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Partner with HP for your overall security services

Partner with HP for your overall security services

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  • 1. Managed Security Services overview Get help Partner with HP for your overall security services
  • 2. Managed Security Services overview | Get help IT must adjust to new ways of doing business—adapt to the cloud, support mobility, and ease access restrictions, whilst providing more control and protection of critical information. Review the trends It seems every day another report illustrates the staggering cost of a data security breach. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned IT leader cringe in disbelief. Dramatic shifts in the way we interact, driven by cloud, mobility, and device independence, have users demanding more access to information on a global scale. Business leaders are pressing for more adaptive IT, whilst insisting that interactions always be secure. This poses a significant problem for IT organisations. Information doesn’t stop at national boundaries, and today’s enterprises operate on a global scale. And geographical, cultural, and sovereignty concerns often define where and with whom you can work, particularly when you consider data privacy and geopolitical restrictions. Data that was once secure within the enterprise infrastructure is now being shared across entire continents in seconds. You adapt quickly to keep up, but as you do, new vulnerabilities are exposed. On top of that, the threat environment is becoming more sophisticated, damaging, and frequent. For years, organisations applied reactive point solutions to address vulnerabilities and secure information. That approach alone is no longer enough. As new threats emerge, new solutions are applied, adding further complexity. That complexity is burdening your enterprise, slowing adaptation, and extending overloaded IT staff, ensuring you are always on the defensive. It’s time for a different approach—a risk-managed approach. Get needed help Security must be viewed differently, and you need solutions that protect critical data and systems from unauthorised disclosure. HP Managed Security Services enable enterprises and governments to adapt to the evolving threat landscape whilst managing security risk. You gain our expertise to securely embrace new technology, enhance information sharing, and enable your workforce. Using the HP risk-managed approach to enterprise security, you can optimise your investment, reduce complexity, and improve your security posture— helping you achieve better business results. Review the details We start with a comprehensive view of your enterprise risk. By identifying where you are vulnerable, we help you take the steps necessary to address the gaps. By combining existing point solutions with broader vulnerability management and deeper threat intelligence, you can move from a reactive position to a more proactive security posture. In doing so, you lower enterprise risk, reduce complexity, and improve your enterprise support, enabling you to adapt more quickly to the changing business landscape. 2
  • 3. Managed Security Services overview | Get help Our services fall into three essential categories: Protective services provide centralised, 24x7 control and monitoring of the complete security lifecycle, whilst reducing security cost, simplifying management, and dramatically narrowing the window of vulnerability. • Secure Perimeter includes managed firewall, web proxy, and network intrusion and prevention. • Secure Remote Access includes secure socket layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPN). • Endpoint Threat provides anti-spyware, anti-malware, and a personal firewall. • Access Management uses strong authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI). Our security capability is built on a global scale, intentionally placing our consultants in close proximity to our security operations centres, ensuring you have the resources you need, in the regions where you need them. Proactive services help harden your defences, and detect and eliminate vulnerabilities before attacks occur. • Web Application Security provides web application firewalls to harden defences. • Managed Data Loss Prevention monitors and secures data at rest, in motion, and in use. • Laptop and Desktop Encryption ensures data on endpoint devices is secure in case of loss or theft. • Vulnerability Intelligence Services address the most critical, known vulnerabilities across multisupplier environments. • Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing identifies unknown vulnerabilities and hidden devices on your network and applies hacker techniques to identify exploitable gaps. Supportive services increase visibility and shorten reaction time, and include monitoring, alerting operations, and technology support. • Technology Support ensures the technology in your infrastructure is operating effectively, regardless of vendor. • Security Information and Event Management provides near real-time monitoring of events and activities across your enterprise, enabling faster response and supporting compliance. • Security Service Management manages multisupplier environments to ensure governance and compliance policies and procedures are in place, monitored, and adhered to by employees and providers alike. Understand what we do Information doesn’t stop at national boundaries, and today’s enterprises operate on a global scale. And geographical, cultural, and sovereignty concerns often define where and with whom you can work, particularly when you consider data privacy and geopolitical restrictions. Figure 1. Partner with HP for security that is protective, proactive, and supportive Protective services Your business Proactive services • Secure perimeter • Secure remote access • Endpoint threat management • Secure content • Access management • People and identity • Data and information • Application and process • Storage and server • Network edge and core • Web application security • Threat and vulnerability management • Managed data loss prevention • Encryption Supportive services • Security information and event management (SIEM) • Security monitoring and response • Enterprise support 3
  • 4. Managed Security Services overview | Get help To address these concerns, we built our security capability on a global scale, intentionally placing our consultants in close proximity to our security operations centres, ensuring you have the resources you need, in the regions where you need them. Through our eight global Security Operations Centres and using HP ArcSight as part of our platform, we provide security services across all regions and geographies. Our security consultants, operating in over 60 countries, bring valuable subject-matter expertise and on-the-ground experience, wherever you need it. HP security services fall into three categories: • Protective services • Proactive services Threats are no longer limited by borders. What happens in another part of the world can have a significant impact on you, regardless of your location. Our global scope provides a view of threats, intelligence, and vulnerabilities that will benefit you and your enterprise. Underpinning this capability, our common threat intelligence and operational processes ensure HP services remain connected and integrated. • Supportive services Gain these benefits Engage HP Managed Security Services and harness the power and experience of an industry leader. Benefits include: • Optimised security strategy aligned to your risk-management objectives • Improved quality and speed to protection • Access to specialised security competence • Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring and support • Customised threat and vulnerability intelligence • Improved and ongoing regulatory compliance • Reduced capital expenditures and operating costs Work with the best HP helps enterprise and government clients secure the things that are important. By understanding your critical business assets, we help you provide secure access to information. We deliver integrated, innovative, and trusted security solutions proven to manage business risk and maximise your investment. Our capabilities across traditional IT and hybrid environments are driven by the industry-leading expertise of our highly experienced team of more than 3,000 professionals. Our consultants hold a variety of global IT and security certifications including CHECK, CLAS, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CLEF, IISP, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, PCI QSA, and others. Learn more at, or join the discussion on our blog— Enterprise Security Trends. Sign up for updates Share with colleagues Rate this document © Copyright 2012-2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 4AA4-0605EEW, July 2013, Rev. 1