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Remembering “America’s First Region”

In the past, the Hampton Roads Partnership supplied colorful posters to area schools describing historical events that occurred in “Hampton Roads, America’s First Region” over the past 400 years. If you have not received the posters or need new ones for your 4th grade classrooms, please let us know.

By participating with all other school districts in the area in this educational initiative, you are providing your students with important information about where they live and the contributions our region has made to the history of our nation.

From April 26 to May 14, 1607, three English ships sailed and explored Hampton Roads from Cape Henry (today's Virginia Beach) to Jamestown, our nation's first permanent English settlement.

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America's First Region Poster

  1. 1. 1607 After landing at Cape Henry on Virginia’s Atlantic Coast, 104 explorers establish the first English speaking settlement in the New World at Jamestown. 1632 St. Luke’s Church in Isle of Wight County opens. It remains to this day the oldest existing church of English foundation in America. We Live in 1775 The Battle of Great Bridge in today’s Chesapeake results in the capture of Norfolk by the Patriots and the effective end Hampton Roads, of British rule in Virginia. 1781 Yorktown in York County is the site of the surrender of General Cornwallis to General George Washington in 1781, ending the American Revolutionary War. America’s First Region 1831 The most serious slave rebellion in U.S. history, led by preacher Nat Turner, occurs in Southampton County. It results in the deaths of 58 whites and an unknown number of blacks. Turner and his followers were captured, tried and 20 were hanged. A REGION IS A COLLECTION OF CITIES, COUNTIES AND TOWNS THAT 1851 Walter Reed is born in Gloucester County. As a U.S. Army SHARE A COMMON HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, CULTURE OR INTEREST physician, his theory confirms that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes, rather than by direct contact, allowing the completion of work on the Panama Canal. AND STRIVE TO WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE 1862 LIFE BETTER FOR ALL OF THEIR CITIZENS. The Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia is rebuilt in HAMPTON ROADS BECAME Portsmouth, using the burned-out hull of USS Merrimack. Virginia subsequently engages the Union ironclad USS Monitor in the famous Battle of Hampton Roads, ushering AMERICA’S FIRST REGION AS in a new era of naval warfare. A RESULT OF A MOMENTOUS 1868 Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute opens with a EVENT IN 1607. mission to prepare promising young African-American men and women to lead and teach their newly-freed people. ON APRIL 26 OF THAT Today Hampton University is one of the nation’s most prominent historically black colleges and universities. YEAR, THREE SHIPS, 1886 THE SUSAN CONSTANT, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company is chartered by Collis P. Huntington. It would become the GODSPEED AND world’s largest shipyard and the Navy’s sole contractor for aircraft carriers. DISCOVERY, LANDED 1891 Hotel guests in Virginia Beach watch the wreck and rescue AT WHAT IS TODAY efforts of the Norwegian barque Dictator. The ship's figure- head becomes the inspiration for the current Norwegian VIRGINIA BEACH. EIGHTEEN DAYS LATER, AFTER EXPLORING Lady monuments which were dedicated in 1962 in Virginia Beach and Moss, Norway. LOCAL RIVERS AND BAYS, THEY ARRIVED AT JAMESTOWN 1907 WHERE THEY ESTABLISHED THE FIRST PERMANENT ENGLISH- The Jamestown Exposition, held at Sewell's Point in Norfolk, commemorates the 300th anniversary of the SPEAKING SETTLEMENT IN THE NEW founding of Jamestown. It attracts millions of visitors including President Theodore Roosevelt. A decade later, the WORLD. TODAY, VIRGINIA BEACH Norfolk Naval Base is built on the site. 1912 AND JAMESTOWN REMAIN THE Italian immigrant Amedeo Obici moves from Pennsylvania to Suffolk and opens Planters Nut and Chocolate Company. BOUNDARIES OF HAMPTON ROADS, Today Suffolk continues to be a major peanut processing center. AMERICA’S FIRST REGION. 1927 The recreation of Colonial Williamsburg, one of the largest OUR REGION INCLUDES 19 SEPARATE LOCALITIES. MANY historic restorations ever undertaken, is well underway. It is championed by the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and PEOPLE TRAVEL FROM ONE TO ANOTHER FOR WORK, philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who wanted to cele- brate the patriots and the early history of the United States. SCHOOL, WORSHIP, RECREATION OR TO VISIT RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. 1961 EACH CITY, COUNTY OR TOWN HAS A UNIQUE HISTORY, DIFFERENT ELECTED The town of Franklin, established in 1876, becomes a city and grows over the next 35 years to its current size of 8.75 square miles. LEADERS AND OTHER DISTINCT FEATURES, BUT THEY ARE CONNECTED BY THEIR 1964 PROXIMITY AND INTERDEPENDENCE. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a 23-mile long facility that connects the Eastern Shore with Virginia Beach, opens for traffic. It is named quot;One of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern Worldquot; in a worldwide competition. 1972 Virginia’s first nuclear power plant opens on Hog Island in Surry County. Today it generates 1,625 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 400,000 homes in Hampton Roads. 1975 Poquoson officially becomes a city. An Indian word, “poquoson” describes a boundary, typically a stream, river or creek and its adjoining marsh, that lies between two tracts of higher growth. 2002 Smithfield celebrates its 250th anniversary by creating the world’s largest ham buscuit. It is eight feet wide, 14 inches tall and contains 500 pounds of famous Smithfield Ham.