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Yount - Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems
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Yount - Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems


Published on

Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems …

Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems

Shane Yount

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Leadership GPS: Goals, People, Systems Competitive Solutions, Inc. | 1140 Powers Place | Alpharetta, GA 30009 Toll Free: 800.246.8694 | Phone: 770.667.9071 | Fax: 770.667.9020
  • 2.
    • Founded in 1991, Competitive Solutions, Inc. is an international consulting firm serving clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
    • Authors of several books: Empowering Business Teams: Been There, Done That, It Works in 1996 and Confessions of an UnManager in 1997, Buried Alive – Digging Out of the Management Dumpster in 2004, and Leaving Your Leadership Legacy in 2009
    • Coming in 2011 – Leadership GPS®
    • Offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia
  • 3. A Few of Our Clients Our Clients
  • 4. Performance Today
  • 5. Getting Back on Course Driving sustainable business processes
  • 6. Leadership GPS ®
  • 7. Leadership GPS ®
  • 8.
    • Are we winning or losing as an organization?
    • Scorecards - Educate, Facilitate, and Motivate
    • Creation of a common business language that drives connectivity, clarity, and consistency
    • Creation and utilization of a scorecard process that makes the business visual and personal
    • Non-negotiable operating systems built around how the scorecard will be deployed and sustained
    Leadership GPS ® – Goals
  • 9.
    • Leadership team creates key business focus areas and a standard format
      • - No more than 15 goals per scorecard
      • - Performance is color coded, Red / Green
      • - Visually projected in meeting room so that it sets the tone – Is the team winning or losing? Tone should be set within five seconds…
    • All lower teams develop tactical scorecards to support the key business focus areas – Shared ownership for populating data
    • Business scorecards are reviewed in every team meeting as a standard agenda item
    • Team members utilize an action register to address scorecard performance issues – Red = Corrective Action Plan , Additionally 90 days of Green Performance warrants a scorecard metric review – Thermometer to Thermostat application
    • Both Scorecards and Action Registers need to be integrated into a single electronic process thereby giving anyone visibility into a team’s performance at anytime.
    • Scorecards and action registers audited by the senior leadership team twice per year for alignment and robustness
    Leadership GPS ® – Goals
  • 10. BUSINESS SCORECARD: A simple and concise tracking tool designed to create a common business language throughout an organization: ARE WE WINNING OR LOSING? Connectivity Process A Business Scorecard System
  • 11. Leadership GPS ®
  • 12.
    • What type of culture do you have today – Selective Engagement of Collective Accountability?
    • Is Accountability within your organization just a conceptual conversation?
    • Have the good intentions of leaders built cultures of accountability or dependency?
    • Accountability must become personal and visible before it will ever become real
    • How are you elevating the expectations of engagement across your team?
    Leadership GPS ® – People
  • 13. ACTION REGISTER: An accountability tool designed to document critical tasks, ownership responsibilities, and target dates. Leadership GPS ® - People Expectations of Engagement HOW ARE YOU MOVING THE BUSINESS FORWARD? ACTION OWNER TARGET DATE COMPLETION DATE COMMENTS
  • 14.
    • Designed to be used in the following manner:
      • Break the dumpster – Personal Action Register – Tactical representation of empowerment
      • Meeting Effectiveness – Drives elevated expectations of engagement within meetings
      • Scorecard Effectiveness – Transforms metrics from a “Thermometer” view to a “Thermostat” view
      • Performance management – Provides data as a measurement of engagement
    Leadership GPS ® – People
  • 15. Designed as a leadership tool to make accountability both visible and personal “ Breaking the Cycle of Dependency” Personal Action Register
  • 16. Leadership GPS ®
  • 17.
    • Accountability Analysis
    • What does this data tell the team leader?
    • How should this data be used?
    • Is this data conclusive?
    Leadership GPS ® - Systems NAME #of Actions Taken # of Actions Completed Value of Actions to the Business Shane 7 7 3.0 Anna 0 0 0 Debra 2 0 0 Adam 4 4 1.0 Patricia 0 0 0 Gwen 5 3 3.0 John 0 0 0 Seth 1 0 0 Linda 8 3 2.8
  • 18.
    • What are the systems necessary to keep the organization moving forward regardless of the proximity, position, and powers of persuasion of the leader?
    • Does your organization have a battle rhythm of communication?
    • Does your organization understand the difference between advertising and communicating?
    • Are your meetings the “Enabler of the Business” or are they viewed as an “In Addition to the Business?”
    Leadership GPS ® – Systems
  • 19. Creation of a scorecard driven, business focused communication process that consistently drives urgency and accountability in the organization Leadership GPS ® – Systems
  • 20.
    • Show your leaders that through processes, not personalities, a greater degree of engagement can be attained
    • Give your leaders a process to drive personal and visible accountability thereby creating greater resources for support
    • Give your leaders a process to make communication meaningful and robust
    • Give your leaders a process that lets them know if the organization is winning or losing
    • Recognize those leaders who through their actions and behaviors who are building more leaders
    Leadership GPS ®