De La Cruz - Leveraging Your Hispanic Workers


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  • Great Power Point. Here's a link to a site that has lots of great information on Hispanic worker safety -
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De La Cruz - Leveraging Your Hispanic Workers

  1. 1. PAGE TITLE • This is a sample text box for visual comparison with the banner info. ¿Que pasa? … Leveraging your • This is a sample text box for visual comparison with the banner info. Hispanic Workers • This is a sample text box for visual comparison with the banner info. • This is a sample text box for visual comparison with the banner info. This is a sample text box for visual José A. De La Cruz, J.D. comparison SE Div. HR Leaderwith the banner info. Manpower
  3. 3. The Good & The Ugly  What has worked for you in managing Hispanic employees?  What has NOT worked for you in managing Hispanic employees?
  4. 4. Did you know?  One-size-fits all DOES NOT work with Hispanics.  Hispanics respond better to other Hispanics.  Speaking in Spanish to Spanish- speaking Hispanics is more effective.
  5. 5. Culture Systems Definitions Culture: a system of norms, behaviors, beliefs and values that characterizes a group Ethnicity: a shared identity derived from ancestral heritage and origin related to racial, religious, cultural and/or linguistically background
  6. 6. Deep Sea Model of Culture Behavior Rituals
  7. 7. Deep Sea Model of Culture Value Dimensions
  8. 8. Value Dimensions – Overview VALUES/NORMS – beliefs/attitudes/right vs. wrong PERSONAL/SPACE – guarding oneself/physical space SOCIAL ORDER – social hierarchy/interactions AUTHORITY/POWER – status/control THOUGHT PROCESS – learn, experience, reason LANGUAGE/EXPRESSION – verbal/non-verbal cues TIME AWARENESS – past/present/future WORK ETHIC – task orientation/achievement
  9. 9. Hispanic Culture System  Not a homogeneous group  Spanish language  Catholicism  Segmentation based on birthplace  Generational divide  Labels – Hispanic vs. Latino
  10. 10. Hispanic Manifestations Norms/Values:  strong Catholic upbringing breeds humility  conformity to custom and tradition  destiny in God’s hands and God’s will Persona/Space:  dress/grooming very important  touchy and feely  small circle of proximity
  11. 11. Hispanic Manifestations – cont’d. Social Order & Relations: • extended family; group needs over individual needs • age merits status/rank/respect • trust built over time Authority & Power: • age carries weight of status/rank • male figure dominant – “Machismo” • respect for authority and order
  12. 12. Hispanic Manifestations – cont’d. Thought Process:  Holistic thinking  Fatalistic perspective  Acceptance of what life brings Language & Expression:  Formality (“tu” & “usted” = “thee” & “thou”)  Implicit and indirect communication  Less eye contact  Energetic and gesturing
  13. 13. Hispanic Manifestations – cont’d. Time Awareness:  Time is relative and deadlines are flexible  Mañana means sometime in the future  Short-term emphasis  Future in God’s hands Work Ethic:  Work to live  God and family comes first – in that order  Emphasis on relationships, not tasks
  14. 14. Ideas for Leveraging Hispanic Workers Attracting Workers Retaining Workers
  15. 15. Recruiting Ideas - Media Sources Radio Stations: 103.5 Super X, Mega 94.9, Rumba 100.3, La Nueva Mega 98.1 Television Stations: Univisión, Telemundo, Galavisión, ESPN En Español Newspapers: El Clarín, Chevere News, Eco Latino, El Heraldo, El Vocero Hispano, La Gaceta, La Prensa, La Voz Católica
  16. 16. Recruiting Ideas – cont’d. EMPLOYEE REFERRALS  Hispanics have extended circle of family/associates  Leverage the “clannish” nature of Hispanics CHURCHES  Many churches have Spanish services  Hispanics practice their faith in large numbers COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS  Social service organizations  Hispanic Chambers of Commerce  Professional associations  Offices of Government Consulates
  17. 17. Recruiting Ideas – cont’d. WEBSITES:;;;;; Bilingual-;; EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRMS: SPANUSA (; David Gomes & Associates (; Bayer Consulting (www.Bayer- OTHER PUBLIC PLACES: Shopping centers in Hispanic neighborhoods, Hispanic grocery stores, Hispanic bakeries
  18. 18. Retention Ideas  Provide Latin American culture training to key staff  Teach Spanish to supervisors and key staff  Conduct learning sessions in Spanish to teach employees about the business  Provide key training classes in Spanish  Translate employee handbooks, manuals and other procedural materials into Spanish  Subsidize transportation opportunities (e.g. carpools, public transit, taxi, etc.)  Offer $ incentives for employee referrals  Offer English classes on premises
  19. 19. Retention Ideas – cont’d.  Review Leave of Absence policies to accommodate family needs  Provide legal assistance with INS documentation  Celebrate special occasions (birthdays, child births, anniversaries, etc.)  Conduct sessions in Spanish to teach employees some “life skills”, such as:  Landlord - Tenant laws/issues  Rights/Obligations under credit laws  College education financing programs  How to manage bank accounts  How to deal with government agencies
  20. 20. Questions & Wrap Up