Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Facebook Part 4
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Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Facebook Part 4



Edge Rank is the secret algorithm Facebook uses to determine who sees the content you're posting. Understanding how Edge Rank orders posts is the single most important factor for increasing your reach ...

Edge Rank is the secret algorithm Facebook uses to determine who sees the content you're posting. Understanding how Edge Rank orders posts is the single most important factor for increasing your reach and the impressions that your page makes. 98% of your fans don't come back to your page to view your posts which means your only way of reaching them is in their newsfeed. Don't miss this webinar!



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  • Burke will talk about live events, and contacting local HSA Reps
  • The accounts which are being deleted are illegimate accounts, those created for the sake of spam or in order to artificially increase likes on a page. Additionally, likes which occurred because of malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or some sort of purchase — yes, people really buy and sell likes in bulk— are being removed.
  • Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine what posts appear on users newsfeeds and where.
  • Edge Rank is made up of 3 different factors that determine if and where you post is displayed to fans.
  • It could be understood as how close of a “relationship” a Brand and a person have. The closer the relationship, the higher the affinity and the more likely that fan will see your posts.
  •   This relationship is measured by the Interactions a user has with a page, including how often they like items, click on links, view pictures, or post on a wall. This variable is one sided; if a users often interacts with your content, their affinity score towards you will go up and the likelihood of your content appearing in their feed will increase. If you click on a user’s profile over and over, this will NOT increase their affinity score towards you.
  • Example: Affinity between 2 profiles. Ashley and Matt are Facebook friends.  Ashley has a crush on Matt– she browses Matt’s profile and views his pictures every week.  She occasionally ‘likes’ his updates.  Matt, on the other hand, hasn’t ever viewed Ashley’s profile, pictures or engaged with her posts since she added him a year ago. Ashley will see most– if not all– posts from Matt on her Newsfeed because she has a high affinity score for Matt, while Matt will probably never see any of Ashley’s posts because he has a low affinity score for Ashley.
  • Demo Picture and Link
  • Facebook makes it easy for you to reach your fans but it also makes it easy for your fans to reach you. Expect that at some point a customer will be dissatisfied and reach out to you on Facebook. Complaints offer an opportunity to show your customers that you care.  Remember, it’s often how you respond, rather than the initial complaint, that shapes customers’ opinions of you. Don’t just delete negative complaints and move on. If your page is full of only positive comments it doesn’t look genuine. Like it or not, consumers demand more transparency today than ever before. When brands scrub criticism from their Facebook walls, customers are pretty quick to notice, and they’re not afraid to point it out when you whitewash them. On the other hand, brands that embrace all  feedback earn points for their receptiveness to criticism. Having complaints with responses and resolutions on your page actually makes you more trustworthy. Also when you delete an angry customers post, chances are that they will repost with an increased temper and frequency while pointing out that you deleted their post. This can spark a frenzy where more customers join in on the complaint. 1 complaint is manageable but the more people join in on the conversation the harder it becomes to sort out and fix any specific problem. While your wall is an integral part of your web presence, the customer may be unaware of how important it really is to your reputation. If he or she is satisfied with the resolution you’ve reached and grateful for the time you’ve spent making things right, there’s nothing wrong with privately asking the person to remove the post. Most of the time, he or she will remove the angry wall post or add a follow up comment letting the public know their issue was resolved. If they don’t remove or post their own response you can respond to the post yourself to let the public know you have reached a resolution with the customer and that their cries for help were taken seriously. If the offended party is unreceptive to your customer service attempts, blatantly hostile and unreasonable, banning the individual is a last-resort option. Also anyone posting expletives or racial slurs against your staff or fans should be banned. Don’t forget to document these actions with screen shots for future reference.
  • This is why it is vitally important that the complaints and issues your fans post on your wall are addressed. Inactivity on your part will appear as though you’re trying to ignore the issue or don’t care. Being unresponsive does nothing more than incite more anger. A response that illustrates respect and understanding for the customers’ concerns will indicate your intention to rectify any problems. Always make your initial reply publically. The goal here is to extend some sort of token letting the customer know you’re sorry he or she is dissatisfied with your company, and you’re willing to make it right. If you don’t have enough information through their post to look into the problem ask them for more information. Chances are they won’t give out their contact information in public. Starting a private conversation with the customer opens up more options for you to address his or her complaints and takes the conversation out of the public spotlight while it is being worked on. It also allows you to offer them contact information for an individual that you might not want on a public form. You also want to respect their privacy concerns and not request an email or phone number through a public form.

Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Facebook Part 4 Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Facebook Part 4 Presentation Transcript

  • Win Listingsand ConvertBuyers with Facebook (Part 4)
  • Burke Smith – Career Highlights • Chief Communications Officer at HSA Home Warranty • Founder of YourNetCoach, Founder of ipayOne, Executive Team at Prudential California Realty • Licensed California Broker & Real Estate Coach/Consultant/Trainer • Personally responsible for over 1000 closed real estate transactions • Featured on CNN & in the New York Times • Nominated 2 years in a row Inman Innovator of the YearClients have closed over $25 billion in residential real estate!
  • Brian Geick – Career Highlights • Graduate from UW-Madison • Marketing and Logistics at WSDC • Marketing and Promotions at ESPN Radio • Social Media Intern at Monona Terrace • IT and Social Media Consultant at American Family Insurance • Social Media Specialist at HSA Contact:Hi! Phone: 608-798-6001 ext. 6410 Email: View slide
  • Live Tweet Follow Us View slide
  • HSA Social Media Resources
  • IE Users
  • Contact Your Rep!• Webinar Notes• Recording• Slides•
  • Recap • Pages vs Profiles vs Groups • Creating a Page • Invite Friends & Share Your Page • Basic Recommendations • New Posting Features – Highlight, Pin, Milestones
  • Recap • Recommendations Box • Exporting & Inviting Email Contacts • Custom Facebook URL • Add Apps To Your Page • Add a Facebook Link To Your Email Signature
  • Recap• Targeted Posts
  • Recap• Instant Insights
  • Customizing Tabs• Order• Picture (111 x 74)• Name• Uninstall (111 px) (74 px)
  • Adding Your Website
  • QR Codes••• =
  • Text to Like
  • Monitoring Your Presence
  • Facebook Updates
  • Operation Unlike• Facebook has deleted over 300,000 illegitimate (fake) accounts over the past 2 weeks
  • Facebook Offers Not Free
  • Facebook Stats• There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook that spend an average of six hours and 35 minutes per month on the network• 33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall. (Source: Ipsos)
  • Facebook Stats• Social media users who receive excellent customer service from brands spend on average 21% more than non- social customers• 55% of consumers share their purchases socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites. Especially large purchases
  • Facebook Stats• A new study by Lab42 found that people prefer Facebook Pages to brand websites.• Why? – 75% feel more connected to the brand on Facebook and 35% say they feel brands listen to them more.
  • Facebook Stats
  • What is Edge Rank?
  • The News Feed• What you see when you log in to Facebook• Updates from friends and pages you have liked• 96% of your fans aren’t coming back to your page to view posts.
  • Edge Rank
  • Edge Rank
  • Edge Rank
  • Edge Rank
  • Factors of Edge Rank
  • Affinity
  • AffinityInteractions
  • Affinity• Affinity is one way — Interacting heavily with another user will increase the chance of their stories appearing on your newsfeed but your stories won’t necessarily appear on theirs
  • Weight
  • WeightWeight=(Type of Post + Interactions)
  • Weight • Engagement also factors into the posts weight. A plain text post with multiple likes and comments can carry more combined weight than a photo post with no engagement despite their initial weights.— Note: Sharing a link to a video does Not count as sharing a video
  • Time Decay
  • Time Decay(Older = Less Relevant) Relevance  Time 
  • Maximizing EdgeRank • Keep it short – Posts between 100 and 250 characters get 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts over 250 characters • Be visual – Posting photos, and videos get 120% and 100% more engagement respectively. – Tip: Try posting a link with a photo and add the article title and URL in the captionSource:
  • Example• Photo album with a link
  • Maximizing EdgeRank • Ask for what you want — Asking simple opinion-driven questions or “fill-in- the-blanks” will bring in 90% more engagement than the average post • Post Daily ― Remember that 96% of your fans aren’t coming back to your page to view posts. So posting frequently is the only way to consistently reach themSource:
  • Maximizing EdgeRank• Be relevant, but not pushy — Posts related to, but not directly about your brand perform best. For example, if you’re a muffin shop posts should be about recipes and baking tips – not politics, religion or cats• Be timely — Test out different times to find what works best for your audience then stick with them
  • Responding to Complaints• 1) Have a plan ready – Know who will handle complaints – Have an immediate yet personal response ready• 2) Don’t delete negative comments – Chances are they’ll post again only more upset – There are various other venues for them to use (Twitter, Google+, Blogs, ect)
  • Responding to Complaints• 3) Respond quickly – The longer you wait the more people will join the conversation• 4) Message the customer directly – Give them an email to contact you• 5) Ask the customer to remove the post, or comment after a resolution is reached• 6) In extreme cases ban the user – Posts that are hostile, profane, or derogatory
  • Responding to Complaints• Initial Comments: “Their word is not as good as the paper its written on!” “Do not purchase ANYTHING from “Im in the process of HSA!!!!” making a blog about my horrible experience and will post my whole ordeal”
  • Responding to Complaints Restored my faith inRenewing our contract customer service
  • Doing it Right
  • Contact Your Rep!• Webinar Notes• Recording• Slides•
  • Coming up
  • Win PrizesPost on our page and be entered into our monthly fan drawing
  • HSA Update