Gov & Private Sector Regulatory Compliance: Using Hadoop to Address Requirements


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Gov & Private Sector Regulatory Compliance: Using Hadoop to Address Requirements

  1. 1. This presentation contains statements that are forward- looking. These statements are based on current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results could materially differ because of factors discussed in our press releases, in the comments made during our conference calls, and in the risk factors section of reports and filings. We do not undertake any duty to update any forward-looking statement.
  2. 2. Ownership of Data: Issue is who owns particular data Access of Data: Issue is who has access to particular data Analysis of Data: Issue is what type of analysis can be completed
  3. 3. Government- to-Government Exchanges Bank-to- Government Exchanges Regional Exchanges
  4. 4. Region Number of Governments (Tax Authorities) Est. Number of Banks Est. Number of U.S. Citizens Est. Number of Documents (Per U.S. Account) Europe (up to Germany border) 12 1079 359,600 10 Asia-Pacific 42 1015 830,559 10 Central & South America 33 563 404,751 10 Central & Eastern Europe 26 743 366,109 10 North America 1 1199 Current Population 10 Total 114 4,599 1,961,019 50
  5. 5. OnlineServicesDivision FinancialManagementServices EnviznDivision Server&Tools RanteBusinessDivision
  6. 6. Single Platform Unique Experiences Approachable
  7. 7. ApproachableSocial Unique Content Experiences
  8. 8. Online ServicesEnvizn BleuEnvizn Division Our industry is dynamic and highly competitive, with frequent changes in both technologies and business models; however, competitor technology has stagnated to basic notifications. Each industry shift is an opportunity to conceive new products, new technologies, or new ideas which can further transform the industry and our business. At Rante, we push the boundaries of what is possible through a broad set of research and technology innovations that seek to anticipate the changing demands of customers, industry trends, and competitive forces.
  9. 9. Database Synchronization – connect with third- parties to exchange, analyze data Data Access, Usage & Sharing – determine who can view, access, and use data Data Locations & Policies – create hybrids and governing documents of data
  10. 10. Keyword Monitoring - keep track of sensitive content Data Access & Usage – manage both on- premises and cloud databases. Chat Monitoring – monitor and analyze chats
  11. 11. Hybrid data environments Cross-border data exchanges Data location & policies
  12. 12. Changing regulations Product updates, APIs, & SDKs On-premises solutions (EDIs, DBs, etc.) Ability to create hybrid environments Security Rante-owned and managed data centers
  13. 13. Governance, risk, and compliance solutions for organizations. Integrating big data solutions in GRC to address a regulatory market Scalable solutions for ISVs and developers