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Order Verification - International and Domestic, preCharge.
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Order Verification - International and Domestic, preCharge.


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preCharge provides order verification and if preCharge approves the order, it is covered in the event of a chargeback. Increase sales for both International orders, and Ship/Bill mismatches. No …

preCharge provides order verification and if preCharge approves the order, it is covered in the event of a chargeback. Increase sales for both International orders, and Ship/Bill mismatches. No customer interaction, no hassle, full coverage.

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    • Order verification: Online and Phone Orders.
    • 2. Fully covered in the event of fraud.
    • 3. Stop wasting your time.
    • 4. Start approving more orders.
    Presented by preCharge Risk Management Solutions
  • 5. Agenda
    Certified Payments
    Fear of Fraud
    The preCharge Solution
    The Advantage
    How preCharge Works
    preCharge Benefits: Maximize Transactions
    preCharge Benefits: Fully Compatible
    preCharge Benefits: Cost Efficient
    PreCharge Benefits: New Opportunity
    Certified Payments Programs
  • 6. Certified Payments
    preCharge Certified Payments operates much like a check guarantee program for the credit card industry. preCharge is not an insurance but a warranty on all approved transactions. preCharge is capable of handling eCommerce, Mail order and Telephone order transactions.
    preCharge offers a proprietary based fraud screening system in conjunction with manual review of orders. In the event that an approved transaction returns as a chargeback, preCharge will reimburse that merchant for the full ticket price of the transaction and merchant chargeback fee.
    Since 2003, preCharge Risk Management has assisted ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Due to the relationship with preCharge, merchants have been able to create more user friendly credit card and shipping policies, increase customer satisfaction rates and decrease customer insult rates while increasing revenue.
    The Certified Payments Program can be used as a replacement for a
    merchant’s fraud prevention methods or can assist with a merchant’s fraud
    prevention methods.
  • 7. Fear of Fraud
    Only shipping to customer billing addresses.
    Requiring customers to contact their credit card company to put an alternate address on file.
    Requiring customers to complete forms and fax them to you.
    Requiring customers to send identification and front and back of credit card.
    Calling all customers to verify orders.
    Not accepting international orders from international customers.
    Requiring international customers to pay by wire transfer.
    Requiring international customers to pay through third party payment providers.
    Requiring international customers to pay with a U.S. credit card or requiring a
    U.S. shipping address.
  • 8. The preCharge Solution
    Ship to non billing addresses knowing that all approved preCharge transactions are eligible for preCharge coverage.
    With preCharge there is no need to have a customer contact their credit card company, fax photocopies of personal identification or front and back of a credit card. The less intrusive a customer’s shopping experience the more likely the customer will return.
    A relationship with preCharge will provide you with the ability to accept orders from around the world.
    If your business is currently shipping internationally but requiring payment by wire transfer or third party payment provider, preCharge will allow you to gladly accept credit cards from international customers, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.
    preCharge can become your Risk Management Department so you can concentrate on customer service and generating more business.
    preCharge can assist you in capturing business you may have otherwise
    turned away.
  • 9. The Advantage
    There is no other company in the world that provides order verification
    services with chargeback protection.
    • No User Interaction
    • 10. Global Protection
    • 11. Full Liability Protection
    • 12. Combination of automation & manual verification leads to higher approval rates.
    • User registration or interaction required.
    • 13. Limited Coverage Areas.
    • 14. Limited to No Liability Protection.
    • 15. Network Based
    Rules System.
  • 16. How preCharge Works
    preCharge connects via simple API (Application Program Interface) into the backend of the merchant’s order form or shopping cart. The merchant also has the ability to manually enter orders into the preCharge secure website.
    Transaction flow:
    Customer orders product, proceeds to checkout, and enters billing information.
    The information is sent to preCharge via the API or manual input by the merchant.
    The preCharge Risk Management Department manually reviews the order.
    When a decision is reached the transaction is updated and merchant is notified.
    All preCharge-approved transactions are eligible for preCharge coverage. *
    2) Order info sent to
    4)Transaction updated .
    * merchant-initiated chargebacks not covered
  • 17. preCharge Benefits: Maximize Transactions
    preCharge is independent of AVS, opening the doors to a completely global marketplace.
    preCharge is capable of verifying orders in over 150 countries.
    preCharge is capable of verifying all types of credit, debit card and gift card transactions.
    preCharge approval rates are 98%+ across the preCharge network with many merchants in the 99%+ range.
    * Results may vary
  • 18. preCharge Benefits: Fully Compatible
    preCharge is compatible with virtually every merchant account provider and most online ecommerce solutions.
    preCharge is compatible with virtually every major worldwide processor.
    preCharge can handle Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and all major international credit cards, debit cards and
    gift cards.
    * Results may vary
  • 19. preCharge Benefits: Cost Efficient
    preCharge can completely eliminate the need for in-house order review and third party validation or assist your efforts.
    preCharge will actively fight chargebacks where it feels it can prevail.
    preCharge does not charge any fees for submitting claims.
    Merchants are typically reimbursed within 30 days of submitting a claim.
    * Results may vary
  • 20. preCharge Benefits: New Opportunity
    With more consumers purchasing gifts online, Ship To/ Bill To mismatches are increasing.
    Consumers are now purchasing with corporate cards, and shipping to work addresses, AVS mismatches are increasing.
    With the current declining dollar, international orders are steadily increasing. Market to any country around the world.
    Don’t change the way you do business, just do more.
    * Results may vary
  • 21. Certified Payments Programs
    preCharge 360
    The preCharge 360 program allows merchants to submit all domestic and international orders for preCharge coverage.
    preCharge Lite
    The preCharge Lite program allows merchants to selectively choose the domestic orders they would like to be eligible for preCharge coverage while preCharge verifies all international orders.
    * Pricing is merchant specific and is dependent on monthly order volume and average ticket size.
  • 22. Contact
    To obtain further information and a customized pricing proposal contact:
    Howard Schecter
    Director, Client Services
    preCharge Risk Management Solutions
    Phone: 212-751-6213 Extension 305