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Hades Info Tech offers Real Time IEEE 2009 Projects in Embedded system, Microcontroller like ARM7, ARM9, DSP, VLSI, FPGA, RFID, wireless, ZIGBEE, Robotics, GSM, GPS/GPRS, Bio-Medical, Bio-Metrics, Finger Print, Access Control, MATLAB, Image Processing, Power Electronics

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Mechanical IEEE 2012 Project @ Hades InfoTech

  1. 1. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR MECHATRONICS PROJECTSHMT01 Tank-Like Module-Based Climbing Robot Using Passive Compliant JointsHMT02 Smart Host MC for Optimal Battery Charging in a Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle IEEE Transaction - 2012HMT03 Multisensor Fusion and Integration: A Review on Approaches and Its Applications in MechatronicsHMT04 Multiple Working Mode Control of Door-Opening With a Mobile Modular and Reconfigurable RobotHMT05 Wireless Piping Inspection Vehicle Using Magnetic Adsorption ForceHMT06 Wireless Mobile Sensor Network for the System Identification of a Space Frame BridgeHMT07 Wireless Haptic Communication Under Varying Delay by Switching-Channel Bilateral Control With Energy MonitorHMT08 Tongue-Rudder: A Glossokinetic-Potential-Based Tongue–Machine InterfaceHMT09 The WHaSP: A Wireless Hands-Free Surgical Pointer for Minimally Invasive Surgery IEEE Transaction - 2012HMT10 Snake Robot Locomotion in Environments With ObstaclesHMT11 A Crane-Based Robotic Device for Operating Inside Storage CellsHMT12 A Monolithic Compliant Piezoelectric-Driven Microgripper: Design and TestingHMT13 A Robot-Assisted Back-Imaging Measurement System for Transparent GlassHMT14 A Smartphone-in-the-Loop Active State-of-Charge Manager for Electric VehiclesHMT15 A Wireless Sensory Feedback Device for Real-Time Gait Feedback and TrainingHMT16 Actuated Dynamic Walking in a Seven-Link Biped RobotHMT17 Adaptive Estimation-Based Leakage Detection for a Wind Turbine Hydraulic PitchingHMT18 An Adaptive Modeling Method for a Robot Belt Grinding Process IEEE Transaction – 2012HMT19 Application of Singular Perturbation Theory to Hydraulic Pump Controlled SystemsHMT20 Auditory Feedback and Sensory Substitution During Teleoperated NavigationHMT21 Pressure-Based Clutch Control for Automotive Transmissions Using a Sliding-Mode ControllerHMT22 Using Machine Vision and Hand-Motion Control to Improve Crane Operator PerformanceHMT23 Parameter Optimization Design for Touch Panel Laser Cutting ProcessHMT24 Optimal Low-Power Piezoelectric Actuator Control With Charge Recovery for a Microrobotic Leg No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |1
  2. 2. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR MECHATRONICS PROJECTSHMT25 On a Bio-inspired Amphibious Robot Capable of Multimodal MotionHMT26 Autonomous Depth Adjustment for Underwater Sensor Networks: Design and ApplicationsHMT27 Impedance Modeling and Analysis for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting SystemsHMT28 MASUV-1: A Miniature Underwater Vehicle With Multidirectional Thrust Vectoring for IEEE Transaction - 2012 Safe Animal InteractionsHMT29 Development of a Hand-Assist Robot With Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom for Rehabilitation TherapyHMT30 Design, Modeling, and Control of a Novel Automotive Transmission Clutch Actuation SystemHMT31 Human-Walking-Intention-Based Motion Control of an Omni-directional-Type Cane RobotHMT32 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operations Beneath Coastal Sea IceHMT33 Hand-Motion Crane Control Using Radio-Frequency Real-Time Location SystemsHMT34 Design and Locomotion Control of a Biometric Underwater Vehicle With Fin PropulsionHMT35 Design of a Parallel Robot for Needle-Based Interventions on Small AnimalsHMT36 Autonomous navigation robot for landmine detection applicationsHMT37 The design of industrial sewing machine servo system based on PMSMHMT38 Development of an intelligent mobility scooterHMT39 Using RFID in localization for indoor navigation of mobile robots IEEE Conference - 2012HMT40 Remote monitoring of power system apparatus in the context of smart gridHMT41 Study on launch control strategies of dual clutch transmissionHMT42 An active embedded stereo vision system with IR filters for robust indoor localizationHMT43 Dual-arm service robots for mobile operation in indoor environmentHMT44 A new fuzzy intelligent obstacle avoidance control strategy for wheeled mobile robotHMT45 A smart actuator-based underwater microrobot with two motion attitudesHMT46 Stability analysis of a tracked mobile robot in climbing stairs processHMT47 Design of system for high performance navigation computer system based on DSPHMT48 Study on the control system of urban rail vehicle air spring test bed No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |2
  3. 3. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY PROJECTSHVT01 Stereo Visual Tracking with in Structured Environments for Measuring Vehicle SpeedHVT02 Steering Control for Rollover Avoidance of Heavy Vehicles IEEE Transaction - 2012HVT03 Reducing Traffic Jams via VANETsHVT04 Optimization of a Contactless Power Transfer System for Electric VehiclesHVT05 Frequency-Tuned Taillight-Based Nighttime Vehicle Braking Warning SystemHVT06 Autonomous Platoon Control Allowing Range-Limited SensorsHVT07 A Fast and Easy-to-Use ECG Acquisition and Heart Rate Monitoring System Using a Wireless Steering WheelHVT08 Wireless In-vehicle Sensor Box for Accident AnalysisHVT09 Water-Cluster-Detecting Breath Sensor and Applications in Cars for Detecting Drunk or Drowsy DrivingHVT10 Thermoelectric Powered Wireless Sensors for Spent Fuel Monitoring IEEE Transaction - 2012HVT11 Recognition of a Driver’s Gaze for Vehicle Headlamp ControlHVT12 Automatic Accident Detection System Assistance through communication technology and vehiclesHVT13 Sensor Network Design for Smart HighwaysHVT14 A Robust Steering Assistance System for Road Departure AvoidanceHVT15 An Integrated Child Safety Seat Cooling System—Model and TestHVT16 Applying a Functional Neurofuzzy Network to Real-Time Lane Detection and Front- Vehicle Distance MeasurementHVT17 Real-Time Monitoring of Railway Traffic Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors IEEE Transaction – 2012HVT18 Enhanced Road Boundary and Obstacle Detection a Downward-Looking LIDAR SensorHVT19 Computational Intelligence in Urban Traffic Signal Control: A SurveyHVT20 Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and ClassificationHVT21 Proposal for personal mobility vehicle supported by mobility support systemHVT22 A back-end system for an autonomous parking and charging system for electric vehiclesHVT23 Smartphone-based accurate range and energy efficient route selection for electric vehicleHVT24 An intelligent solar ecosystem with electric vehicles No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |3