Water Analyzer Specialist, HUMAS Co. Ltd. Company Introduction


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Humas is a technology-intensive company that consists of experts including the researchers who came from research institutes of Daedeok, Science Town, which is a Mecca for research and development activities in Korea, related to new materials and environmental technologies as well as professors of KAIST.
Since after the company was founded, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of the water quality analysis technology and now take pride in our competitiveness that allows us to compete with global top-notch companies in the sector of water quality analysis technology. We developed a water analysis kit that consists of about 70 items to be used currently in the water quality analysis, as well as a transportable water quality analyzer, a desk top type water quality analyzer and a physical-chemical spectrophotometer for us to provide services for our customers. Recently, we developed also on-line devices related to water quality (A turbidity continuous measuring device, an automatic chlorine measuring device, as well as a automatic device for measuring nitrogen and phosphorus) to provide a one-stop service related to water quality.

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Water Analyzer Specialist, HUMAS Co. Ltd. Company Introduction

  1. 1. HUMAS461-57 Jeonmin-dong, Yuseong-gu, DaejeonTEL : 82-42-864-2462http://www.humas.co.krEmail : humas9@humas.co.kr
  2. 2. About us -1-
  3. 3. Company History2000 5 Established and Developed water analysis instruments and manufactured test products2001 10 Approved for establishing Humas Research Center2001 11 Acquried “New Technology” certification (MOCIE), and “Excellent Product” certification (PPS) for Water Analyzer and Test Kit2002 3 Transferred its headquarter and research center2002 5 Acquired “Domestic New Technology” certification for Gasoline Tester and Test Kit2003 9 Received technical innovation (INNO-BIZ) Certification2003 11 Acquired ISO and CE certification2004 5 Acquired QS9000 certification2005 9 Acquired MC certification for China2007 1 Developed UV-Vis spectrophotometer2008 1 Joined Korea international trade association2008 8 Developed ON-Line turbidimeter and acquired “Performance certification” from SMBA2009 2 Developed Water test kit for Total Coliforms and E.coli and approved the quality from NESC -2-
  4. 4. Products Off Line • Water Test Kit • Water Analyzer • Spectrophotometer • Turbidimeter • Colitest kit On Line • Turbidity Meter • Residual Chlorine Analyzer • Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus Auto Analyzer • E.Coli & Coliform Analyzer -3-
  5. 5. Product Line Spectrophotometer E.Coli & Coliform Kit Water Test Kit Heat Reactor HS R200 Water Analyzer for Professional Turbidity Meter HS 3300 OFF LIneWater Analyzer for LabHS 2300 Residual ChlorinePortable Water AnalyzerCL4000AnalyzerHS 1000 ON LIne Portable Turbidimeter TB 1000 Water Auto Analyzer (Fe,Phophorus,Silica, ZN) TOC Analyzer Multi Sensor Meter Drinking TN &TPAnalyzer Water -4- Analyzer E.Coli & Coliform Analyzer
  6. 6. Water Test Kit • Pre-made reagents and kits • Easy to use and side measuring range • High precision & Accurracy • High repetition • Over 70 pre-made kits - COD - TN, TP - Heavy Metal • Patent - Korean Patent No. 1004895330000 - Korean Patent No. 1004377100000 - Korean Patent No. 1005376470000 -5-
  7. 7. Water AnalyzerHS 1000 Series • Water Analyzer using a test kit • Completely portable system • Versatile applications • Semi permanent light source-LED Lamp • CE and MC Specification Display Graphic LCD (128×64 DOTS) Light Source LED Lamp(365nm, 405nm, 450nm, 525nm, 605nm, 880nm) Power 100~240V Free voltage, 50/60Hz, Li ion, 3.7V-850mA Dimension 98(W)×202(D)×15(H) Weight 450g Cell compatibility 16mmφ vial Option Thermal Printer -6-
  8. 8. Water Analyzer HS 1000 DW • Monitoring drinking water with HS1000 DW • Drinking water analyzer by using 25mm round cell • Completely portable system • Semi permanent light source-LED Lamp Specification Display Graphic LCD (128×64 DOTS) LED Lamp(480nm, 525nm, 540nm, 560nm, 605nm, Light Source 6600nm) Power 100~240V Free voltage, 50/60Hz, Battery Li ion, 3.7V-850mA Dimension 98(W)×202(D)×15(H) Weight 450g Cell compatibility 25mmφ vial Option Thermal Printer -7-
  9. 9. Water Analyzer HS 1000 DW Water supply pipe Filtration plantMineral spring, Well, Spring water Home Village water supply, Under ground water -8-
  10. 10. Water Analyzer HS 2300 Series • Water Analyzer using a test kit • Automatic wavelength selection • Semi permanent light source-LED Lamp • Versatile applications • Over 35 pre-programmed tests • CE and MC Specification Measurement Photometric method LED Lamp(365nm, 405nm, 450nm, 525nm, 605nm, Light Source 880nm) Display 128x64Dot, Graphic LCD Power 100~240V Free voltage, 50/60Hz, Li ion, 3.7V-1400mA Dimension 250(W)×200(D)×85(H)mm Weight 1.2Kg Cell compatibility 16mmφ vial Data memory 200 EA Others Memory data search Option Thermal printer -9-
  11. 11. Water Analyzer & SpectrophotometerHS 3300 UV 3300 • Water analyzer using a test kit • Multi-dual concept • UV-type : UV/Visible • Versatile applications • More than 70 pre-programmed tests • Single beam • CE 4-type Cell Holder (Standard) Automatic Rotary type 8 position multi cell -10-
  12. 12. Water Analyzer & SpectrophotometerHS 3300 UV 3300 Specification Wavelength Range 190 to 1100nm Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.2nm Wavelength Reproducibility ± 1nm Spectral bandwidth 2nm Stray light ≤0.05%T, 220nm and 340nm Photometric range - 1.0 ~ 3.0 Abs Photometric Accuracy 0.005ABS (at 600nm) Scan Speed 4000nm/Min Light Source Tungsten-Halogen(Visible) + Deuterium Lamp(UV) Display 320 x 240 Graphic LCD Connection RS232 :2, USB :1 Power 100~120V, 200~220V, 50/60Hz Dimension(mm) 438(W)×421(D)×224(H) Cell Holder 4-Type Single Cell Holder PC Program CD, 10mm Square Cell, Accessory 16mn Round Cell, USB Serial Cable Cell Horder ( Accessory ) Multi Cell Horder (Rotary Type) -11-
  13. 13. Heat Reactor HS R 200 • Available temperature : Room Temp ~ 170 ℃ • Easy to temperature control • 25 holes for 16mm vial • Built in timer and alarm • CE Specification Heating Hole 25 ea/φ16mm vials Available Temp. Room Temp. ~ 170℃ Accuracy ±1℃ Heating Rate 10℃/min Over Power 100 ~ 240V free voltage / 50/60Hz, 300W Fuse 5A Dimensions 195(W)×310(D)×100(H) Weight 3.5Kg Benefits Timer/Alarm -12-
  14. 14. Portable Turbidimeter Turby-1000 • Lab Quality Result in a unit (Resolution 0.01NTU) • Side Range Measurement for tap water, sewage and wastewater • Easy to use and calibrate • High Accuracy and Resolution -13-
  15. 15. Portable Turbidimeter Turby-1000 SpecificationMeasurement Nephelometric methodRanges 0~9.99, 10~99.9, 100~1000NTUAccuracy ± 2%(0~499NTU), ± 3%(500~1000NTU)Resolution 0.01NTU(0~9.99NTU) / 0, 1NTU(10~99.9NTU) / 1NTU (100~1000NTU)Repeatability ± 1% of reading or ± 0.01NTULight Source Tungsten LampTemperature operating 0~50℃Display 128×64dotInterface port RS/232CPower Free voltage(100~250V), rechangeable battery(Li ion), 3.7V 850mDimension 98(W) ×202(D) × 50(H)Weight 500gOption Thermal Printer -14-
  16. 16. Colitest • Easy to use and measure • Detect Total coliforms and E.coli in 24 hours • Save the expense up to 20~50% than traditional methods • Easy to identify the presence/absence for total coliforms/E.coli Specification Method DST (Defined Substrate Technology) Detection Limit 1CFU in a 100mL Sample Culture time 24 hours Culture temperature 35±1℃ Product Storage 2~30℃, away from light -15-
  17. 17. Colitest -16-
  18. 18. ON-Line Turbidity Meter Turby-2100 • Realized excellent accuracy, correctness, reproducibility • Satisfying ISO7027 Standard Method (90 °/180 ° direct ray compensated) • Easy maintenance with wiper cleaning • With various output signals, high adaptability for sites, enable to connect to TMS -17-
  19. 19. ON-Line Turbidity Meter Turby-2100 SpecificationPrinciple Measuring 90 ° diffusion ray 180 ° (ISO7027 Method)Range 0~5NTU, 0-100NTU, 0-4,000NTUReproducibility ±1%Accuracy ±1%Minimum Unit Scale 0.001NTUUnit of Measurement NTU, FTU, FNU,mg/LUsage condition Temperature : 5~40℃ , Humidity : 5~80%RHCalibration Method 2 point calibration (Low, High),Zero point Memory functionCleaning Method Wiper cleaning method, Enable to set cycle and time to cleanScreen Display Digital LCD Sensor : 4~20mA, RS-485Output Signal Monitor : 4~20mA, 0~5V, RS-485Alarm setting 2 point (High, Low), Enable to LCD Display & Buzzer settingPower Supply Device Regulated input : AC220V 60Hz, Regulated output : 12V DC 1AMaterial of Probe Surface :SUS316L, Inside : PVCWeight Probe : 700g, monitor : 600g, Bubble Trap : 4.5kgSample in/out fitting In : 8mm , Out : 8mm/12mmCable water-proof IP68(Within 2M under water)Data Storage Function Lamp, DetectorCable Length Standard : 5m, Option available on orderBubble Trap Device Remove micro bubble, Speed of flow in : 2ℓ/ min recommended -18-
  20. 20. ON-Line Turbidity MeterTurby-2100 Filtration plant Landfill leachat -19-
  21. 21. Residual chlorine analyzer CL-4000 • Reliable & Economical chlorine analysis • Colorimetric DPD chemistry • Automatic operation up to 30days • Simple maintenance • Manual or automatic feed pump control • Connection with TCP/IP -20-
  22. 22. Residual chlorine analyzerCL-4000 Specification Method of measure DPD Method Range 0~2mg/L Cycle time 2.5min, 150sec~999sec adjustable Repeatability ±3% Minimum scale unit 0.001mg/L Sample temperature 5~40℃ Inlet pressure to instrument 300~500mL/min Duration to replace reagent 1month Display 128 × 64dot Graphic LCD Recorder output 4~20mA,RS-485 Output (DC 24V) Alarm, Auto run/ Stop for sample, Cl2 pump operation Power AC 110~220V, 60Hz Weight 15kg Dimension 350mm × 450mm × 200mm Inlet & Outlet fitting at instrument Inlet : 6φ, Outlet : 10φ , Urethane tube Self-checking function Lamp, Detector Self-checking, Auto Start Operating temperature & humidity Temperature : 5~40℃ , Humidity : 90% at 40℃ Mounting Wall mount -21-
  23. 23. On-line Total Nitrogen &Total Phosphorus Auto AnalyzerTNP-4000 • Monitoring discharge water in sewage water treatment plant • Monitoring stream and ocean -22-
  24. 24. On-line Total Nitrogen &Total Phosphorus Auto AnalyzerTNP-4000 Specification Total Nitrogen : Ultraviolet Absorbance Intensity Method,Method of measure Total Phosphorus : Ascorbic Acid Reduction Method TN : 0-100mg/LScope of measurement TP : 0-20mg/LMinimum scale unit 0.001mg/LMethod to detect Photodiode detectorRepeatability ±3% of F.SAccuracy ±3% of F.SMethod to heat Direct heating methodMeasurement of sample Quantity control with a measuring cupMeasurement of reagent Control with metering pumpTime to measure 60 min. / 1 measurementDisplay Color LCD (12’) Touch ScreenStorage HDD(60G) , USB Memory Stick availableConcentration Output TN-TP concentration 4-20mA full scale, auto set-up by changeStatus output Measuring, Calibrating, CheckingDuration to replace reagent 2 weeksData output 4-20mA, RS-232C, TCP/IPPower supply AC 220V, 60Hz (110V, optional) -23-
  25. 25. Core Technology Current state of our own Category Item Core Technology technology W Water Test Kit Reagent 70, Patent 3, New Technology A T OFF-Line Water Analyzer Optical System design/production Utility model 2, CE 4, MC 2 E Enzyme/Culture medeum National Institute of R Coli Test Kit composition Environmental Research A Optical measurement and CE , Bronze medal of water Turbidity Meter N Cleaning technology technology contest A Residual Chlorine trace fluid control technology Model recognition L Analyzer Y ON-Line Total Nitrogen & Total Optical measurement and trace Phosphorus Auto Model recognition Z fluid control technology Analyzer E E.Coli & Coliform Optical measurement and trace R Development completed Analyzer fluid control technology Spectrum technology (Provide Scan type CE 1 basic Bio, Pesticide analyzer mode)SPECTROPHOTOMETER Signal processing technology, Array type Technology transfer product Optical measurement technology Gasoline Analyzer Spectrum and Optical technology Utility model 1 FUEL OIL ANALYZER Diesel Analyzer Spectrum and Optical technology Utility model 1 -24-
  26. 26. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me. Mindlerae,Seong humas9@humas.co.kr 82-42-864-2462 -Thank you- -25-