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How to improve your Position in Google and Yahoo - Camchal Santiago, Aug. 07
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How to improve your Position in Google and Yahoo - Camchal Santiago, Aug. 07


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This presentation was held at the German Chilean Chamber of Commerce on August 9th, 2007 to introduce the audience to the area of Search Engine Optimisation and give them some hits and tips of how to …

This presentation was held at the German Chilean Chamber of Commerce on August 9th, 2007 to introduce the audience to the area of Search Engine Optimisation and give them some hits and tips of how to improve there ranking. Santiago de Chile

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. How to improve your position in Google and Yahoo? Dirk Röttges Hess y Röttges Marketing Solutions Ltda. Santiago de Chile, 09.08.2007
  • 2. Agenda
    • Background Google, Yahoo & Co.
      • History
      • Market Shares
    • Factors that impact the position in Google
      • Keyword / Search Phrases Selection
      • HTML & Content
      • Backlinks or Inbound Links
      • Other factors
    • Facts on Chilean Websites
    • How to improve your Link Popularity
    • Evaluate your website!
    Most important Factors that influence your position in the Search Engines
  • 3. Background Google and Yahoo
    • Google
      • Founded in 1998
      • Since August 2004 listed at NASDAQ
      • Market Value in 2007: 130 Billion US $
      • 130 Million Search request per day in the US alone
      • Approx. 30 % of the searches are local
    • Yahoo
      • Founded in 1994
      • Since 1996 listed at NASDAQ
      • Market Value in 2007: approx. 35 Billion US $
      • 12.000 Employees and more than 500 million unique visitors
      • Approx. 50 Million Search request per day (US)
    Google the Global Market Leader in Search Engines today has a higher market value than Bayer, BASF and BMW together
  • 4. Background Google and Yahoo Google has the biggest market share in the European and US Market Usage Share June 07, Germany Usage Share Mai 07, USA
    • Google and Yahoo are the Market Leaders in Europe and the US
    • Other Search Engines:
    • In Chile:
      • (using Google‘s Search Engine)
  • 5. Ranking Factors
    • 1. Keyword / Search Phrases Selection
    • Which phrases are potential customers using when they look for your type of service or products?
    • Use the language of the customers not your business jargon
    • Free Keyword tools can help define:
    • Number of Words used in the search (worldwide):
    • Two word phrases 28.38 percent
    • Three word phrases 27.15 percent
    • Four word phrases 16.42 percent
    • One word phrase 13.48 percent
    • Five word phrases 8.03 percent
    • Source:
    Make sure you understand how your customers search you!
  • 6. Ranking Factors
    • 2. HTML & Content
    • Title Tags
    • Description
    • Written Text (Content!!!)
    • Static / dynamic URLs
    • Headings
    • Keywords
    • Use of Flash
    • Link Tags (internal )
    Clean HTML, relevant Content and no Content hidden in Flash!
  • 7. Ranking Factors
    • 3. Backlinks or Inbound Links
    • Link from an external Website to your Website
    • Ideally coming from a website that:
      • Has a similar content as your website
      • Also has a lot of high quality Backlinks
      • Has a good Google Position for the respective Search Phrase
      • Link should have the keywords used in Achor Text (Link Title)
      • Beware of Link Spamming
    The more relevant high quality links you have the better your Link Popularity! - Editorial Task -
  • 8. Ranking Factors
    • 4. Other Factors
    • Internal Linkage – Links within your website
    • Age of the page – Up to date?
    • Outbound Links – Links to relevant websites
    • Server Availability
    • Don’t cheat! Don’t try to manipulate with invisible text, keyword stuffing, cloaking or doorway pages – Google will detect those manipulations and kick you out of the index!
    Important: Websites have to be designed for Human Beings not for Search Engines!
  • 9. Facts on Chilean Websites
    • Based on a study from - 2006
    • 170.000 Websites with 7 million pages
    • 49,5% of the websites are completely isolated (no Backlinks)
    • 21% of the sites are hard to find as they use technology not readable for search engines: Flash, Java Script
    • 25% were created or updated in the last 12 month
    • Highest number of Backlinks:,,,
    • 5% of Links have link errors
    Lots of websites are in isolation – Google can’t find or read them!
  • 10. How to improve your Link Popularity
    • Increase your Link Popularity
    • Up-to-Date Listing in Portals (Paginas Amarillas, City Guides, etc.)
    • Listing in Industry Specific Portals
    • Press Releases on Press Portals
    • Backlink from your Suppliers, Cooperation Partners, Dealers, Communities, etc.
    • Listing in ODP (Open Directory Project):
    • Publish a Business Blog or Forum and discuss with your Customers online
    Make sure you include the Search Phrases in the Link Title
  • 11. Summary
    • Define your Keywords and Search Phrases from the User point of view
    • Keywords and Search Phrases need to occur in:
      • The text of your website
      • Titles and other Meta Tags of the html pages
      • On the websites that link to your website
      • Don’t hide your content in a Flash Film
    • Design the website for the Users not for the Search Engines
    • Manage Link Partnerships actively and look for creative ways to get more relevant Backlinks
    Content is King!!!
  • 12. Evaluate your website
    • Define your Search Phrases
    • Check your Google Position
    • Check your html Code and Content:
      • Keywords in the Title?
      • Keywords in the Description?
      • Keywords in the Headings?
      • Keywords in the Text?
    • Check the quantity and quality of your Backlinks: Enter “Link: ” in Google
  • 13. Resources
    • Dowenload of this Presentation:
    • Google Webmaster Tools:
      • http:// /webmasters/
    • Google Guidelines:
      • http:// =40349&ctx=related
    • Keyword Tools:
      • http://
    • Ranking Factors Study:
      • http:// /article/search-ranking-factors
    • Facts on Chilean Websites:
    • Contact: