Short film "Possession" Pitch (Working Title)


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Short film "Possession" Pitch (Working Title)

  1. 1. “possession”s plot •Romance and Horror combined•Young teenagers venture to a manor house for a photography project. •Obsessive, doesn’t want to let go •He has moved on •She has lost her possession•Unfortunately, things don’t end there as day turns to night and reality turns to horror, and nothing seems to be real anymore. •Shadows •Not alone •Disappears •Who or what has followed them?
  2. 2. “possession” (Working Title) •This relates to the storyline in the film in the romance aspects and the horror aspects within the plot. •Young girl who doesn’t seem to be over her ex- boyfriend and still thinks he is hers like her own possession.•The working title also relates to another part of thestoryline where this same girl becomes possessed by an unknown entity due to jealousy.
  3. 3. Genre •Hybrid genre of romance and horror, so it could appeal to a vast audience. • Romance: teenage girls and young women(15-25) • Horror: male teenagers and young men (13-28)•However female teenagers and young women also seem to watch horror films too, but commonly with their boyfriends. •We believe that this mixture of popular genre’s will create a large appeal to the film, catering to both females and males so young people as a whole group can watch it. • It also allows us as film makers to create a parallel plotline, therefore there is an interest for females and a separate interest for males. •Many films have a main plot, and is then accompanied with sub-plots to make it more exciting and watchable. • For “Possession” the main plot fits within the horror genre with the unknown entity haunting the teenagers and possessing the girl.• The sub-plot that conforms to the romance genre with the teenage girl still torn up and obsessed with her ex-boyfriend who she discovers is in a new relationship.
  4. 4. Era- 1980’s- 2011In the film it begins with shots of old photographsthat have been discovered in the present time.Through these photographs the storyline is then toldthrough flashbacks within the photographs so theaudience is then taken back to the 1990’s when theevents of the film occurred.
  5. 5. Target audience • Late teens and young adults • The 15 rating. • Targeted towards males > the gory horror • A lot of males are more open to spooks • Target towards females > love triangle• Females are more likely to be more scared.
  6. 6. Location/setting •Graveyards, woods, forests.. • These weren’t unique settings • Problems : wind blowing through the trees and drowning out the dialogue. •In the end, we all decided that a manor house would be a good setting for us to film •Abandoned •Haunted House Feel• The house is also a good setting for the romance in the plot too, because it looks a setting from a romantic period drama. I •t is also easily accessible for us to travel to, and it is an open space therefore no excess sound like wind can interfere filming.
  7. 7. characters• A group of teenage college students who are all on the same photography course and all work together for a project.• Names are in working progress• GIRL 1 (Leah) – 17, photography student, recently split up with her boyfriend but still isn’t over him and is still possessive and obsessed with him. She is possessed in the film by the unknown entity.• GIRL 2 – 17, photography student, is in a relationship with BOY 2.• GIRL 3 – 17, photography student, starts dating GIRL 1’s ex- boyfriend• BOY 1 – 17, photography student, used to date GIRL 1 but they have split up and he is now in a new relationship with GIRL 3.• BOY 2 – 17, photography student, is in a relationship with BOY 2
  8. 8. narrative• Students arrive at the manor house to take pictures of it for aphotography project.• Girl 1 (Leah) then spots her ex and Girl 3 get together, which causesher to get upset and she runs away in tears• The rest of the group then try to look for her and try to ring her on hermobile, but unfortunately there is no reply from her.•They then return to the car and pick up the camera to look through thepictures, and they discover shadows and figures in the photographsbehind her.•Suddenly, they drop the camera as the headlights of the car turns onand they see GIRL 1, who is possessed, sat in the front seat glaring atthem.•The Lights of the car come on and there is a loud scream and revvingengine noise.
  9. 9. technologyTechnology in “Possession” is identified throughprops:- Mobile phone- Camera- Car
  10. 10. Props• Clothing• Make-up (vanity case)• Mobile phone• Camera• Car
  11. 11. Time Throughout the film, the audience is constantly brought in and out of two different times (the 80s/90’s (tbc) and now) through a series of photographs that were taken of the events back in the 90’s. This allows the plot to continuethrough flashbacks so the audience knows what’s happened in the photos and they identify the creepy chain of events.
  12. 12. Film influences• Insidious – through the use of possession in th plotlines. 311385/• Blair Witch Project – a group of students being followed by an unknown entity. witch-project/teaser-trailer
  13. 13. ShowingsOne of the most common things that a film maker does to showcase their shortfilm is to showcase it in film festivals and conventions. We believe that if weallowed audience to watch “Possession” in film festivals it would bringattention and create a buzz for the film, and it could be so successful that itcould be found by a top Hollywood director. A popular example of this isParanormal Activity that was a small budget horror film, but because of itspopularity, managed to gain millions of dollars in profit, so “Possession” mayreach the same popularity through the same methods.Some of the film festivals that “Possession” could be showcased:-
  14. 14. Marketing •Just like The Blair Witch Project, “Possession” can be marketed through digital methods through websites such asYouTube and Facebook, where the trailer can be passed around easily.•One of the positive reasons to do this is because it won’t cost us money to upload the trailer of the film online. •Many films such as Rec created a fandom for itself through the money consuming method of uploading the trailer onto YouTube. •Rec was very successful and the trailer received millions of view. This could mean that “Possession” could also receive same success through similar marketing methods.
  15. 15. Thank-you for watching!