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HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery
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HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery


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HP Hybrid Delivery for cloud computing allows you to leverage the best delivery platform for your business, whether that's private, public or hybrid clouds.

HP Hybrid Delivery for cloud computing allows you to leverage the best delivery platform for your business, whether that's private, public or hybrid clouds.

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  • Key PointsThe world is instant. Your enterprise must be too.HP believes that tomorrow’s industry and government leaders will be those organizations that capitalize on IT -  HP has a vision for these organizations. It’s called the Instant-On Enterprise. Instant-On Enterprise serves customers, employees, partners, and citizens with whatever they want and need, instantly, at any point in time and through any channel. It uses technology to integrate and automate the value chain. It adapts easily and innovates rapidly. It manages risk and environmental responsibilities. Behind the scenes, the Instant-On Enterprise streamlines everything that is required to deliver a service.
  • Key PointsA key foundation or element of the Instant-On Enterprise is what we call hybrid delivery. Cloud offers tremendous benefits. But it is simply a delivery method.The key for the future is how you take advantage of private and public cloud computing while maintaining enterprise-class capabilitiesHP’s Hybrid-delivery cloud is a very unique capability that HP provides to integrate traditional IT environments, private cloud environments and public cloud environments, such as Amazon EC2. Integrated self-service services catalogManagement orchestration and security for those servicesThis puts you in the strategic position of building and brokering services across environments This offers three key benefits: Ability to be more agile and responsive. Ability to drive new revenue opportunities and expand into additional countries without having to build all the infrastructure.All while lowering costs.Additional NotesTraditional IT: legacy IT infrastructure and processesPublic Cloud: services delivered to multiple entities from off-premise sourcesPrivate Cloud : services delivered to single entities from on or off-premise sourcesHybrid Cloud Environment: seamlessly manages services delivery from public, private and traditional IT sources AND it delivers:FASTER REVENUE GROWTH: Business and IT alignedINCREASED Agility: Respond to opportunity immediatelyInvestment protection: Integrate traditional IT and new cloud servicesLOWER COST: Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Speaker NotesBusinesses know that “time is money.”  Accelerating introduction of new products and services can provide first-mover advantage in today’s globally competitive marketplace.  With that comes higher margins before the market growth stalls, commoditizes, and declines.In today’s world, business and IT have become permanently linked.  IT is a part of the product, e.g., avionics or auto navigation systems IT complements the product, the way app stores complement smartphones IT is heavily involved in key customer-facing processes, such as reservation systems,  or back-office systems like real-time billing or business analytics.  Speed of deployment of IT, then, is not just an interesting internal metric, but it’s critical to market success.In a private cloud environment, use of service-oriented architecture components and platforms accelerates development.  The resource allocation process is highly automated, shortening the time required before processing can begin.  This not only reduces time, but also reduces risk, by re-using proven components and configurations.Running in a hybrid delivery environment can further reduce time, by ensuring access to scalable, elastic resources.  Should the private cloud have insufficient resources, public capacity can be leveraged.  Moreover, time and processing resources can be traded off for some tasks to enable agility in the business.  For example, a task that used to run on one server for an hour can now be run on 60 servers in just one minuteTasks such as seismic analysis, equity portfolio optimization, risk models, and protein folding are just a few examples of cases where such agility would deliver true business value.
  • Speaker NotesA typical customer can save 40% on their total IT spend by moving to hybrid cloud 30% savings from a private cloud, and using public cloud SaaS for one-off applicationsPooling on-site resources allows data center consolidation, increasing on-site utilizationAutomation and reduced # of servers required simplifies management Additional 11% savings by integrating the public and private cloud resources into a fully integrated, automated Hybrid Delivery Cloud environmentAllows customer to “cloudburst” for peak capacity, rather than building on-site capacity to peak Exact savings will depend on the customer’s starting point, and their IT load profileSavings increases for highly variable workloads, where batching of jobs is not possibleData SourcesMcKinsey research, industry analyst reports, and HP customer dataAssumption Details“Traditional IT” scenario 10% on-site server utilization, based on industry averages Limited automation, minimal one-off usage of SaaS“Private & Public Cloud” scenario Private cloud pools resources to boost on-site server utilization to 25% and reduce total # of servers Automation simplifies management, increasing the number of servers each FTE can manage from 40 to 56SaaS cloud resources used on one-off basis, but not integrated with on-premise private cloud resources“Hybrid Delivery” scenario Full integration between on-premise and cloud resources Enables Cloudbursting, removing necessity to build on-premise capacity to meet peak capacity, boosting on-site server utilization to 38%
  • Key PointsIT is now in the middle of the universe as both a builder and a broker and needs to:Build your own internal private cloudsConsume services from the public cloudManage across all these servicesTransform your infrastructure and applications to take advantage of Cloud
  • Key PointsWith the Hybrid-Delivery Cloud you can:Automate cloud services and deliver them in a self-service fashion. Orchestrate and manage those services from one common policy framework. Broker the right service at the right time with the right resource.That's what we believe only HP can provide.
  • Key PointsHybrid-delivery cloud delivers on the promise of cloud while meeting critical enterprise requirements:Security – across the entire hybrid environmentOpenness – ability to move workloads between private and public cloud environmentsAutomation – Service management and automated deployment of environments and applicationsResilient – Service Level agreements for availability and performanceSeamless – Integration across all environmentsThat's the key benefit that only HP brings – bringing you the benefits of cloud while maintaining your current levels of service.
  • Key PointsHP delivers on that hybrid-delivery promiseDelivering enterprise-class capabilities with Enterprise Cloud Services for Compute.Help you build a private cloud and become a service provider with CloudSystem.Turnkey private cloud. Fully integrated from a single vendorManagement for the Hybrid environmentAll delivered on one common architecture with the ability to deploy an application in one cloud environment and then move it to another.Prevents lock-in.
  • Key PointsHP provides solutions in four key areas. First, we have enterprise-class services that you can “consume”. Second, our “build” solution that helps you build a turnkey private cloud so that you can bring all your business users together and they can share one common private cloud environment. Third, we provide management and security solutions that allow you to manage services across traditional, private and public cloud, bring them together in one security policy framework, and make all those services available in one centralized portal/Fourth, we have a complete portfolio of cloud consulting services.These solutions comprise the most complete set of offerings available to help you move to the cloud at your speed.
  • Key PointsCloudSystem helps you build turnkey private clouds if you're an enterprise or turnkey public clouds if you're a service provider. A prepackaged, tightly integrated, enterprise-class solution Helps you deploy a private cloud quickly. HP CloudSystem is the most complete, integrated system that enables enterprises and service providers to build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. CloudSystem is the world’s first cloud offering that enables clients to build, package and provision cloud services to users through a unified service catalog without having to know, or care whether those services are being sourced from the CloudSystem’s own “on-premises” resources or from the public domain.
  • Key PointsCloud Service Automation (CSA) is a software-only solution for HP, non-HP or heterogeneous hardware stacks.CSA allows you to provision, manage, secure, and govern cloud services in your environment and integrate with traditional IT and public cloud servicesBrings all services together in a single integrated services catalogProvides a self-service portal
  • Key pointsHP has a strong pedigree in Cloud. HP infrastructure already powers many of the largest cloud service providers and web environments. SFR is a good example. We’ve helped them build a cloud that can serve up to 150,000 customers all based on Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Service Automation. Additional notesHosting, Web services, and HPC customers use IT differently than corporate IT organizations. The organizations expenditure on IT often approaches 90% of the total cost of the business, 10 times that of a corporate IT organization. And the service provider IT growth rates can be many times the IT growth rate of a corporation. For service providers IT is the business.You have demanding customers. In Web services demanding users leave your site/application if you don’t provide a great experience. For hosters, you’ve got to constantly make it easier and cheaper for customers to use your data center infrastructure. For HPC, the pace of research, analytics, and design keep accelerating.New types of competitors enter your market. You must deal with all kinds of companies becoming hosters or Web service providers. As more companies understand the competitive power of high performance computing’s effect on their business, you must deal with new competitors.As a hosting company or Web services provider, whether your business is brand new, or you’re a new branch of an existing company, growing data center capacity just in time without overprovisioining is critical to making effective use of the precious capital you have.HP improves your competitiveness by enabling you to simplify IT operations, scale performance, and rapidly provision.HP provides one common modular architecture that supports any application, at any scale. We design systems with a focus from the chip to the chiller to maximize total data center efficiency and performance.HP has purpose built technology platforms that maximize the price/performance/watt. The experience of designing systems for the largest scale out environments in the world brings the most scalable system design to your business.HP enables you to rapidly add capacity on demand – from a single server, to an entire data center. From simple to complex applications.SFR detailsLeading First French alternative telecom operator generating new revenue by extending the advantages of cloud computing to its business customers.Solution: HP BladeSystem Matrix, integrated with HP Cloud Service Automation software and the HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS software.“Provided cloud-based infrastructure to accelerate SFR Business Team growth in its enterprise business that already serves 150,000 French companies.”Resource AG detailsLeading SAP Full Service Provider in Switzerland; Swisscom company. Plans, develops, implements and operates SAP solutions for medium-sized and large enterprises.Standardized offering with customer-specific adaptability on the basis of integrated, speedily available resources in the HP BladeSystem matrix.“Binding offers were provided within 7 days. Productive rollout of new customers within 1 week. Price point in the market 20% lower than for comparable services. Internal production costs significantly reduced. ROI of the project within 11 months.”
  • Key PointsHP has significant experience in this areaWe've now done over 80 Cloud Discovery Workshops and have taken the learning from those and created a new and enhanced version of the Cloud Discovery Workshop.This is designed as a one-day or three-day workshop. Targeted at senior-level individuals. Views the path to cloud from a business perspective not just the IT details
  • Key pointsHP’s unique value is the ability unify your environment in a hybrid-delivery fashion. Bring together traditional IT, private cloud, public cloudOrchestrate and manage all of the above in a cohesive fashion. HP delivers a full cloud solution set.Consume cloud services with ECS ComputeBuild a turnkey private cloud with CloudSystemManage traditional private and public cloud environments together with CSAPlan the pathway to cloud with the Cloud Discovery Workshop.HP is delivering on the promise of hybrid delivery - bringing the benefits of enterprise-class computing together with cloud
  • Transcript

    • 1. HP cloud computing: creating cloud solutions with hybrid delivery <br />Terence Ngai<br />Enterprise Cloud Solution Manager<br />Twitter: @TerenceAtHP<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 2. CLOUD COMPUTING WITH HP HYBRID DELIVERY: TABLE OF CONTENTS<br />Why and what is hybrid delivery?<br />Cloud computing drives the Instant-On world<br />Hybrid cloud as the foundation of the cloud computing Instant-On Enterprise<br />Benefits of cloud computing with hybrid delivery<br />Cloud computing with hybrid delivery changes the role of IT and meets IT requirements<br />Why HP for cloud computing hybrid delivery?<br />Single architecture delivers choice<br />1 platform; 4 solutions<br />The HP cloud computing hybrid delivery solutions<br />Build: HP CloudSystem<br />Consume: HP Enterprise Cloud Service Compute<br />Manage &amp; secure: HP Cloud Service Automation<br />Transform: HP Cloud Discovery Workshop<br />Next steps Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 3. What is hybrid delivery and why is it important to cloud computing?<br /><ul><li>Hybrid delivery allows IT to deliver applications and services through public or private clouds, or both
    • 4. Deliver cloud services in a way that makes most sense to the business
    • 5. Hybrid delivery is cloud computing any way you want
    • 6. Hybrid delivery allows you to quickly grasp business opportunities
    • 7. Anywhere, any time, any way</li></ul>Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 8. Why hybrid delivery? To meet the demands of an instant-on world<br /><ul><li>Everything and everyone’s connected
    • 9. Everyone expects immediate gratification and instant results
    • 10. Business &amp; IT one and the same
    • 11. Continuous opportunity and competition
    • 12. Anywhere, any time, any way
    • 13. Cloud computing is changing the way IT is delivered
    • 14. Instant-On Enterprises meet these demands
    • 15. with hybrid delivery for cloud computing</li></ul>Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 16. cloud computing with HP HYBRID DELIVERY IS THE Foundation for THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE<br />Speed innovation<br />Accelerate business processes<br />Reduce time to revenue<br />HP Hybrid Delivery cloud environmentseamlessly manages services delivery from public, private and traditional IT sources<br />Traditional<br />Public<br />Private<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 17. HP hybrid delivery for cloud computing: benefits <br />Reduces time for new projects and increases revenue opportunities<br />Resource<br />Allocation<br />Processing<br />Architecture<br />Design &amp;<br />Engineering<br />Vendor<br />Selection<br />Resource<br />Deployment<br />&amp; Turn-Up<br /> Traditional <br />Reduction in time and risk<br />Res<br />Alloc<br />Platform-<br />Based<br />Dev<br />Processing<br /> Private and Public Cloud<br />Processing<br />Platform-<br />Based<br />Dev<br />Improved market responsiveness and agility<br />Alloc<br /> Hybrid Delivery<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 18. HP Hybrid delivery for cloud computing REDUCES OVERALL COST<br />Savings over 40%<br />Standardization &amp; automation simplify management<br />100<br />-30%<br />70<br />-11%<br />59<br />Hybrid Delivery optimizes service delivery based on cost<br />Hybrid Delivery<br />Private and Public Cloud<br />Traditional IT<br />Cloud journey<br />On-site HW &amp; SW<br />Support resources<br />Cloud-related networking<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />Power &amp; cooling<br />Off-site servers<br />Note: IT costs indexed to 100 in “Traditional IT.” Percent changes are measured relative to “Traditional IT.”<br />Sources: HP internal estimates <br />
    • 19. Strategic ROLE OF IT is CHANGING<br />IT becomes the builder and broker of hybrid private/public cloud services and must support hybrid cloud computing delivery<br />TRANSFORM legacy infrastructure and applications and processes<br />MANAGE and secureacross legacy applications and cloud assets<br />CONSUMEoff-premises services securely<br />buildon-premises cloud services<br />Traditional<br />Private<br />Public<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 20. Hp hybrid delivery for cloud computing supports new it role<br />IT delivers the right service at the right time based on business need<br />Automate cloud servicesSelf-service delivery to users <br />Orchestrate<br />And Secure the cloud<br />Hybrid services based on policies<br />Broker the right cloud services<br />Service resources across private, public, traditional clouds<br />HP<br />Private<br />Public<br />Traditional<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 21. Hp Hybrid delivery for cloud computing meets it requirements<br />Secure: secure and compliant <br />Open: move workloads between private and public clouds; modular platforms<br />Resilient: <br />Availability/ performance service <br />Levels <br />Automated: <br />end-to-end <br />service <br />Management<br />Seamless:integrated across traditional, private &amp; public clouds<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 22. HP MAKes HYBRID DELIVERY for cloud computing A rEALITY<br />Three choices for enterprise cloud adoption built on one architecture<br />Deliver HP ENTERPRISE-CLASS Cloud Services <br />Built on One <br />HP Architecture <br />from the most trusted brand in IT<br />Build Turnkey PRIVATE &amp; PUBLIC CLOUDS<br />Manage, SECURE &amp; GOVERN Traditional, Public and Private Cloud Services<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 23. Hp hybrid delivery for cloud computing:1 architecture; 4 solutions<br />HP CLOUD SERVICE AUTOMATION: Seamless management of services across traditional, public and private clouds<br />Manage and Secure<br />Cloud and existing IT services<br />Consume<br />Enterprise cloud services<br />Build<br />Cloud solutions for private &amp; public clouds<br />HP CLOUDSYSTEM: Turnkey private and public clouds with full cloud service automation<br />HP ENTERPRISE CLOUD SERVICE - COMPUTE: Flexible, secure enterprise cloud services for mission-critical applications<br />Burst<br />Transform<br />Infrastructure and applications for the cloud<br />HP CLOUD DISCOVERY WORKSHOP: Consulting services to plan, design and implement cloud<br />Find out about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 24. CloudSystem<br />The most complete, open, integrated system to build and manage clouds<br />CloudSystem<br />Single services view across private, public and hybrid cloud<br />Multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, heterogeneous infrastructure<br />Intelligent automation and lifecycle management application-to-infrastructure<br />Scalability with built-in bursting<br />Built on Cloud Service Automation &amp; Converged Infrastructure<br />Find out about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 25. Cloud Service Automation<br />Intelligent automation for managing and securing cloud public, private, and hybrid services from infrastructure to applications<br />Cloud Service Automation<br />Automated application and infrastructure provisioning with industry best practice templates<br />Highly scalable architecture with advanced workload optimization supporting heterogeneous environments<br />Role-based access for building, consuming and managing private and public cloud services<br />Extensible platform that supports service assurance, application lifecycle mgmt, security, and compliance<br />Find out about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 26. Powering the world&apos;s largest cloud infrastructures<br />HP Cloud Leadership<br />3 most popular social media properties in the U.S.<br />4 out of 5 of the world’s largest search engines<br />8 out of 10 of the world’s most trafficked web sites<br />Find out about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 27. Cloud discovery workshop<br />Develop a strategic map for the HP Hybrid Delivery for cloud computing journey<br />DEFINED<br />CLOUD DISCOVERY WORKSHOP<br /><ul><li>1 to 2 day interactive roadmap discussion between 2 to 3 senior HP consultants and customer executives/IT management (about 5-7 persons) covering transformation phases and activities, resulting in high level customer-specific cloud roadmap</li></ul>DIFFERENTIATION<br /><ul><li>Panel display format enables interaction
    • 28. Increased speed to execution of business benefits
    • 29. Objective views of cloud solutions based on years of experience
    • 30. Data driven analysis to prioritize quick results
    • 31. Links to rapid implementation using HP technologies</li></ul>Find out about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />
    • 32. Begin your journey to hp Hybrid delivery<br />Cloud Service Automation <br />Manage and Secure<br />Cloud and existing IT services<br />Build<br />Cloud Solutions for Private &amp; Public Clouds<br />ENTERPRISE CLOUD SERVICE – COMPUTE <br />Consume<br />Enterprise cloud services<br />CLOUDSYSTEM<br />Burst<br />Transform<br />Infrastructure and applications for the Cloud<br />CLOUD DISCOVERY WORKSHOP<br />BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO HP HYBRID DELIVERY FOR CLOUD COMPUTING NOW<br />
    • 33. THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE.<br /> DELIVERED.<br />Find out more about the HP cloud computing solutions<br />