big companies and relevant brands, we are able for our Clients to develop projects with technological pre-existing platforms, but also to develop tailor-made ones.
  • Our clients
  • On-line communication and digital strategy haiku media has developed its own process in terms of digital media strategy: - First we conduct a deep study of the brand, its products and its on-line competitors, including the social media channels. - According to the results of the study, we propose the best strategy and the most effective solutions to build the digital brand. - In the end, we implement all the on-line actions needed to reach the objectives: • online advertising campaigns, • SEO, SEM • social media applications, blogs and web pages, • social media plans
  • Strategy and communication 2.0 During November 2011 haiku media won the public competition of the Generalitat de Catalunya and was selected to run its institutional online communications and the investment in online advertising. The competition also included communication strategies on the social networks and mobile advertising actions. The duration of the service was valid for two years: 2012 and 2013.
  • Social Networks haiku media has gained as well a remarkable experience on creating applications for the Social Networks. We can count on a strategic and creative background to carry out successful campaigns but also the technical knowledge to make social applications. Among the last ones we have developed: For Harley-Davidson, a Facebook application to manage the visits and the motos test at the dealers. For laCaixa, a Twitter robot who, thanks to a link with a semantic search engine, allows to manage automatically part of the received tweets.
  • e-Commerce We have a proven experience of developing projects of online shops, group buying portals and online booking services. To develop this type of projects we integrate features from the open source software Magento. Haiku media is specialized on the virtual shop windows creation, on online multi-platorms as eBay and Amazon.
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing for the points of sale Our Digital Marketing department for the points of sale wants to link the best of the digital marketing with the best of the relationship marketing. We are specialized in the creation of interactive information points or ipTV company channels and in developing softwares for the client - engine interaction. We are owners of 3 softwares which can be customised according to the Client needs: toryu APOS Digital Signage software Advanced Point of Sale Interactive mirror
  • Digital Marketing for the points of sale The creation of A.POS for Sony Europe, sold in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.
  • Digital Marketing for the points sale
  • Digital Marketing for the points of sale Development of POI with a touchscreen for Toyota and Repsol
  • Digital Marketing for the points of sale Development of POI with a touchscreen for Toyota.
  • Digital Marketing for the points of sale Among all the developed projects we would like to mention: - POI able to be updated in remotely for editorial DeBolsillo / Random House Mondadori - Corporate IPTV channels for Boehringer Ingelheim, Autostrade per l´Italia and Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Mobile Marketing The specialized department on mobile marketing has grown alongside these technologies. In 2006 we started developing enterprise applications and during the following years we developed many Java applications. Finally, in the last 2 years we got specialized on the development of iOS applications. We have been developing also Android applications for 2 years.
  • Mobile Marketing According to every kind of project we are able to develop on native code or using a developer framework for multi-platform applications. To develop mobile applications with augmented reality integration, we are partners of:
  • Mobile Marketing In 2012 haiku media achieved two important certifications from 2 main hardware providers: Official developer partner Official developer partner
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The tool that let you create and customize catalogs on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The App created to pick up orders during trade fairs the orders and new contacts managing during a fair.
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The tablet App essential for the sales force automation.
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The tablet App that replaces the paper manuals.
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The App designed to create quedtionnaries and save all dats in a single data base.
  • Mobile Marketing: our software The solution to verify products authenticity.
  • Mobile Marketing Mobile Games: used for the launch of young target books (Ed. Montena, Ed Beascoa, etc.) A query game focused on 4 metropolies: Tokyo, New York, Rome and London.
  • Mobile Marketing Medical guide, to facilitate the access to the DKV Seguros doctors network.
  • What is an haiku? Perception, meditation and conceptualization are the base of the Japanese “haiku” poem. Three concepts which contain many relations of the communication process. We start from a reality (the market), a look / analysis (the competition), a situation or a product. We realize the rationalization process, we communicate what we feel and we express the result using the basic elements and following the rules. According to the haiku, the words and the metric simplicity : 5,7,5. Also if it’s cold Don’t warm yourself with the fire. Buddha of snow. Sokan (1465-1553) Regarding to haiku media words, images and technology.
  • Se despidieron y en el adiós ya estaba la bienvenida Mario Benedetti Rincón de Haikus, 1999 For further information: Barcelona c / perill 43 - 08012 BCN - phone +34 93 434 25 30 - fax +34 93 459 44 66 Madrid c / alfonso rodríguez santamaría 29 - 28002 MAD - phone +34 91 417 71 30 fax +34 91 556 04 www.haiku-media.com