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TFS Talk by Hackathorn 20100527 v2
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TFS Talk by Hackathorn 20100527 v2


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Talk to the Train For Success group. Enhancement of the FCVW workshop

Talk to the Train For Success group. Enhancement of the FCVW workshop

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No notes for slide
  • Clouds at 2: 3:
  • slowly spinning cube that appears huge
  • several complex abstract objects, maybe using Susanne’s creations
  • persons in a conference room viewing a projection screen, taking notes, etc.
  • sub-atomic particles to normal objects to the Earth to galaxies
  • explosion in slow motion to geological formations in rapid motion in June 2004 in the Grand CanyonAlso explosion at
  • beating heart or bottle dropping/breaking on floor… to a 9/11 scene
  • Transcript

    • 1. NOTE: Slides at under Blog
      All About Immersive Intelligence
      Dr. Richard Hackathorn
      Bolder Technology, Inc.
      twitter #imtel
      Train For Success – May 27, 2010
    • 2. Industry analyst in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
      Big corporate IT stuff – fun and exciting area
      University professor for 10 years
      Looked at SL for teaching a large business class
      Started evaluating SL in August 2005
      HacksHaven Harford of NOAA is my son Eric
      Got him involved in SL => science outreach/educ
      Second Life Data Visualization by Melanie Swan
      My Background
    • 3. ThinkBalm Innovation Community
      Erica and Sam Driver,
      Immersive Intelligence Colleagues
      Meet-and-Greet event in Aug 2009
      Open community under Creative Commons
      Join us for coffee on Tuesday mornings
      Federal Consortium for VW
      Workshop 5/12/10 at NDU for 30+
      How IM-TEL Got Started
    • 4. website
      create new account
      #imtel tweets
    • 5. Analysis and decision-making process
      Understand problem & then do something about it!
      Immersive using virtual world technology
      Ranging from natural/familiar to abstract/unusual
      High-density 3D data world
      Objects created from & sync with dynamic database
      Permanent active world
      Does not go to sleep at night
      Collaboration from shared experiences
      Analysis/decisions is a social thing
      What is Immersive Intelligence?
    • 6. Not your grandma’s pie chart!
      © Getty Images. Used with Permission
    • 7. Why Immersive Intelligence?
      We Are Here!
    • 8. No quick answers
      No ‘right’ answers
      Conflicting priorities
      Many valid opinions and perspectives
      Need to leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd
      Managed Muddling
      What are Hard Problems?
      Cynefin FrameworkSnowden & Boone, HBR Nov 2007
    • 9. Non-intuitive behavior
      Often full of surprises
      Tipping points
      When you least expect them
      Feedback Loops
      Exponential Behavior
      Will hit the wall… with certainty
      Small World effects
      Phase transitions from one state
      What are Complex Systems?
    • 10. History of Complex Systems
      Science Of
    • 11. Stable System
      Chaotic System
      Will Wright at GameTech 2010
      Complex Systems are Chaotic
    • 12. Clocks versus Clouds
      regular, orderly,
      and predictable
      highly irregular, disorderly,
      and more or less unpredictable
      Karl Popper
    • 13. Usual focus on technology (MPP, MapReduce, Hadoop)
      But it is much more!
      What is Big Data?
      The Economist, Feb 25, 2010
    • 14. Volume – Yes, but…
      More than we can store!
      Can we ever touch each bit?
      Data in motion  new type of analytics
      What is important to capture? Context?
      Many types of data! …like network graphs!
      Analytics are a necessity!
      Can not touch all the atomic level data!
      What is Big Data?
      The Economist, Feb 25, 2010
    • 15. Imagine virtual space
      Imagine virtual objects
      Imagine virtual teams
      Imagine scaling size
      Imagine scaling time
      Imagine scaling probability
      Sharing A Vision
    • 16. Imagine Virtual Space
      Vast canvas spanning kilometers
      Persistent and always on
    • 17. With rich features, such as texture, lightning, shadow, shininess, etc
      And with behaviors
      Imagine Virtual Objects
    • 18. Sharing experiences & common perspectives
      Understanding the root cause of problems
      Generating & prioritizing alternative solutions
      Executing on action plans
      Imagine Virtual Teams
    • 19. From the very small to the very large
      Imagine Scaling Size
    • 20. From the very fast to the very slow
      Using animation behavior
      Imagine Scaling Time
    • 21. From the certain to the highly improbable (and unimaginable)
      Reverse time?
      Collapse time?
      Imagine Scaling Probability
    • 22. Can I show you an example of Im-Tel?
      Well, no. Not yet. But…
      Can show you pieces of Im-Tel. Like to see?
      Following two slides list 12 SL places. Go visit!
      The SL landmarks are listed in blog
      HELP!!! What is missing? Suggest other places!
      P.S. What we really need is a credible example of Im-Tel solving a real business problem. Want to help do this?
      Places To Visit & Things To Learn
    • 23. Immersive Intelligence Park on Second Earth 6
      Our playground for experiments
      Chakryn Forest by Bettina Tizzy and others
      Beautiful and complex => data forest
      Real-time weather display on NOAA Meteora
      Data feed from NWS, updated every 5 min
      DadenDatascape by David Burden
      Data-rich war-room
      Ben Lindquist of Green Phosphor
      Tools to graph data in several virtual worlds
      Data Sculptures by Ann Cudworthat Beach Ride
      Places To Visit & Things To Learn
    • 24. Death and Taxes by Eric Hackathorn
      High-density poster of proposed US budget
      Chromutate by Opensource Obscure
      Fanciful objects with playful behaviors, all open source
      Mars Victoria Crater on NASA Explorer Island
      Largest sculpted build, based on science data
      Wind Simulator by comet Morigi
      Creative use of particles to show complex behavior
      Asteroid strike on Mars by Exploratorium
      Large-scale complex simulation; getting the physics correct
      Svarga ecosystem as the “God Game”
      Places To Visit & Things To Learn
    • 25. Immersive intelligence is an Approach
      Not a tool, not a methodology,
      Collaborative data-driven decision process for understanding and managing complex systems using immersive virtual spaces
      Definition subject to continual change! 
      Actionable information
      What do you do with what you know?
      plus the means to execute
      Putting It All Together
    • 26. Immersion is the Secret Sauce
      You are there … surrounded by others
      Feels as an actor inside, rather than observer outside
      Analogy: Snorkeling versus SCUBA
      ThinkBalm report, The Immersive Internet, Nov 2008
    • 27. High-Level Architecture
      Abstraction of
      Complex System
      In Virtual World
      Complex System
      In Physical World
      The System
    • 28. Levels of Immersive Intelligence
      R. Hackathorn, Serious Games in Virtual Worlds, 2007
    • 29. Architecture – Level 1
      Shape Definer
      The System
      Abstraction of
      Complex System
      In Virtual World
    • 30. DW Appliances as VW Servers
      IBM Smart
      Analytics System
      DW Appliance
      Sun Oracle
      Database Machine
    • 31. Need for an open “community of practice”
      By sharing information and experiences, learn from each other and develop the skills needed
      Methodically pool knowledge…by wiki-izing
      Need a diverse array of skills and experiences
      Too many engineer-types; need more artists!
      Foster learning and innovation
      Provide a low barrier to that “Hello, World” experience
      Facilitate that “A-ha… I get it!” experience
      Got a start with the IM-TEL community
      Contribute, share, and leverage…at
      Creative Commons with Attribution
      But allow derivate works (like BSD license)
      What’s Next?
    • 32. Sponsor contests within SL community
      Focus on data visualization
      See the “Election Reflection” idea on next slide
      Engage in Proof-of-Concept projects to…
      Surface the issues and roadblocks
      Demonstrate the benefits
      Offer 2-day custom workshop
      Bring your team to common ground
      Assess the business justification for specific use case
      What’s Next?
    • 33. Nation faces difficult midterm elections. etc
      Create a SL build that reflects a key issue
      Limited to 10m cube with xxx prims on your land
      Provide a tour circuit so folks can easily visit
      Do it as a visual blog…allowing conversations
      Have a way to rate each creation on 3-5 criteria
      Based on public data about some trend
      Verifiable! Extra points for a live data feed
      Viz is accurate, understandable and artistic
      Goal: learning & reflection on issues of election
      Idea: “Election Reflection” contest