Pampers and Huggies Social Media Presentation


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Pampers and Huggies Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Pampers & Huggies • Social media programs and campaigns
  2. 2. Pampers In 1956 P&G researcher Victor Mills, disliked changing the cloth diapers of his new born grandchild. So he assigned fellow researchers at P&G in Ohio to look into the practicality of making a better disposable diaper. • Pampers were first sold in 1961 • Pampers began globalisation(Canada and Japan) in 1971. • Popularity increased.
  3. 3. Pampers brand was the most dominant product until 1968.
  4. 4. Huggies •Huggies was launched by Kimberly Clark in 1968 and initially took away the market share from Pampers. •However, as of 2012 Huggies market share continued to fall and was around 22%.
  5. 5. 2012 – Huggies nappies abandoned in Europe by Kimberly-Clark •Focus on ‘pull up’ nappies and ‘little swimmers’ for older children •Net sales were down 3%, but profits were boosted by $100m of cost savings •Tristram Wilkinson said “The brand was being pulled from all European markets except Italy, as it had not commanded high levels of loyalty within its consumer base”.
  6. 6. 2002: • Huggies -40% •Pampers - 45%. •Active Fit nappies for babies on the move, and lower-cost Simply Dry nappies. 2012 •The chart shows that Pampers now increased market share to 60%, with Huggies only on 20%, not much bigger than own label.
  7. 7. #51 Worlds Most Valuable Brand (Forbes 2014). Brand Value(best global brands): 2012 2013
  8. 8. Pampers & social media • Humanise brand • Connect with consumers • Offer insights, support, advice • Positively influence their online reputation • Promote product range and marketing campaigns
  9. 9. Pampers on Facebook •Over 12m likes, mostly popular with 25-34 year olds • Community for connecting with other parents • Events • Ask Pampers • Product range & Add to basket • Contests, e.g. Game Face
  10. 10. Pampers on Twitter • 91.3 k followers • News • Exclusive deals • Promotion through hashtags, e.g. #LoveSleepPlay • Sharing photos, e.g. from Game Face contest
  11. 11. Pampers on YouTube • Just under 6,000 subscribers • Over 8m views • Consumer reviews • Promote new products • Promote contests • Love, Sleep & Play campaign
  12. 12. Game Face Contest (2014) •Upload picture of ‘Game Face’ •Turn into customizable meme that can be shared •Winner and family have photo shoot with Team USA athlete, freestyle skier, David Wise
  13. 13. Love, Sleep & Play (2013) •Genuine baby moments captured from YouTube videos made into multi-media marketing campaign •Photos shared through Facebook and Twitter •Sponsored content on Buzzfeed
  14. 14. Lullaby and Goodnight – Jennifer Hudson (2012) •Original rendition of the bedtime classic •Available exclusively through Pampers’ Facebook page •Lullabies app also available on Facebook
  15. 15. Unicef campaign •1 pack = 1 vaccine •Promoted through all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  16. 16. Using social media to tackle Dry Max issues •Negative social media: dry max causes diaper rash •Invited prominent ‘mommy bloggers’ to headquarters •Discussed and demonstrated effects of Dry Max diapers •Positively affected reputation through significant social media influencers
  17. 17. Huggies & social media •The use of Social Media to communicate •Marketing and advertising campaigns •Where the brand has gone wrong
  18. 18. Huggies on Facebook •1m likes (11m less than Pampers), also mostly 25-34 year olds •Mommy answers, special offers, events, Huggies global •Coupons offered 67% = $2.5m revenue •Disappointed Dads
  19. 19. Huggies on Twitter •36.2K followers (55.1K less than Pampers) •News •Promotion through hashtags of campaigns, products, contests and its other social media networks •Sharing of photos •Links with other companies, e.g. @disneybaby •Sharing articles on advice for parents •Follows back
  20. 20. Huggies on YouTube •2,099 Subscribers, less than half that of Pampers •364,016 views, over 7m less than Pampers •Communication between consumers •Videos of advertisements •Interviews, Q&A, Instructional videos •Help to consumers and subscribers ‘First Hugs’
  21. 21. Huggies on Pinterest • 10790 Followers •300 Likes •Baby shower Planner •Themes (Rainbow, Comic, Peace and Love) •Extras (Cakes, Flowers, Games) •Celebrities (Tori Spelling)
  22. 22. Huggies on Circle of Moms •Work through Facebook app hoping for WOM communication •Operate just like a friend •Huggies Zone •Reward Codes •Hoping to gain brand loyalty early on formation of relationships at start of motherhood
  23. 23. Alfie the Baby (2012) • ‘What happens in Huggies stays in Huggies’ •@AlfieTheBaby •But now…
  24. 24. Huggies in Hong Kong – The baby bus (2011) Increase exposure of the brand in Hong Kong •Upload photos to fan page through Facebook 60 most ‘liked’ put on the bus around Hong Kong. •Adapted- all pictures put in busy subway station •Over 7m fans now perceived as innovative and fastest growing brand in Hong Kong.
  25. 25. Every Little Bottom • Corporate Social Responsibility • ‘Diaper need’ •Donate up to 22.5 million diapers in the U.S. and Canada to those in need through specially marked packages. •Ellen Pompeo, as campaign ambassador •Over 300 local diaper drives were held
  26. 26. However ... • “Have Dad Put Huggies To The Test” •Facebook •Dads were being put to the test, not the diapers •‘Easy Chair’ Campaign
  27. 27. Comparison Overall, good use of social media platforms to access target market – share photos, advice and promote respective charity campaigns More effective use of social media: • More accessible • Funnier • More memorable • Generally well thought out use of social media •Have a good basis for social media covering a number of networks. •BUT have failed to use social media effectively enough to attract more of an audience and also mitigate effects of bad press. •Pinterest – very successful, pampers NOT doing same thing.
  28. 28. Recommendations: Pampers •Keep finding novel ways of getting consumers to share photos in order to get involved with the company directly •Build brand loyalty •Do more competitions •Social influencers- Work with influential ‘mommy bloggers’ on a regular basis to manage online reputation •Instagram •Brand searches
  29. 29. Recommendations: Huggies • Focus more on specifics of social media marketing • Dedicate time and resources to development of social media networks and campaigns & show commitment to those campaigns. • Need to differentiate from Pampers, e.g. extend Pinterest to include children’s parties, christenings etc. • Think about how every audience (not exclusively the target audience) will interpret any campaign • Listen to audience, respond to feedback • Instagram
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