Burnette - Building a culture of trust


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Burnette - Building a culture of trust

  1. 1. Building a Culture of Trust HR Florida August 29, 2011 - Donna Burnette “The ability to establish, grow, extend and restore trust with all stakeholders - customers, business partners, investors, and co-workers - is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.” —Stephen M. R. Covey Welcome to the Trust Workshop ABC Organization• People manipulate or distort facts• They withhold & horde information• Getting the credit is MOST important• People Spin the truth to their advantage• Many operate from a hidden agenda• Blame game…badmouthing others• Water cooler talk, people are ‘two faced’• Overpromise, under deliver• Excuses…violated expectations, cya,• Leaders commonly skirt the real issues
  2. 2. XYZ Organization •Information is shared •The focus is on getting results •People are loyal to the absent •People talk straight, confront real issues •Real collaboration, real communication •Share credit abundantly •No meetings after the meetings •Transparency is a practiced value, people are authentic •High degree of accountability •Great respect for peopleWhat’s it like to work in your NEW organization?• What % of your time is focused on the real work?• What is your ability to partner...internally? Externally?• How are sacred cows dealt with?• What is innovation like? Collaboration?• Do the decision makers get the data they need?• What are meetings like?• What about Ethics...is it compliance or do the right thing?• What is turnover like...or attracting top talent?• What is the span of control?• What kind of systems/processes are developed? The Trust Tax Trust Speed Cost =
  3. 3. The Trust Dividend Trust Speed Cost =Building a Culture ofTrust•Changing Language•Changing Behaviors The 5 Waves of Trust “As trust is manifest in each successive wave, the effect of trust becomes cumulative and exponential.” —Stephen M. R. Covey The Case for Trust 6, 7
  4. 4. The 4 Cores of Credibility 4. Results Competence 3. Capabilities 2. Intent Character 1. Integrity
  5. 5. “Self Trust” ScenarioSal is an experienced projectmanager knownfor her no-nonsensemanagement style. Shehas an excellent track recordfor getting projects finishedand on budget.Her team members get thejob done: she sees to that.They don’t seem to last long,though—she’s had to replacea lot of people over the years—and the ones who staywith the firm rarely getpromoted. Self Trust“Self Trust” Scenario—DiscussionIn small groups, discuss this question:Which of the 4 Cores might Sal need to workon to increase her credibility? Self Trust 4 Cores of Credibility - Self Assessment www.speedoftrust.com
  6. 6. 21Managing Trust Accounts •Deposits –Increase the amount of trust in a relationship •Withdrawals –Decrease the amount of trust in a relationship © 2004, 2005 CoveyLinkTrust Cards on Your Chairs © 2004-2007 CoveyLink
  7. 7. Straight TalkThe 13 Behaviors of High Trust Relationship Trust 20 Video: Organizational Trust What to watch for: How systems create or destroy trust in organizations. Organizational Trust
  8. 8. Thank You! - donna@speedoftrust.com “Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.” —Stephen M. R. Covey