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    MarketingplanSem002groupD MarketingplanSem002groupD Presentation Transcript

    • New F&B operation on PolyU campus HTM2121; SEM002 – Group D: XU Peirou [10803930d]; LAN Tian [10818167d]; ZHOU Yang [10833670d]; DU Hao [10820648d]; Isabel Bachmann [11904461x] 1
    • Agenda Introduction Our external environment Opportunities & Threats Our objectives Our target market Important marketing mix programs Implementation Milestones Financing Sustainable controls New F&B operation on PolyU campus 2
    • The Business The Pizza Corner Pizza (varying toppings) +salad+ beverages 2 locations  VA Core  AG Podium High quality fast-food @ convenient spot New F&B operation on PolyU campus 3
    • Hierarchy New F&B operation on PolyU campus 4
    • External Environment-Macroenvironment Demographic changes More incoming students (Hong Kong Education Commission.,2006). International students Political-legal forces: Catering contract Government subsidies (Dubey, K.G., 2000 ) New F&B operation on PolyU campus 5
    • External Environment-Macroenvironment Economic forces: Inflation purchasing power(Census and Statistics Department, 2012 ) Multiple Social-cultural Context: Simplification as a dining trend. Healthier dining style (Department of Primary Industries, 2011) Diversity of food preferences Tight course schedules (PolyU students, 2012). New F&B operation on PolyU campus 6
    • External Environment-Macroenvironment Technology: The smartphone technology was greatly improved which correspondingly makes social media affects a big part in a restaurant’s publicity. New F&B operation on PolyU campus 7
    • External Environment-Microenvironment Marketing intermediaries: Student societies University medias (e.g. PolyU newspaper and magazines) Social network(e.g. FB, Renren, Weibo, etc Financial intermediaries (e.g. Octopus card, EPS, etc) New F&B operation on PolyU campus 8
    • External Environment-Microenvironment Customers: Stable target customers More potential customers (Hong Kong Education Bureau, 2009). Competitors: Serious competition from product category competitors(e.g. old canteen, new canteen, Café Lounge, Lib café.) Product form competitors like the Big Pizza shop located in TST East. New F&B operation on PolyU campus 9
    • Opportunities Increasing number of target customers Subsidies Students tight schedule Integration of western food and culture The booming of social network Development of environmental-friendly package Wide student connections Face-to-face customer contact No same products offered in PolyU Cheaper than pizza shops outside PolyU New F&B operation on PolyU campus 10
    • Threats Intense competition Rising supply prices Inflation‘s influences on buying power Trends of eating healthier food Limited space and availability to promote The majority of target customers may not fancy western food New F&B operation on PolyU campus 11
    • Our Objectives Mission Statement: Bring the best time- saving and take-away meals to all PolyU students. Purchasing process: within 3 minutes New F&B operation on PolyU campus 12
    • Our Objectives Financial Objectives: (1) Full-year sales of 3,890,000HKD (2)Net income of 579,000 HKD. Marketing Objectives: (1) Brand awareness of 80% (2)10% market share (3) Develop our own IPhone App or Website New F&B operation on PolyU campus 13
    • Target Customers1Prefer “ time –saving “ mealReasons Tight class schedules High pace lifestyle Satisfy them with timesaving take away serviceWe Timely serviceConduct No place limitation New F&B operation on PolyU campus 14
    • Target Customers2Prefer western food such as pizzaReasons: Young people who like fast food International students Satisfy them International foodWe provide fresh baked pizza and salad New F&B operation on PolyU campus 15
    • Target Customers3Prefer affordable and good value mealReason : Students cannot afford expensive meal , average less than 30 Satisfy them with inexpensive and high quality mealWe provide Low price and high quality Sufficient energy New F&B operation on PolyU campus 16
    • Marketing mixProduct and serviceMain products:. Take away pizza (Strategy: growth strategy of productdevelopment.)2-3 minutes purchasing process6 flavors to chooseUse recycling paper packageOther products: (Strategy: product diversification to attract new and health-concerned customers and increase revenue)2 kinds of salads& soft drinksSet meals (Different combination of products) New F&B operation on PolyU campus 17
    • Marketing mixPrice--Low profitability but high turnoverPlace--VA Podium and AG Podium--Cover the main parts of campus New F&B operation on PolyU campus 18
    • Implementation Milestones Posters and advertisement Internet advertising Opening Discounts Lower PriceImplementation Milestones Drink for free on Giveaways weekends Strategy 10% discount Alliance Program Special offer Theme promotion New F&B operation on PolyU campus Vouchers distribution 19
    • Financing Net Income : $579,000 Expected Sales: $3,890,000 Minimum Sales : $3,500,000 New F&B operation on PolyU campus 20
    • Sustainable Controls Unit and monetary sales Customer perceptions of and attitudes towards brand Business customers retention and profitability Competitive standing Channel member participation and satisfaction New F&B operation on PolyU campus 21
    • Contingency Plan For unacceptable customer feedback of product (Product improvement) For unacceptable sales levels (Seek professional help) New F&B operation on PolyU campus 22
    • References Census and Statistics Department, (2012) Annual Report on the Consumer Price Index, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Chung, K., (January 2007), Hong Kong Food Market Trends, Victorian Government Department of Primary Industries Dubey, K.G. (2000), Institutional and industrial catering, Retrieved from http://www.scribd.com/doc/49833522/Institutional-and-Industrial-Catering on March 18th, 2012 Hong Kong Education Commission. (2006). Progress Report on the Education Reform, Education Commission Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People’s Republic of China. Kotler, P. & Bowen, J.T., Makens, J.C. (2010). Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, (5TH Ed.)Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall/Pearson Management Information& Support Office, (2011). PolyU in Figures, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University PolyU students, (2012). Personal communication, 12 March Wood, M.B., (2007), Marian Burk Wood’s Essential Guide to Marketing Planning, Harlow, England: Prentice Hall/Financial Times Tribe, J. (2005), The Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism, (3rd Ed.) Burlington : Taylor & Franis New F&B operation on PolyU campus 23
    • Thank you for your attention! HTM2121; SEM002 – Group D:XU Peirou [10803930d]; LAN Tian [10818167d]; ZHOU Yang [10833670d]; DU Hao [10820648d]; Isabel Bachmann [11904461x] New F&B operation on PolyU campus 24