New review of cosmetic procedures in UK


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A new review of cosmetic procedures has been published in the UK calling for regulation in the industry. HRBR has welcomed this news as the report's recommendations will go a long way in helping to protect vulnerable patients.

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New review of cosmetic procedures in UK

  1. 1. Hair Restoration BlackrockTel: +44 203 551 2583E-mail:
  2. 2. review of cosmeticprocedures welcomed by HairRestoration Blackrock…
  3. 3. A new review of cosmetic procedures has been published in the UKcalling for regulation in the industry.The review by Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, hasbeen published by the UK Department of Health, as a result of lastyear’s PIP breast implant scandal. The report investigated allcosmetic procedures from dermo fillers to laser hair review…
  4. 4. The popularity of cosmetic procedures has not been matched bysufficient protection for the patientCosmetic interventions including Botox, fillers and breast implantscurrently are unregulated. The review highlights dangers to patientsstemming from this lack of regulation.Anyone can set themselves up as a non-surgical practitioner,despite having no prior knowledge, training or experience in findings…
  5. 5. The findings…Practices themselves have become trivialised, with offers like‘buy one, get one free’ on surgical procedures becomingcommonplace and a focus on profit over patient safety.There are no checks on surgeons qualifications in parts of theprivate sector and more than half of cosmetic surgery isperformed by doctors based abroad who fly in to performoperations and are not then immediately available for
  6. 6. The recommendations…The review team made a number of recommendations toincrease protection for patients.The review proposes controls for every aspect of cosmeticpractice, including training, certification and patient consent.The review recommends that the UK government acts urgentlyto make the required legislative changes and create a newlegal framework in order to make patient safety a
  7. 7. Dr Maurice Collins, Medical Director at HairRestoration Blackrock (HRBR), welcomesthe report …“HRBR has always had a commitment to best practice, we havelong held the opinion that salesmen, 2 for 1 deals andaggressive marketing have no place in a patient’s decision tohave a surgical procedure. At HRBR we employ four qualifiedconsultant surgeons who will oversee a patient’s care frombeginning to end. I believe that this report is a positive step in theright direction and we hope that its recommendations areimplemented speedily”
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