HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive

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Connecting manufactures and dealers across the value chain

Connecting manufactures and dealers across the value chain

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  • 1. increase automotive dealer efficiency and OEM visibility. HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive Connecting manufacturers and dealers across the value chainSolution overview
  • 2. The world is changing and so are your customers. valuable to you. It provides access to strategic andNot only do they want vehicles that stand out and corrective measures for the car, including mileage,keep them connected, but there also is a shift in buyer vehicle age, and service information. These details,growth to other countries. You need a solution that when used with our solution, can automaticallykeeps up with this next generation of car buyers. At send a service appointment request to the closestthe same time, you need to manage the complexity of dealership—all without making a phone call. Itproducts and technology, improve your value chain, also enables specific client selection for targetedreduce buffer inventory, and drive sales. marketing campaigns. • Integrating the value chain—Today, the valueAutomatic, seamless information chain is maintained separately. Manufacturers investintegration a lot of money in inventory. Dealers have good knowledge about their direct customers, and theToday, most dealer management systems (DMS) and OEM has the intelligence tools to make predictionscustomer relationship management (CRM) systems on inventory. However, an interconnected approachoperate independently of one another. But with the allows automotive manufacturers to maximizeHP Customer & Dealer Management System for information exchange. With an integrated customerAutomotive, the value chain is seamlessly integrated and dealer management system solution, customerso that dealership DMS transactions flow through to information from dealers enables OEMs to evendistributors and original equipment manufacturers better understand and plan accordingly.(OEMs) CRM systems, freely exchanging information. • Adapting to business changes—Industry is movingOur system enables you to place a vehicle order, from a single to a dual drive train—a hybrid of gascapture customer product inquiries, and translate and electric. Dealers must quickly adapt to thesecustomer interactions into real-time analytics. All of changes. With every new product launch, trainingthese transactions are automatically sent to the OEM’s information must be sent, product informationCRM system, where OEMs can quickly provision these entered into systems, and product catalogsorders. Conversely, new OEM product information is deployed. With an integrated customer and dealerautomatically updated onto your DMS without manual management system solution, this information isdata input on your end. implemented overnight without manual data input by the dealer. With an integrated and united dataAddressing your business pressures approach, flexible, scalable provisioning of theOur HP Customer & Dealer Management System for system is gained. There are no investments requiredAutomotive addresses the issues you face today. by dealerships to update their systems since they are automatically updated, which promotes harmony• Keeping up with the next generation—Car buyers across the dealer landscape. want telematics accessibility—purchasing a movie or music, using an interactive map, or following gas mileage information. In turn, this information also isFigure 1Seamless, integrated HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive OEM TV  Broadcast Event Budget Product Market Criteria Marketing Print Mail Call HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive Dealer Distributor Customer
  • 3. The HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Designed to reduce costs andAutomotive is an integrated system that sharesinformation between the dealership and its OEM and increase efficiencydistributors. We work with your team to identify, design, HP Customer & Dealer Management System forand implement your system with this underlying Automotive is designed to increase transparencystructure. The result is a proven, pretested system with throughout the entire value chain. It provides agilityall the benefits of a tailored fit to your organization. in responding to customers, markets, and partners. Dealers and OEMs increase their visibility into theDelivering what you need true customers, not just down to the dealer or region level. It also enables a better understanding of the realWith extensive CRM experience and decades of customer for better-developed campaigns, vehicles,service to the automotive industry, we understand and services.your challenges and respond to them quickly tosecure new opportunities for you. Our HP Customer & • Increase manual efficiency—OEM information isDealer Management System for Automotive enables automatically populated into your system. No moreyou to seamlessly integrate information across the manual entry to deploy new functionalities.manufacturer-to-dealer value chain while reducing • Automate supply chain—Real-time updates aresystem maintenance and feature and functionality available. There is no need to call to check ondeployment costs. At the same, this solution increases orders and requests; the details are in your system.efficiency and visibility by reducing time to provision This drives out deficiencies and costs in the supplyorders, time to deploy marketing campaigns, and chain and enhances customer relationships.redundancy in information and the way it’s shared. • Improved marketing campaign management—Specific features include: This integrated system provides relevant up-to-date• Sales and customer service information, ensuring readily available analytics to• Marketing improve marketing strategies, develop more targeted campaigns, and optimize campaign execution.• Asset management• Vehicle servicing• Product management• Knowledge managementFigure 2HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive Asset Vehicle Product Knowledge Customer Service Marketing Management Servicing Management Management Service Vehicle Inquiries Client Car financing Campaign Showroom Supply order Dealer training appointments catalog management management management management management management management management management Stock shipping Parts Complaints Contact Car insurance Leads Warehouse Job card Product launch schedule catalog management management management management management management management management management Inventory cycle Job card Tasks/activities Sales invoice Car registration Opportunities Distribution Promotions Collateral count/take stock activities management management management management management management management management management Sales Prospect Damaged, Warranty & Vehicle Performance Quote Events Vehicle cost warranty & sales appointments customer stolen, returns product collaterals management management management extensions recommendation management management management management management management Test drive Service job Parts product Broadcast & Order Customer Recall Inventory level Vehicle assets appointment card cost collaterals communications management management management management management management management management management Customer/test Vehicle shipping/ Inventory Service Promotions Collaboration drive survey delivery schedule transactions invoicing collaterals management management management management management management Service bays Price & equipment management management Skilled resource management
  • 4. Additional benefits: 250 certified Dynamics CRM consultants. When • Reduce total cost of ownership. combined with our Gold CRM competency and more than 16,000 Microsoft certified professionals • Decrease time-to-market for new product information and 2,500 .NET developers around the world, and campaign rollouts. HP stands out as the leading partner to ensure • Reduce inventory buffer levels. successful implementation and integration projects. • Gain access to information about the actual customer. • Dealer management systems—Supporting DMS around the globe, HP has vast experience with OEMs Enable your success with our and suppliers alike. Our decades of automotive experience experience provide an understanding of OEM, supplier, and dealership working relationships. Our unique combination of technical skills and industry knowledge provides the tools and know-how to • Automotive—Automakers face complex changes enable your success. We combine decades of CRM, in the business landscape and profit-threatening automotive, and dealership experience to provide this challenges at every turn. Those issues include unique solution. excess capacity and inventory, shrinking margins, value chain hurdles, and tough competitive • CRM—With over 30,000 customers and 2 million pressures. HP provides solutions to manage product users, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has been rated and technology portfolios, improve value chain as a leading enterprise CRM application in industry integration, drive sales and revenue, and develop analyst reports, including the latest ForresterWaveTM1 next-generation mobility. and Gartner Magic Quadrant2. HP has more than Figure 3 Benefits of HP Customer & Dealer Management System for Automotive Auto. Mfg. Distributors Dealer Automation across Supply Chain Real-time service status to Customer Master Information Centrally Controlled + Enhanced Feature Benefits across Supply Chain Shared Modules Enhanced “Breadth” + Enhanced “Depth” + Enhanced “Forecasting” BI Analytics & Reporting Relevant Up-to-date Information + Faster Product Rollout & Training Knowledge & Content Management “Transparency” Financial & Commissions Management 1  ource: Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Management Center, S Michael Maoz, Gartner Research, April 15, 2011 2  ource: The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites for Large Organizations, S Q2 2010, June 16, 2010 Share with colleagues Get connected www.hp.com/go/getconnected Get the insider view on tech trends, alerts, and HP solutions for better business outcomes© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The onlywarranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing hereinshould be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.Microsoft and Dynamics are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.4AA3-9777ENW, Created March 2012