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SAPinsider: Meed the Needs of the "Mobile Anywhere" Generation to Gain A Competitive Edge
SAPinsider: Meed the Needs of the "Mobile Anywhere" Generation to Gain A Competitive Edge
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SAPinsider: Meed the Needs of the "Mobile Anywhere" Generation to Gain A Competitive Edge


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  • 1. SAP INSIDER SPECIAL REPORT | INNOVATIONSMeet the Needs of the“Mobile Anywhere” Generationto Gain a Competitive Edge Murli Manickam Director, Worldwide Enterprise Applications PortfolioA HP Helps Transform Your Mobile s the workforce becomes accustomed to the HP instant information availability that comes with Computing Environmentthe mobile devices they are using in their everyday lives, As a global provider of end-to-end SAP services acrossthey are beginning to expect — and even demand — the mobile ecosystem, HP offers a unique enterprisethe same access in the business world. As a result of this perspective, global reach, and flexible and scalableshift, enterprises are finding that they must now meet engagement models that allow today’s businesses tothe demands of this “mobile anywhere” generation. take full advantage of the benefits that a more mobile enterprise brings.The Benefits of Enabling a HP’s approach to enabling enterprise mobility forMobile Workforce SAP customers is ideal for organizations — across all Raghu Bhardvaj Worldwide SAPThere are a variety of business goals that are driving industries — that wish to deliver applications, con- Offering Managercompanies to make their workforces more mobile- tent, and services in a scalable, secure, and reliable HPenabled. These include benefits such as: way through multiple networks and devices. HP works with clients to explore how mobile users access■■ New revenue streams — Both context-aware enterprise data and transactions, and then come devices and new connections to consumers can open up with a mobility strategy that fits the client’s the door to new revenue streams that were never unique needs. possible before. HP’s process includes three key steps:■■ Increased productivity — Sharing information ■■ Looking at foundational, enterprise-wide policies across the entire enterprise and decentralizing the around security, privacy, and end-user computing decision-making process can result in fewer repeated tasks, making a business more productive and more ■■ Assessing the collaboration infrastructure that needs to be established to support mobility profitable.■■ Reduced costs — Mobile technology can enable ■■ Evaluating the end-to-end architectural decisions, applications, and infrastructure models that are employees to perform tasks in less time; this required to enable enterprise mobility increased efficiency reduces operating costs. This approach (see Figure 1 on the next page) lever-■■ Better customer service and relationships — ages HP’s global applications services capabilities to Mobile technology enables employees to react more provide an architecture, systems engineering, devel- quickly to customer concerns and communicate opment, and support services. Combined, they help through new forums. This can expand the brand an organization simplify its applications, extend them and build better relationships with the people most where necessary, and build innovative mobile business- important to the enterprise. to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and The business benefits of enterprise mobility solu- business-to-employee (B2E) applications. The approachtions are inspiring companies around the globe to make also leverages HP’s well-defined and mature integrationmobility a core part of their business practices and sup- architecture, which is enhanced by HP’s developmentport strategies. Mobility provides a huge opportunity and security frameworks, providing componentizedfor businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. But building blocks that enable users to develop and deploywhat’s the best way to get started? SAP mobile applications. Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher, WIS Publishing |
  • 2. INNOVATIONS | SAP INSIDER SPECIAL REPORTFIGURE 1  HP’sEnabling Mobile Enterprise processes Mobile devices Mobile deployment Business applicationsEnterprise Strategy platforms and data sources  Purchase order processusing Sybase Unwired  Field sales automation 1. Web/hybrid containerPlatform  Field force automation connects to SAP Databases  Paperless forms NetWeaver J2EE Connector  Proof of delivery 2. Sybase Unwired Platform/Afaria/SAP Architecture  Field service bundle NetWeaver Mobile  Work order management Web services 3. HP Service Delivery  Parts and inventory tracking Platform/Managed  Expense management Mobility Platform Solution Software applications  Asset/property management 4. Vendor-specific native apps/adaptors/platform  Merchandizing/fast-moving Files consumer goods salesHP in ActionIn a recent engagement, HP worked with SAP to address the name or date from their his device. The sales person also hasenterprise mobility requirements for a global commercial SAP access to pricing information and other business processes thatclient. The client asked HP to build a solution based on the will improve the order management process and overalllatest version of Sybase Unwired Platform. The solution would customer experience.provide connectivity to the SAP back-end applications, there- The improved business processes that HP helped this com-by giving mobile workers access to up-to-date business data pany define reduced the order entry and pricing process fromwhenever and wherever they need it. five to three days, providing faster real-time availability of this The client requirements included creating a sales order information for the mobile sales organization. These processin the Android/iPhone/iPad devices and sending that or- improvements replaced a multi-step process that requiredder to the SAP application. Once the orders are created, sales people to generate orders via telephone requests andthe sales person can now view all of his orders by customer access SAP applications via traditional, tethered PC methods. HP has been delivering SAP solutions for over two HP and SAP: A Thriving Partnership decades and developing mobile solutions for many years. During their 20-year partnership, HP and SAP have HP has SAP consultants and mobile application devel- worked together on joint activities that address the opers around the globe with experience in all major complete IT portfolio, including product, software, and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, service areas. For example, it was recently announced RIM, and others. HP provides architecture and design that HP Enterprise Services will be providing cloud-based services, mobile application development, and the man- delivery of SAP rapid-deployment solutions, starting agement of mobile applications and devices. with SAP Customer Relationship Management. HP’s mobile application services include: The combination of these solutions will empower customers to increase the availability and speed of busi- ■■ Mobility strategy and planning services ness information, leading to faster and more insight- ■■ Mobile enterprise solution architecture consulting ful decision making. This is just one example of HP’s ■■ Mobile application development and integration enterprise mobility services offerings that complement services SAP’s strong mobility product suite. For more information on how HP can help you meet ■■ Mobile end-to-end testing services the demands of the “mobile anywhere” generation and ■■ Mobile hosting and application management services gain a competitive edge, visit ■■ Managed workplace services EAS-SAP. n Reproduced from the Jan n Feb n Mar 2012 issue of SAPinsider with permission from its publisher, WIS Publishing |