Smith - The Expanding Workplace Waist - Handout 1


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Smith - The Expanding Workplace Waist - Handout 1

  1. 1. Wellness Program Assessment Tool 1. In-house Medical Clinic – When employees have on-site medical clinics they get timely check-ups and treatments when necessary. This prevents more serious illnesses and reduces health care cost, absenteeism and presenteeism. These clinics should also utilize evidence-based natural medicine for better results. 2. Advanced Health Screening – Conventional screening programs miss many illnesses because they rely on limited blood tests. Advanced screening includes ultrasound, thermography, metabolic tests and blood tests for C-reactive protein, Vitamin D and homocysteine. These tests are more expensive, but pay for themselves many times over with lower health care costs. 3. Advanced Education Programs – Most wellness education is too basic and not based on the best science. By implementing advanced educational programs, employees learn why they should make important lifestyle changes and how their body works at the cellular level. This can increase the desire to change enough to realize a tenfold increase in the R.O.I. cost of educational programs. 4. Wellness Coaching – Many employees find it difficult to follow through on the changes they want to make. Wellness coaches can provide the support and guidance needed to ensure much higher levels of success. The R.O.I. for quality wellness coaching is somewhere between 5 and 10 dollars for every dollar spent. 5. Wellness Plan and Coordinators – Most employers do not have a very good wellness plan with outcome measures, adequate funding and staff coordinators to ensure effective implementation. Without these organizational elements, most wellness programs will not be nearly as successful as they should be. 6. Disease Prevention and Reversal – Most employers concentrate on disease management, but this produces a very low R.O.I. Disease prevention and reversal produces a high R.O.I., but can only be accomplished with evidence- based nutritional medicine, which is not available from existing insurance companies. 7. Nutritionally Balanced Weight Loss Programs – Most weight loss programs are not nutritionally balanced. This means that they cause long-term health problems. They also fail to provide long-term weight loss. Customized weight Healthy at Work, Inc. * * 888-737-9617
  2. 2. loss based on individual needs is the only way to ensure long-term success and cost savings. 8. Incentive Programs -Most wellness incentive programs are not strong enough to encourage the sustained changes needed by most employees. Progressive employers provide both positive and penalty based incentives to achieve higher levels of commitment. High deductable insurance programs based on health status, combined with Health Savings Accounts, is the best way to get the outcomes that are necessary to lower insurance premiums for both employees and employers. 9. Web-based Employee Support Systems – Employees need access to state of the art health and wellness information, as well as programs to track their improvement. These systems are expensive to develop, but allow employees to take personal responsibility for the health improvements they need to make. These systems also increase compliance, improve employee health and result in significant health cost reductions. 10. Software Tracking Systems – The employer needs to know which wellness programs are producing the best results and how to ensure all programs are working in concert with one another. A sophisticated health and wellness software program is needed to accomplish this to ensure strategic changes can be made in a timely manner. Such systems must be linked to the employers wellness process at every step and every level in order to ensure coordination and accurate measurements of outcomes. Healthy at Work, Inc. * * 888-737-9617
  3. 3. Totally Existent Medium Level Non-existent High Level Low Level Program Element 1. In-house Medical Clinic 2. Advanced Health Screening 3. Advanced Educational Programs 4. Wellness Coaching 5. Wellness Plan and Coordinators 6. Disease Prevention and Reversal 7. Nutritional Weight Loss 8. Incentive Programs 9. Web-based Employee Support 10. Software Tracking System Points 1 2 3 4 5 Wellness Program Scorecard Healthy at Work, Inc. * * 888-737-9617
  4. 4. Total Score Scorecard Projected 5 year premium increase Total score Score Likely insurance increase in next 5 years 46 – 50 No increase 41 – 45 10% increase 36 – 40 20% increase 31 – 35 30% increase 26 – 30 40% increase 21 – 25 50% increase 16 – 20 75% increase 10 – 15 100% increase Healthy at Work, Inc. * * 888-737-9617