Hampton Roads, Part B


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From the Hampton Roads Partnership

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Hampton Roads, Part B

  1. 1. The Hampton Roads Harbor NNMT Future CIMT NIT APM Terminals PMT
  2. 2. Virginia Inland Port  The Virginia Inland Port (VIP) is located 220 miles northwest of Norfolk in Front Royal, VA, across 161 acres  Handled over 60,000 TEUs in 2008  On-site rail service by Norfolk Southern with five-day-a- week rail service between the VIP and the marine terminals in Hampton Roads  Direct interstate access to I-81 and I-66
  3. 3. Virginia Inland Port FORTESSA FORTESSA HOME DEPOT HOME DEPOT OZBURN-HESSEY OZBURN-HESSEY  Economic Engine for the Commonwealth The Virginia The Virginia InlandPort Inland Port  27 Major Companies have INTERCHANGE INTERCHANGE located near the VIP – Investment of Over $599 Million – Over 6 Million SF of Buildings – Employment of Over 7,000
  4. 4. Selected Distribution Centers
  5. 5. The Port as an Economic Engine  343,000 jobs, or 9 percent of the state’s resident workforce  $13.5 billion of employee compensation, or 7.4 percent of the total compensation paid to private sector, state and local government employees  $1.2 billion in local income, sales, and real property taxes  $41.1 billion in total revenue Source: The Fiscal Year 2006 Virginia Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Virginia Port Authority Operations, The Mason School of Business Compete Center, College of William and Mary, January 2008
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE Army Corps Camp Peary Naval of Engineers Weapons Naval Station Station Cheatham Annex FT Monroe Naval Support Activity Camp Elmore / Camp Allen Army Research Lab Joint Forces Staff College Ft Eustis Little Creek Amphibious Base Langley AFB Lafayette Ft Story River Annex Hampton Navy Roads Naval Exchange Museum Command USJFCOM Joint NAS Oceana Warfighting Center Craney Island Dam Neck Annex Fentress OLF Norfolk Naval Medical Naval Center Shipyard Naval Security Group (Northwest)
  7. 7. 2030 No-build Level of Service Majority of principal roads throughout region are congested or extremely congested
  8. 8. Year 2000 Speed Decay Lower than free flow speeds in large portions of Peninsula, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and all bridges and tunnels
  9. 9. Future Craney Island Marine Terminal Phase 1 – by 2020 Phase 2 – June 2032 Total Acreage: 220 Total Acreage: 600 Pier Length: 3000 ft. Pier Length: 8000 ft. Depth: 52 ft. Depth: 52 ft. Cranes: 6 Cranes: 15 Capacity: 1.5M TEUs Capacity: 5M TEUs Cost: $1.2B Cost: $1.06B
  10. 10. APM Terminals – Portsmouth, VA Phase 1 – completed in 2007 Total Acreage: 230 Pier Length: 3200 ft. Depth: 55 ft. Cranes: 6 Capacity: 1 Million TEUs Cost: $500 Million Phase 2 - as volume dictates Total Acreage: 291 Pier Length: 4000 ft. Cranes: 12 Capacity: 2.2 Million TEUs Cost: $250 Million - Projected