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Social Media for Internal Communications
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Social Media for Internal Communications


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HTW Berlin, Projektseminar „Social Media PR als strategisches Tool des Reputation Managment“, Carsten Rossi (Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn GmbH), Seminartermin, 20. Januar 2010, Gastdozent Jan van Veen, Amgen …

HTW Berlin, Projektseminar „Social Media PR als strategisches Tool des Reputation Managment“, Carsten Rossi (Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn GmbH), Seminartermin, 20. Januar 2010, Gastdozent Jan van Veen, Amgen Europe B.V.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Social Media for InternalCommunicationsHTW Berlin 20 January 2011Jan van VeenCorporate Communications Senior ManagerAmgen Europe
  • 2. Agenda1.  Social media for IC: your call2.  The Océ case3.  What can we learn from Océ?4.  Questions and discussion
  • 3. 1. Social media for IC: your call•  What social media for IC do you know?•  Why would we need Social Media for IC?•  What are the risks for companies?•  What is Internal Communications?
  • 4. Internal Communications•  Employee communications (news)•  Themes, Strategy, Employee engagement•  Internal media mix (intranet, newsletters, etc.)•  Support line communications•  Project communications•  Communication skills training•  Communication culture•  Communication measurement•  Communication structure (network)•  NEW: digital communication tools and social media
  • 5. 2.The Océ Case•  Let me tell you a story about 2 people on a social media journey•  Samuel Driessen and Jan van Veen•  You guess what happened next…
  • 6. Corporate Profile ▫  133 years old printer manufacturer ▫  21,500 people worldwide ▫  Annual revenue 2009: € 2,648 Billion ▫  Net Income 2009: € - 47,134 Million ▫  Worldwide distribution in 90 countries ▫  Direct sales and services in 30 countries ▫  10 R&D-sites in 9 countries ▫  March 2010: Canon majority shareholder
  • 7. Océ IC in 2007•  No dedicated internal communicators•  No international communications network•  No global intranet•  No corporate news•  No corporate media•  No involvement in CEO or strategy communications
  • 8. Our ambition for 2010•  Set up international communications network•  Roll out global intranet•  Provide corporate news•  Launch corporate media•  Become involved in Board communications•  Become trusted partner in line communications and project communications
  • 9. Crisis!•  Decline in sales USA from September 2007•  First lay-offs Q1 2008•  Full crisis hits NL September 2008•  Total headcount reduction 2,350 and counting•  Revenues down from 3.2 to 2.6 billion Euros•  Severe cost cutting measures•  Intranet development and roll-out stopped!•  Decided to freeze all 240 change requests
  • 10. Crisis!•  Budget before the crisis € 350,000•  Budget after the crisis: € 5,000•  Actual savings in 2009: € 20,000
  • 11. Our decision: how to work with 5000Euros?Smart use of existing mediaand introduction of socialmedia for internal communicationsDo what we can do best: be creative!
  • 12. What did we introduce?•  Improved news service on our intranet and cross media approach•  Rumorbuster•  Wikis•  Blogging•  Idea Generation•  Microblogging•  Social bookmarking•  OcéTV, including CEO interviews
  • 13. Improved news service intranet
  • 14. Rumorbuster
  • 15. Rumorbuster page
  • 16. Rumorbuster•  Not stand alone: started after line management presentation•  Rumors very successfully busted•  Hard to convince senior management•  Fun factor important•  Time consuming for IC
  • 17. Wikis
  • 18. Wikis•  Used mainly at R&D ▫  Project wikis ▫  Product wikis ▫  Expertise wikis ▫  Department & Organization wikis•  Supporting primary processes•  Good corporate example: Océ abbreviations•  Tool: MediaWiki
  • 19. Internal Blogs
  • 20. Blogs•  Used for smaller target audiences, 4 categories: ▫  Project blogs ▫  Product blogs ▫  Expertise blogs ▫  Department blogs•  Very easy to use•  Content is king•  Little involvement for IC•  One template•  Tool: Blogengine•  Over 30 internal blogs started
  • 21. Idea Generation
  • 22. Idea generation•  Custom made by our IT department•  60+ ideas generated•  Very interactive at first•  Savings generated: € 800,000•  Very time consuming for IC and financial department•  Stopped when CFO did not follow up•  Tool: Blogengine
  • 23. Microblogging
  • 24. Microblogging: Yammer•  Started with 2 people, viral growth•  Now 2,200 people and counting!•  100+ groups•  Sharing of best practices•  Idea sharing•  Discussing innovations, products, competitors•  Saving money (duplication) and TIME!•  Tool: Yammer
  • 25. Social Bookmarking
  • 26. Social Bookmarking•  So far R&D pilot•  Used by few, but dedicated people•  Good tool for knowledge rich environment•  Tool: Scuttle
  • 27. Océ TV
  • 28. Océ TV•  Equipment costs around € 5,000•  Basic training done in one day•  Very successful•  Used for internal communications of: ▫  Board communications ▫  Events ▫  Product launches ▫  Projects•  Around 100 videos produced internally•  Evolved into external tool and website
  • 29. 3. What can we learn from Océ?•  Do you really need to spend money?•  Money is not the issue, organization is•  You can start bottom-up•  But, yes, senior management involvement helps!•  Don’t forget the adoption cycle•  Cross-functional approach (Communications, IT & IM)•  Culture > Ask questions and moderate if needed•  Social Media Guidelines needed•  Security issues did not occur, but need to be addressed•  New challenge: integration of tools•  Our tip: social media lab for experiment
  • 30. Now, what happened to Océ, Jan andSamuel? Corporate internal communications blog Infoarchblog
  • 31. 4. Questions and discussion
  • 32. Thank you! Now go and rock the world!