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HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange
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As your business evolves
away from limited, Webbased email options, y...
Brochure | HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange

Figure 1. HP Maturity Model for Microsoft Exchange

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Brochure | HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange

Get seamless storage scalability
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HP Simply StoreIT for Exchange - Master email storage


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HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange can help you overcome the common challenges that SMBs face in deploying, growing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange environments.

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HP Simply StoreIT for Exchange - Master email storage

  1. 1. Brochure Master email storage HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange
  2. 2. Brochure | HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange As your business evolves away from limited, Webbased email options, you need to affordably and reliably deliver larger mailboxes to more users. If you’re like most companies, you’ll probably implement an on-premise Microsoft® Exchange deployment. However, few small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have dedicated storage specialists on their IT staffs to deploy this critical messaging infrastructure. With the success of your Exchange deployment hinging on infrastructure and storage planning, what’s your strategy? Support your future growth trajectory Email is the communication heartbeat of most companies today, and SMBs are no exception. Your employees rely on email to support internal and external communications, business collaboration, and other workflows. They expect uninterrupted access to email, whenever and wherever they need it. However, email volume and complexity are on the rise. Because emails contain text as well as presentations, images, and video, it’s not surprising that average message sizes are ballooning as well. And accessing this data on-the-go, from the Web and mobile devices, can result in security vulnerabilities. HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange can help you overcome the common challenges that SMBs face in deploying, growing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange environments. You’ll get affordable, proven configurations that are easy to deploy backed by reliable, scalable storage that supports growth in both mailbox number and size. And you’ll gain peace of mind with an Exchange solution that’s both robust and easy to manage and that—supports your future growth trajectory. Navigate to the solution that’s right for you HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange are based on an underlying maturity model that helps you calculate your future growth trajectory. This model lets you quickly navigate to a solution that meets your needs and helps shed light on potential challenges ahead. It illustrates issues that businesses like yours have faced when entering the next stage of growth—an evolution not necessarily predicated on company revenues or employee headcounts, but one that is linked to your Exchange deployment maturity. Using the maturity model, you can walk through key issues, potential solutions, and decision points. As a result, you can be confident that the storage solution you deploy for Exchange today won’t leave you exposed or faced with costly shifts six months from now. Understanding the maturity model stages The HP Maturity Model for Microsoft Exchange consists of the following stages: Starting out In your new business, it’s important to lay the right groundwork for future growth in a way that’s affordable and easy to deploy today. You are looking to migrate from Web-based email to an Exchange infrastructure for the first time. You require a storage infrastructure that enables you to deliver large mailboxes and scales easily to accommodate more users—all within your budget constraints and existing IT expertise levels. Building momentum You’ve hit growth mode and are adding employees and infrastructure to respond to new opportunities. Now that you’ve successfully migrated to an in-house Exchange solution, you need a storage infrastructure that ensures your email is always available and fully protected. You also need to deploy a second instance of Exchange on-location or at a second site for disaster recovery (DR). Expanding your business As your business grows, you begin to experience enterprise-level challenges including the need to accommodate multiple locations. You need to weigh every infrastructure decision with its impact to the IT staff and its ability to accelerate your profitability and reduce risk. You’re virtualizing your applications under other IT imperatives. So you’ll need storage infrastructure for your Exchange deployment that can meet specific performance requirements when operating in that environment. The management complexity of virtualizing Exchange can often present problems as you work to optimize your storage resources. 2
  3. 3. Brochure | HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange Figure 1. HP Maturity Model for Microsoft Exchange Where are you now? Where are going? Where do you want to be? IT needs Starting out Building momentum Expanding your business Beyond Typical pain points Typical pain points Typical pain points • Lack of advanced features in current web-based email • Possible transition to newer hardware to accommodate growth • Exchange virtualization as part of an overall IT imperative • Migration to Exchange for the first time • Semi-dedicated IT staff for Exchange • Management complexity of virtualizing Exchange • Limited IT staff and expertise in Exchange • Deployment and integration of another system/storage at a second site • Storage infrastructure meeting the performance requirements of virtualized Exchange • Risk management - robust high availability and email protection • Risk management - email availability, disaster recovery, data loss • Limited budget for delivering simple email solution to more users with large mailboxes Selecting the right storage for your specific stage Starting out: Affordably build a dedicated email infrastructure If you’re like many companies, you may have started out by hosting email in the cloud through a low-cost provider. At some point, this strategy probably became risky because it’s difficult to control the many variables that IT managers require as a company grows. Backup strategy, mailbox recovery risks, mailbox size limitations, and other key IT imperatives often lead to the decision that cloud-based email is no longer the right choice. As you look to deploy Microsoft Exchange for the first time in your existing IT infrastructure, HP can help. We provide Exchange sizing and proven best practices that can help you deploy larger mailboxes and get up and running in no time. HP D-Series Disk Enclosures HP D-Series Disk Enclosures work with Exchange and the world-class HP server line up to give you an affordable price point along with the scalability you need to grow your Exchange deployment in size and number of mailboxes. Building momentum: Support more and larger mailboxes If you have already deployed Exchange, you might want to look into several options for scalable and flexible storage to specifically address challenges that growing companies usually encounter, such as ensuring high availability (HA), streamlining disaster recovery (DR) plans, and meeting more stringent mailbox restore objectives. HP MSA Storage Features built into the HP MSA Storage family deliver the shared storage functionality that is essential to solving these challenges. They also provide an affordable solution that the rest of your computing infrastructure can leverage—extending your storage return on investment (ROI) for Exchange and all of your applications simultaneously. 3
  4. 4. Brochure | HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange Get seamless storage scalability What if your company experienced a hyper-growth phase and you were suddenly forced into small enterprise mode? Thanks to the new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage system, there would be no reason to panic. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 is the right choice to achieve Tier 1 enterprise resiliency and performance at a midrange price. The platform enables truly seamless storage scalability, disaster recovery, and integration into the latest data protection technology. It gives you unmatched agility to address fluctuating capacity and performance requirements, and to meet enterprise-class uptime and availability expectations. Add value to your HP investments HP offers services that wrap our core infrastructure, storage, and software offerings with integrated technologies to advance your business objectives. This is the way to the next era for your storage infrastructure. Ready to go? HP Storage Services is ready to partner with you every step of the way. Our people, know-how, and comprehensive consulting and support portfolio enable you to reap the benefits of HP SimplyStoreIT solutions. Developing solutions for major social and environmental challenges Expanding your business: Virtualize for resource efficiency Your company has been successfully using server virtualization to unlock your infrastructure’s efficiencies. During this phase, companies like yours are typically evolving to a model where all applications are virtualized. As a part of these efforts, Exchange is one application that warrants some careful planning and consideration to ensure that you select the right storage infrastructure. Otherwise, you could expose your Exchange environment to hidden risks. New: HP MSA 2040 Storage HP MSA 2040 Storage delivers a new level of performance to your shared storage pool. Allowing you to leverage the latest 16 Gb Fibre Channel technology will boost the IOPS available for Exchange and your other applications sharing this resource. The MSA 2040 is scalable to meet your needs for Exchange and other critical virtualized applications. HP StoreVirtual Storage HP StoreVirtual Storage is optimized for virtualized IT environments that need a clustered, scale-out architecture. It’s ideal for those who want to purchase only the amount of storage that meets their requirements today and put off purchasing additional capacity until it’s needed. The scale-out, clustered node architecture of StoreVirtual Storage allows the system to grow over time both seamlessly and nondisruptively adding capacity and/or performance. Ample choice for your Exchange solution Whether you are implementing your first on-premise deployment of Microsoft Exchange 2010 or virtualizing your Microsoft Exchange environment, HP offers storage solutions for a 24x7 messaging infrastructure. Solutions range from simple direct-attached storage to the new HP MSA 2040 Storage platform, offering you plenty of choice for your Exchange environment. Through HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange, we can help you apply the knowledge and foresight that is being used to transport millions of emails a minute in companies just like yours. Put the power of HP behind your Exchange deployment with HP Simply StoreIT Solutions for Exchange, and a reseller base of over 200,000 partners to help you integrate it. Trust HP for your Exchange deployment • HP is the market share leader for both servers and storage in Exchange deployments worldwide. • HP has the industry’s most comprehensive server and storage offerings for Exchange— including industry-leading HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers, as well as HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems. • HP is a Microsoft Infrastructure Partner of Choice for Exchange Server, and has been recognized as Microsoft Enterprise Partner of the Year five times. • HP is Microsoft’s largest Gold Certified partner, with nearly 200 HP sites, as well as consulting and support services available worldwide. Learn more at Exchange solutions Sign up for updates Share with colleagues Rate this document © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 4AA4-6533ENW, June 2013