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With SaaS being all the rage, the final session in this HROA webinar series looks at how organizations prepare themselves for implementation. What is similar to traditional technology deployments and what differs? Industry leaders share best practices as they discuss change management, the role of the business and internal IT, the powers and limitations of configurations, and building a SaaS solution to maximize your ROI. They additionally share what needs to be done post go-live to ensure your solution is not an event but continues to evolve including how to best manage the upgrade process, using case studies to highlight what has gone well and areas for improvement.

- Frederic Lequient, Group Vice President, Consulting, Oracle/Taleo
- Scott Mahoney, Managing Director, Seertech Solutions Americas
- Sona Manzo, Strategic Partnership Practice, Futurestep
Moderator: Ken Tress, Senior Director, Oracle

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  • Each panelist to provide a brief introduction
  • KEY MESSAGES Change Management:   Intro Scott Discussion Points: Select the right vendor and partner. Proven track record SaaS can take longer than you think Speed and Urgency can haunt you if you don’t align processes first TEAM DISCUSSION Leverage the Vendors Ecosystems BENEFITS AND CONCERNS QUESTIONS What are some of the most common change management problems What are best practices Are the change management issues the same in a SaaS vs traditional BPO. Where are they different
  • Role of IT Advisor, establish and validate IT standards, manage integrations, testing, manage the upgrade process.  Role of the business: Program goals, Initial vendor selection and domestic vs. global process design, initial go live design (big bang vs. staged rollout), assign SME’s for initial implementation.  Who owns the budget?        Post go-live manage the upgrade process and testing.  Establish strong vendor relationship, on-going program refreshing as the organization changes. QUESTIONS SaaS is now 10 plus years old for some companies and new for others, is IT and business aligned? Share some best practices Where should the budget belong. Can you share an example of good IT and Business collaboration SI
  • Discussion points What is Configuration Benefits and Challenges with configuration Can you/should you ever customize in a SaaS world How SaaS providers develop their roadmap How other clients have probably requested your unique processes (SaaS providers have deep customer content) Customization Where/how can custom software benefit a client What are the drawbacks How to get what you want in a SaaS providers roadmap Post Go-Live Discussion points QUESTIONS Getting on SaaS provider roadmap What do you do when you have a very unique process or one of business requirement Drawbacks with custom deployment
  • Measurement of Success Measure at go-live How do you measure systems success 3 to 5 years from now? Evolution How do you ensure the systems stays up to date over the course of the next few years Product direction, what’s coming. How to ensure proper budget allocation so the system evolves overtime New functionality New Productions New vendors Training resources and partners Upgrades.  What are they What are the risk Best Practices QUESTIONS What are some of the challenges with SaaS upgrades How do organizations prepare for upgrades Why do some clients love their SaaS solutions, while others can’t replace it fast enough
  • Partners tend to have a high level of product knowledge Ensure they have implemented more than once and can present best practices Create realistic SLA’s and timelines Become real partners Ensure that you retain product knowledge QUESTIONS What do BPO providers bring to the table How to select the right partner How are you best to leverage your selected partners
  • SaaS Implementation

    1. 1. SaaS Implementation: What’s different? 1
    2. 2. Welcome & Logistics• Questions – Via webinar chat – During Q&A portion of the call• Join the conversation – On Twitter with #hrtechchat 2
    3. 3. About HROA• Founded in 2003 - Global association• Open to anyone in the HR Outsourcing and Transformation industry anywhere in the world: practitioner, buyer, provider, technology firm, advisor, consultant, or academic.• Mission to be the single recognized community for improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of outsourcing as part of an overall HR service delivery strategy.• 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. Today’s Panel Frederic Sona Manzo Lequient Futurestep Oracle Scott Mahoney Seertech Ken Tress Solutions Oracle 5
    6. 6. SaaS Implementation Today we will cover 4 critical components Change Management Role of IT Role of the Business Configuration Post Go-Live 6
    7. 7. Change Management SaaS vs. a Traditional BPO Deployment  What is different? Implementation Timeline  Faster /shorter; what to watch out for? Vendor’s Ecosystem  Advantages/ disadvantages 7
    8. 8. IT &Business Collaboration Roles differ in a SaaS deployment  Role of IT  Role of the Business  Budget owner?  Post Go-Live • . 8
    9. 9. Configuration vs Customization What is Configuration Benefits of Configuration Challenges with Configuration 9
    10. 10. Post Go-Live Evolution How to ensure your investment pays off What’s different  For the Business  For IT Best Practices Pitfalls 2003 2013 10
    11. 11. BPO Benefits in a SaaS World Change Management Role of IT Role of the Business Frederic Sona Configuration Post Go-Live Scott Ken 11
    12. 12. Questions & Comments 12