Cost-effective testing services reduce riskHP Testing-as-a-Service: SAP Test ServiceAt-a-glanceHP introduces new test serv...
HP investment in SAP test automation                                       HP Testing-as-a-Service: SAPHP invests in the a...
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HP Testing-as-a-Service: SAP Test Services


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Transcript of "HP Testing-as-a-Service: SAP Test Services"

  1. 1. Cost-effective testing services reduce riskHP Testing-as-a-Service: SAP Test ServiceAt-a-glanceHP introduces new test service models for regression • Reduce the risk of critical software defects releasedtesting and performance testing of any changes to your to your production SAP.SAP environment. The HP SAP Test Service delivers all • Ensure changes have not introduced performancethe expertise, tools, advanced automation frameworks, issues for SAP transactions.reusable SAP test objects, and SAP test cases to • Integrate SAP Solution Manager to HP Qualitysimplify testing for any hardware, software, and Center to test what matters most to the business.configuration changes made to your SAP environment. • Minimize your investment in SAP testing.Avoid critical outages fromsoftware defects Features • SAP pre-built regression test packs from HPYour business-critical SAP environment undergoesconstant configuration changes, software patches • SAP test case automation of common SAPand releases, and hardware changes that could business scenariosaffect its functionality and performance. Testing these • Test automation framework and reusable SAP testchanges is crucial; yet there never seems to be enough objects and test casestime or money to test even the smallest patches or • HP market-leading software tools (Quality Center,simple configuration changes adequately. Any defect QuickTest Pro, Business Process Testing LoadRunner)leaked to the production SAP environment could be • Bi-directional integration between SAP Solutiondevastating to your business and reduce the efficiency Manager and HP Quality Center for coverageof your business processes. and traceability • Minimal risk to build automated SAP regressionRegression and performance test packstest services • All-inclusive service packagesHP’s test automation and performance testing • Output-based service pricing for the executionexpertise enables you to implement SAP changes of regression test packs and performancefaster, with more confidence, and at a lower cost. test scripts• Reduce your regression test execution cycle time by as much as 80%.• Increase SAP test coverage to higher levels to guard against defects.• Reduce the cost of regression testing by more than 50% over manual efforts.
  2. 2. HP investment in SAP test automation HP Testing-as-a-Service: SAPHP invests in the automation of common SAP test Test Servicecases using our test automation specialists and our HP offers SAP Test Service as a complete regressionmarket-leading software tools. testing and performance testing service. We use• HP takes your SAP environment and leverages experienced professionals and HP advanced test our pre-built SAP test cases to create automated automation and software tools, including: SAP regression test packs that are customized to • HP Test Automation Specialists your configuration. • HP Performance Test Engineering Specialists• We apply our advanced test automation framework • HP Test Automation Framework and reusable test objects to simplify the development and maintenance of SAP test automation scripts. • HP Reusable Test Automation Objects• When you make changes to your SAP environment, • HP Pre-built SAP Regression Test Packs we run the automated test pack to test your SAP • HP Add-in for SAP Solution Manager integration environment and deliver test results. • HP Quality Center software• We maintain the automation scripts aligned to your • HP QuickTest Pro software SAP configuration. • HP Business Process Testing software• You only pay for test case execution whenever you • HP LoadRunner software need to test changes to your SAP environment.• You receive a fixed price service based on test case execution for a defined term and a defined number of execution cycles.HP unique value proposition• HP stands behind our expertise in SAP test automation and performance testing, featuring our output-based service models and pricing.• HP takes the investment and the risk out of successfully applying test automation to your SAP environment.• HP offers deep expertise and background in test automation.• HP invests in the build-out of common SAP regression test cases, which are leveraged to test your specific SAP configuration.• HP Supports more than 1.5 million SAP users in 54 countries.• SAP adopted our internationally recognized HP Quality Model. Share with colleagues Get connected Get the insider view on tech trends, alerts, and HP solutions for better business outcomes© Copyright 2010-2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The onlywarranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing hereinshould be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.4AA1-0203ENW, Created November 2010; Updated November 2011, Rev. 1