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seo ppt including on page an off page seo & sem with a comparison of some organizations.

seo ppt including on page an off page seo & sem with a comparison of some organizations.

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  • 1. What is Marketing..?? “Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process”
  • 2. Importance of Marketing • Marketing Promotes Product Awareness to the Public. • Marketing Helps Boost Product Sales. • Marketing Builds Company Reputation.
  • 3. Why Internet Marketing..?? People are Searching…….. …So Direct them.
  • 4. Benefits…  Drive high quality customers  Increase sales leads  Target a global and local audience via search engines  Be accountable with ROI tracking (SEM)
  • 5. internet marketing strategies • Search engine optimization (SEO) - absolutely free • Search engine marketing (SEM) - this one’s with a price tag.
  • 6. Search engine optimization (SEO) SEO is the act of modifying a website to increase its ranking in organic, crawler-based listings of search engines.
  • 7. SEO Pyramid Page Title Content Headings, H1, H2, H3 etc URL Unique relevant and targeted content including keywords in Bold Unique meta description and keywords Inbound Links anchor text, internal and external Keywords in content including keyword variations THE REST: Links in content, internal and outbound, image alt tags NO GO: keyword stuffing, duplicate page titles/meta data, meaningless headings, headings as images, duplicate content, no links
  • 8. strategies 1. Domain name strategies - choose a keyword that is important for your business - use keywords, location, advertising terms, product names 2. Linking strategies “A small number of inbound links from high-quality, relevant sites is more valuable than many links from low-traffic, irrelevant sites.” 3. Keywords
  • 9. 4. Title tags - must be keywords in title to be ranked - every single web page must have its own title tag 5. Meta keywords tag 6. Meta description tag 7. Alt tags
  • 10. SEO - what is NOT recommended Flash and shockwave Image only sites Image maps Frames Misspellings, JavaScript or HTML errors (validate your code) Drop down menus - if you use them then make sure you have a SiteMap
  • 11. The Backlink Pyramid.... Wikipedia, .ac, .gov Key media; BBC, Times, Telegraph, Mail etc Social Media shares/follows/likes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest Blogs; Blog Comments, Sponsored blog posts, Blogroll links, reviews/real blog posts Quality content hubs; Squidoo, HubPages, some good quality article sites Quality Social Bookmarking sites; Stumblepon, Reddit, Folkd Good quality online directories i.e. Local/regional directories, industry specific directories, paid directories THE REST: mid quality article sites, other social bookmarking sites, niche blogs, PR and news sites NO GO: paid blog networks, link circles, reciprocal links, link farms, low grade directories, footers of client sites, paid links, high cost PR sites
  • 12. Directory submissions A website submission service where your website is added to the proper category in a searchable online directory which enhances your site’s visibility and creates relevant inbound links to your website.
  • 13. Social bookmarking A way for individuals to create links to websites or web pages that they like and then share those links with others. People can view the links by category and tags. They can vote and share links with friends.
  • 14. Article submission Article submission is the best way Where you can use title, body text and building links. Article submission provide long term back links and visitors which will help to boost up your website’s page rank and traffic.
  • 15. video submissions
  • 16. Search engine marketing (sem) SEM is the act of marketing a website via search engine by purchasing paid listings.
  • 17. • If budget allows, undertake both SEO and SEM as SEM enables ROI tracking (leads and conversions) • If budget is lower then go for SEO • Recommendations - SEO for organic promotion - SEM for campaigns and international markets
  • 18. Motorola, Inc. Motorola, Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois. During Q2 2010, the company reported a profit of $162 million. Its Mobile Devices division reported, for the first time in years, earnings of $87 million.