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Hades Info Tech offers Real Time IEEE 2009 Projects in Embedded system, Microcontroller like ARM7, ARM9, DSP, VLSI, FPGA, RFID, wireless, ZIGBEE, Robotics, GSM, GPS/GPRS, Bio-Medical, Bio-Metrics, Finger Print, Access Control, MATLAB, Image Processing, Power Electronics

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Robotics IEEE 2012 Project @ Haded InfoTech

  1. 1. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR ROBOTICS IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHRT01 Wireless Vision-Based Stabilization of Indoor MicrohelicopterHRT02 Vision-based Cleaning Area Control for Cleaning RobotsHRT03 Teleoperation of Multiple Social RobotsHRT04 Tank-Like Module-Based Climbing Robot Using Passive Compliant JointsHRT05 Robotics for Environmental Monitoring IEEE Transaction - 2012HRT06 Multiple Working Mode Control of Door-Opening With a Mobile Modular and Reconfigurable RobotHRT07 Modeling and Control of a Snake-Like Robot Using the Screw-Drive MechanismHRT08 Intelligent Lighting Control for Vision-Based Robotic ManipulationHRT09 Design and Motion Planning of a Two-Module Collaborative Indoor Pipeline Inspection RobotHRT10 Chemical Sensing in Robotic Applications: A ReviewHRT11 Autonomous Platoon Control Allowing Range-Limited SensorsHRT12 Wireless and Pyroelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and MonitoringHRT13 A Robust Real-Time Embedded Vision System on an Unmanned Rotorcraft for Ground Target FollowingHRT14 Wireless Piping Inspection Vehicle Using Magnetic Adsorption ForceHRT15 Wireless Mobile Sensor Network for the System Identification of a Space Frame Bridge IEEE Transaction – 2012HRT16 Snake Robot Locomotion in Environments With ObstaclesHRT17 Actuated Dynamic Walking in a Seven-Link Biped RobotHRT18 An Adaptive Modeling Method for a Robot Belt Grinding ProcessHRT19 A Fully Autonomous Indoor QuadrotorHRT20 An Intelligent Simulator for Telerobotics TrainingHRT21 Auditory Feedback and Sensory Substitution During Teleoperated NavigationHRT22 Personal Autonomy Rehabilitation in Home Environments by a Portable Assistive RobotHRT23 Optimal Low-Power Piezoelectric Actuator Control With Charge Recovery for a Microrobotic LegHRT24 Open-Source Projects on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Build your own QuadrotorHRT25 On a Bio-inspired Amphibious Robot Capable of Multimodal Motion No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |1
  2. 2. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR ROBOTICS IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHRT26 Connecting a Human Limb to an Exoskeleton Transaction - 2012HRT27 Human-Walking-Intention-Based Motion Control of an Omni-directional-Type Cane RobotHRT28 Autonomous Gas Sensitive Micro droneHRT29 Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic, Uncertain EnvironmentsHRT30 Dependable Humanoid Navigation System Based on Bipedal LocomotionHRT31 Human-Inspired Robotic Grasp Control With Tactile SensingHRT32 A Wearable Sensing System for Tracking and Monitoring of Functional Arm MovementHRT33 Chance-Constrained Optimal Path Planning With ObstaclesHRT34 Planning and Fast Re-planning Safe Motions for Humanoid Robots IEEE Transaction - 2011HRT35 Climbing Strategy for a Flexible Tree Climbing Robot—TreebotHRT36 A Vacuum-Based Bonding Mechanism for Modular RoboticsHRT37 Distributed Roadmaps for Robot Navigation in Sensor NetworksHRT38 Path Following for Unicycle Robots With an Arbitrary Path CurvatureHRT39 A Novel Magnetic Actuation System for Miniature Swimming RobotsHRT40 Experimental Investigation of Obstacle-Aided Locomotion With a Snake RobotHRT41 Methods and Technologies for the Implementation of Large-Scale Robot Tactile SensorsHRT42 Development and Analysis of a Sliding Tactile Soft Fingertip Embedded With a Microforce/Moment SensorHRT43 Controlling and modeling of an automated guided vehicleHRT44 A novel parking control algorithm for a car-like mobile robot IEEE Conference - 2012HRT45 Developing sensors and real-time controlling software for a robotHRT46 Robot Navigation System with RFID and SensorsHRT47 Autonomous Navigation Robot For Landmine Detection ApplicationsHRT48 An Autonomous Robot Based on a WheelchairHRT49 The mechanical design of snake-arm robotHRT50 A method for mobile robot obstacle avoidance based on stereo visionHRT51 Optical Navigation System for Robotics Application No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |2
  3. 3. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR ROBOTICS IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHRT52 Design of the control system for hybrid driving two-arm robot based on voice recognitionHRT53 Design and Implementation of Waste Management Robots IEEE Conference - 2012HRT54 A Reconfigurable Snake Robot Based on CAN-BusHRT55 An Optimized Path Planning Method for Off-Line Programming of a Industrial RobotHRT56 The Design and Implement of Embedded Remote Control System in Industrial RobotHRT57 An online stair-climbing control method for a transformable tracked robotHRT58 First results in autonomous landing and obstacle avoidance by a full-scale helicopterHRT59 Depth camera based indoor mobile robot localization and navigationHRT60 Robot path planning using Field Programmable Analog ArraysHRT61 Development of hair-washing robot equipped with scrubbing fingersHRT62 An intelligent robotic hand for fast and accurate assembly in electronic manufacturing IEEE Conference - 2012HRT63 Active object recognition on a humanoid robotHRT64 Position tracking and recognition of everyday objects by using sensors embedded in an environment and mounted on mobile robotsHRT65 Pick and place planning for dual-arm manipulatorsHRT66 Outdoor high-accuracy local positioning for autonomous robotic golf green mowerHRT67 Programming and controlling self-folding robotsHRT68 Wireless swimming microrobots: Design and development of a 2 DoF magnetic-based systemHRT69 Powered wheelchair navigation assistance through kinematically correct environmental haptic feedback IEEE Conference – 2012HRT70 Robotic underwater propulsion inspired by the octopus multi-arm swimmingHRT71 Real-time emotion identification for socially intelligent robotsHRT72 Robot semantic mapping through wearable sensor-based human activity recognitionHRT73 A bio-inspired compliant robotic fish: Design and experimentsHRT74 Design and Realization of an Infrared Remote Controller for a Water Strider RobotHRT75 Intelligent Surface-normal Adjustment System and Application in Aeronautical Drilling RobotHRT76 Positioning & Tracing System for All Terrain Forest Fire Patrolling and Fighting Vehicle No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |3