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Performing network security analytics
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Performing network security analytics



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Performing  Network  &  Security  Analy7cs  with  Hadoop  Travis DawsonDirector of Product Management Narus, IncHadoop Summit 2012
  • 2. Agenda  §  Who am I, What do I do§  What is Network & Security Analytics§  Using Hadoop in Network & Security Analytics§  What becomes possible with Big Data Analytics§  Putting it all together§  Lessons Learned Narus  |    2    
  • 3. Who  am  I  What  do  I  do  §  Geek§  Director of Product Management, Narus Inc –  Narus Inc, A wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing –  Build High Performance Network Intelligence Systems –  I herd cats and make Powerpoints all day –  Occasionally think about product requirements§  Principal Member Technical Staff, Sprint –  Sprint Advanced Technology Labs –  Wireline/Wireless Network Architecture, Design, Security –  I broke stuff Narus    |    3    
  • 4. What  is  Network  &  Security  Analy7cs  A  type  of  voodoo,  but  with  computers  The (black) art of finding malicious or problematic sessions in a mountain of network traffic§  Multiple approaches –  Signatures/Blacklists –  Behavior –  Algorithmic –  Ouiji Board, Live Chicken, Full Moon, etc§  Single Goal –  Identify malicious or problematic traffic before it causes substantial harm to your network or your assets. Narus    |    4    
  • 5. Network  &  Security  Analy7cs  What’s  working  against  you   The enemy is ever-changing and infinitely intelligent§  New attack vectors are more difficult to detect than ever –  Polymorphic, Randomized –  APTs are real –  Zero-Days –  Protocol, Application, OS§  Traditional Methods in-effective –  Payloads ever changing –  Simply too many new and existing§  Higher speeds of links makes deeper analysis harder –  10G/sec maxes out at ~15M packets per second Narus    |    5    
  • 6. What  is  Network  &  Security  Analy7cs  Finding  the  Needle  in  a  stack  of  Needles  §  Where to look –  Which stack of Needles do I need to look at§  What are you looking for –  Do you know? –  Are you guessing? –  Do you know what you are NOT looking for?§  How to find something that is not ‘right’ –  What is ‘right’, what is ‘not-right’, what is ‘wrong’? –  What is the difference? –  What is ‘normal’ vs what is ‘right’ ? –  How much data do you need ? Narus    |    6    
  • 7. What  is  Network  &  Security  Analy7cs    Solving  the  Network  &  Security  Analy7cs  Problem       Multiple Methods, Multiple Algorithms, Multiple Passes Per Analytic§  You need a lot of data to determine what is ‘not-right’ –  More data == More accurate results§  You need to run sophisticated algorithms across the data –  Use new algorithms to find something ‘not-right’ –  Not always easy§  You need multiple passes on the data –  One Algorithm feeds the next Algorithm –  Focus on the workflow, how an analyst would work. Narus    |    7    
  • 8. Breaking  out  of  the  SQL  Prison  A  quick  rant  §  SQL has been around since the 70’s –  So have I! –  Great for solving ‘known’ problems§  Unable to perform the deep analytics required –  No combination of SELECT, JOIN, UDF will get you what you need at times –  Unstructured data is a nightmare and now more common§  However, use of one tool does not mean you can’t use another tool as well –  SQL and Hadoop can live very happily together –  The right tool for the right job, or more precisely: •  The right tool for the right PART of the job Narus    |    8    
  • 9. Network  &  Security  Analy7c  Using  Hadoop  to  solve  the  hard  problems  §  Amount of Data –  1 week -> 1 Month+ of data: 100’s of Billions of Sessions, 100’s of TB’s of Data, ingesting dozens of data types and millions of sessions per hour§  Algorithms –  Looking for sessions that look something like this thing or maybe unlike this other thing. You can do that right???§  Unstructured –  We have no idea what we are going to get in terms of information§  Price per Analytic Hour –  How much does it cost to run this analytic in a set amount of time Narus    |    9    
  • 10. Network  &  Security  Analy7c  A  Simple  Workflow  Example   Find a Polymorphic BotNet/Worm infection vector§  Find the suspected infected hosts –  Clustering/Behavior/Signatures to find possible bots and worms§  Find the Command & Control –  From list of suspects, who are the most popular ‘servers’§  Find ALL of the possible infections –  From C&C servers, what hosts were communicated with –  Cluster and group similar hosts to find even more§  Find the Infection Vector –  From all the suspect hosts, cluster hosts by common Application ‘features’ and traffic patterns You need a LOT of data and it’s non-deterministic Narus    |    10    
  • 11. Network  &  Security  Analy7c  Workflow  details   What Makes This Work§  Hadoop Tools/Methods Used –  Entropy, FFT, Behavior Jobs –  Mahout (Clustering and Machine Learning) –  Custom Clustering (Hourglass Co-Clustering) –  Custom Correlation§  Other Tools Used –  Streaming Classification/Statistics Engine –  RDBMS –  Visualization Front End Narus    |    11    
  • 12. Network  &  Security  Analy7c   In  real  life   Many  tools  enabling  each  other   I  need  to   I  know   I  don’t  know   I  need  to   I  need  to  view   capture  the   what  I  am   what  I  am   organize  the   the  findings   traffic   looking  for   looking  for   findings   logically   Datasets   Deep   Summary  Packets   Metadata   Streaming   Analysis   Shallow   Views   Capture   Analysis   Hadoop   Analysis   RDBMS   Narus    |    12    
  • 13. Lessons  learned  How  we  learned  to  make  it  all  work  §  Don’t use a hammer when you need a scalpel –  It just doesn’t work, don’t force it. –  If there is a better way of doing it, use that way§  Hadoop does a lot of things really well –  Complicated algorithms over vast amounts of data –  Unstructured Data§  Hadoop does some things really poorly –  Low Latency results for visualization –  Simple Statistics and some groupings§  Use Hadoop in conjunction with other tools –  Use the best tool for the job. –  Break the job into pieces and evaluate the tools for each piece Narus    |    13    
  • 14. Conclusion  Hadoop  as  a  pla^orm  for  Network  Security  Analy7cs  §  Hadoop has allowed us to solve problems for our customers that were previously unsolvable in a reasonable amount of time§  New algorithms and analytics were made possible by Hadoop§  By using Hadoop in conjunction with our Streaming Engine and an RDBMS we were able to create a system that performed better then just the sum of its parts.§  We are now able to scale into larger datasets and extract even better insights then before§  No longer confined by any tool, we leverage the power of Hadoop to solve many of our problems Narus    |    14    
  • 15. Q&A   Narus    |    15