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ROI of Big Data Analytics Native on Hadoop
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ROI of Big Data Analytics Native on Hadoop


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Lacking the technology to directly leverage Hadoop, some companies are foregoing its full benefits opting to treat Hadoop as just another data source for their legacy BI tools. But storage is only one …

Lacking the technology to directly leverage Hadoop, some companies are foregoing its full benefits opting to treat Hadoop as just another data source for their legacy BI tools. But storage is only one benefit of Hadoop and ignores its linear scalability and data flexibility across all data types. Using Hadoop natively for both storage and computation in an analytic capacity has already led to dramatic increases in business benefits. Hadoop analytics has already identified over $2B in potential fraud at one of the world’s largest credit card companies. Sears has already reduced reporting times over traditional BI from 12 weeks to 3 days. A major internet security company increased customer conversion by 60% and revenue by $20 million. Meaningful returns are spread across Fortune 100 enterprises and fast growing startups with the common thread being self-service big data analytics leveraging Hadoop’s native capabilities. In this talk, we’ll highlight the core value proposition of building analytics natively on Hadoop, share real-world use cases that resulted in dramatic ROI, and reveal the next major step in visual big data analytics.

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  • 1. ROI Big Data Analytics
  • 2. How it all started...
  • 3. What will we talk about... Framework ROITCO
  • 4. Why do you need this... Big Picture Push your careerSell to your boss
  • 5. Framework... TCO ROI$$$- = Hardware Software Operations People Integration Identify Fraud Increase Sales Improve Marketing Data Product Improve Product Lower IT expenses $$$ Time Flexibility
  • 6. Hardware... Fit to Data Size Head Room IO / CPU Hardware Eval Queen / Worker Servers Head Node Rails, etc. Racks Network Cable, etc. Weight
  • 7. Software... OS (Linux) Hadoop Hadoop Eval Monitoring
  • 8. Disaster Recovery
  • 9. People... Budget Owner Project Manager Hardware Guy Network Guy Data Owner Unix & Hadoop Admin Security Guy Operations/Monitoring Guy Analyst Subject Matter Expert Software Developers QA Engineers
  • 10. Salaries... Job Title Bay Area New York IT Project Manager 140,000.00 $126,000.00 System Administrator 117,000.00 $105,000.00 Network Administrator 119,000.00 $107,000.00 Database Administrator 125,000.00 $119,000.00 IT Security Manager 116,000.00 $104,000.00 Business Intelligence Analyst 137,000.00 $133,000.00 Data Scientist 138,000.00 $133,000.00 Java Developer 136,000.00 $133,000.00 QA Engineer 120,000.00 $114,000.00 1,148,000.00 $1,074,000.00
  • 11. Training Train IT Train Business Advocate
  • 12. Logistics... Hardware Travel People Travel Data Travel
  • 13. Operations Maintenance Downtime Changeability Cooling PowerAdministration
  • 14. Timeline... Project Planning (Assessment) 1.5 Months Build 12 Months + Hardware Acquisition & Deployment 2 Months + Data Acquisition 1 Month Act on Insights ??? Analytics 3 Months Buy 3 Months
  • 15. Hadoop vs. MPP Data WarehouseETL Business Intelligence HadoopRaw Load Schema on Read
  • 16. Build vs. Buy Define Decision Criteria ValidateQualify Solutions Purchase or Develop
  • 17. Build Define Define Develop Test Deploy Analyze Hire Team Train Team on Tech Analyze
  • 18. Datameer Unix System JVM Hadoop Distro Metadata DB Monitoring Data Loading Data Analytics Data Vis Scheduling Management UI Security Integration Data Parsing Dependency Management Data Sinking Monitoring API
  • 19. Measure ROI Business Benefit Software Savings Hardware Savings Productivity Project 1 Project 2 Project 3
  • 20. Waterfall ROI Update Model Estimate ROI Measure ROI per month / quarter
  • 21. Sell it Internally Identify Sponsor Talk in Business Terms Build Business Case Metrics Show, Not TalkTell a Story
  • 22. ROI Model
  • 23. 3 Takeaways Professional Big Data Project need ROI Saving IT smallest ROI HR biggest Spend
  • 24. TCO / ROI
  • 25. Get Datameer Certified @datameer