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Presentation of a new Danish variety of maple

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Acer X San English

  1. 1. Acer x ‘San’, Danish novelty It is absolutely rare that a new variety of wooden and most off all very hardy tree pops up. Nevertheless, there now appeared an entirely new and beautiful wood up on the Danish market. The tree has been named Acer x 'San'. It´s grafted onto maple and has its growing characteristics, but will be in 15 years just 5-6 meters high. This is significantly smaller than maple species usually gets, and is probably due to the tree is a cross between maple and a second Acer species. Leaves, bark, leaf harvest colors and health is relatively quickly to assess, while the growth form and suitability for production takes time. During the first small sample productions came the first flowering of the mother tree, and fruit stands turned into a beautiful purple red color over time. This, together with a beautiful spring-color, many colors of autumn, branch structure and tree bark colors makes Acer x ‘San’ extra interesting, as it is exciting all year round. The most beautiful of Acer x 'San' is the leaves. The leaf’s scarlet coverleave, opens in the spring, gently the fresh green, 5- loped/laciniate and tapered leaves. The leaves are up to 12 cm long and wide. Autumn colors is quite exceptional. At the same time as the red fruits is hanging decoratively on the tree, there are leaves in all shades, from the fresh green over the golden to bright red colors. HedeDanmark a/s – Planteskolen Lillemark Lillemarksgyden 10 – Ålsbo – 5560 Aarup – tlf. +45 74 87 16 00 – E-mail: - Side 1 af 2
  2. 2. Acer x ‘San’, history Acer x 'San' is now on the market because HedeDenmark took over the nursery Lillemark and thus avenue tree production from Svend Andersen. Production was stepped up in order to get a number of trees, so that the Acer news could be tested in the market. Now it is up to the garden owners and professionals users, whether they can find a grow place for the small or medium light leaved tree with many seasons experience. History of Acer x ’San’ For approx. 12 years ago stopped the then owner of the avenue tree nursery Lillemark, Svend Andersen, up, then he went and looked at a group of young maple in the field. Among the trees there was one with laciniate leaves. The tree was marked and subsequently brought to further observation and possible test cultivation. Svend Andersen has over the years had many other trees under observation for good growth characteristics and exciting special features, but most of them has been dropped again. There is a long way from finding a small seedling that Is different from normal, to know how it behaves with regard to growth, shape, foliage, health, etc. Has it any weaknesses, is it positive different in other respects also, and can it be grown with success? But with this maple, it was different - it had a lot more to offer. And it was a beautiful and special tree that is now ready to get out and adorn gardens all over the nordic zones. HedeDanmark a/s – Planteskolen Lillemark Lillemarksgyden 10 – Ålsbo – 5560 Aarup – tlf. +45 74 87 16 00 – E-mail: – Side 2 af 2