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2nd Generation 802.11n
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2nd Generation 802.11n


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The Wireless Network Edge has finally arrived: Challenges and Solutions 802.11n is now widely adopted, pushing Wi-Fi steadily as the preferred connection method for mobile and not-so-mobile users. As …

The Wireless Network Edge has finally arrived: Challenges and Solutions 802.11n is now widely adopted, pushing Wi-Fi steadily as the preferred connection method for mobile and not-so-mobile users. As more and more wireless-enabled devices appear on the network, a number of challenges are also appearing around managing wireless bandwidth and carrying the load across the network.

This session will cover existing HP solutions, such as 3 streams MIMO, band steering, beam forming, broadcast filtering, plus upcoming advancements on RF management, unified wired/wireless, and 802.11ac.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 2ND GENERATION802.11nRichard LitchfieldSolution ArchitectHP NetworkingHP TECHNOLOGY@WORK 2011THE INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE IS HERE
  • 2. MULTI-SERVICE MOBILITYConverged Infrastructure at the Wireless Edge– Anywhere Anytime Access Command from the DC– Mobile Flexible Workforce– Multi-Play IP Network– Resilient Infrastructure– Secure Access with Data Integrity– Flexible Infrastructure– Network Visibility and Control Control to the Edge
  • 3. OPTIMISED ARCHITECTUREDistributed Intelligence HP Wireless– Centralised Management & Control Controller– Distributed Forwarding Backbone– Intelligent Wireless Access Points Application Application Edge Switch Server Server– Non-blocking 802.1 throughput 1n– Source-to-Destination Traffic Forwarding HP Wireless APs– Efficient Use of Wired LAN Backbone– Reduction of Failure Points Management, control and secure traffic Employee traffic
  • 4. IEEE 802.11nHigh-Throughput Wireless
  • 5. WHAT IS 802.11n?– Developed by the IEEE 802.1 Task Group “n” (TGn) 1– Enables “High Throughput” wireless networking (100+ Mbps)– Utilizes MIMO to dramatically increases the range and throughput– Extends wireless data rates well beyond the 802.11ag limit of 54Mbps– Designed to support speeds beyond 300Mbps
  • 6. 802.1 ENHANCEMENTS 1nGrouped into 13 categories − Category #1: New radio technology basics − Category #2: Creation of new HT format − Category #3: Use of 40 MHz channels, versus 20 MHz used in 802.1 1abg − Category #4: Aggregation − Category #5: Block Acknowledgement − Category #6: Unique 802.1 specific Greenfield mode added 1n − Category #7: Huge increase in the number of data rates via MCS − Category #8: Space-time block coding − Category #9: Beamforming − Category #10: Link Adaptation, Channel Sounding, and Calibration − Category #1 Backward compatibility and coexistence with 802.1 1: 1abg − Category #12: New Power Save Mechanisms − Category #13: Multiple radios and antennas used in parallel (MIMO)
  • 7. CATEGORY #3: 40 MHZ CHANNELSChannel Bonding– Use twice the bandwidth– Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) 802.11abg 802.11n checks for legacy devices– Only 1 non-overlapping 40MHz channel in the 2.4GHz band 20MHz 40 MHz– 12 non-overlapping 40MHz channels in the 5GHz band
  • 8. 20 & 40MHZ CHANNELSChannel Bonding Examples
  • 9. CATEGORY #5: BLOCK ACKAggregated data is ACK’ed in blocks instead of individual frames Data Data Data ACK Data Data Data ACK Data Data ACK ACK Previous Method New Block ACK
  • 10. CATEGORY #6: GREENFIELD MODEDisable backward-compatible protection mechanisms 11abg 11n 11n
  • 11. CATEGORY #9: BEAMFORMINGIntelligent Management of Radio Frequency (RF) Energy
  • 12. CATEGORY #13: MIMOMultiple radios and antennas used in parallel Multiple Transmitters: Multiple Receivers: 2 Tx  3.0 dBm Increase 2 Rx  3.0 dBm Increase 3 Tx  4.7 dBm Increase 3 Rx  4.7 dBm Increase In Transmit Output Power In Receive Sensitivity
  • 13. BEYOND 300MbpsIndustry Leading Performance
  • 14. 450Mbps 802.1 WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS 1n– First in the industry to offer near Gigabit Ethernet WLAN client access • Three-spatial-stream dual 802.1 APs deliver 450Mbps per radio 1n • Industry-standard Beamforming technology • Band steering • Concurrent operation in 5GHz band– Multiple antennae and mounting options– Standards based technology– Lower TCO– Lifetime Warranty
  • 15. LEADING THE INNOVATION WAVE– Dual Radio 450Mbps 802.1 APs 1n • E-MSM460: 3x3:3, integrated 4/7dBi antennas • E-MSM466: 3x3:3 ; six RP-SMA Male connectors E-MSM466– New RF Optimisation Features • Standards-based Beamforming • Band steering– Supported operating band configurations • 2.4GHz + 5GHz (MSM460) E-MSM460 • 5GHz + 5GHz (MSM466) Available Now!
  • 16. HP CHIP-BASED BEAMFORMINGBased on IEEE 802.1 Standard 1n– Uses sounding packets to align an AP’s transmitter with a client’s receiver– Supports three spatial streams 450Mbps– Non-proprietary– Reliable– Future Proof– Superior to Antenna-Based Beamforming (Proprietary) • No support for three spatial streams • Suffers from hidden node issues • Won’t support future client chipsets featuring Beamforming
  • 17. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCEIndustry Leading Performance
  • 18. 300Mbps 802.11n15 Client Benchmark
  • 19. HP MSM460 450Mbps 802.11n15 Client Benchmark
  • 20. SUMMARY: HP LEADS THE INNOVATION WAVEWith the highest-performing family of access points– HP is the first to market with a 450Mbps 802.1 wireless access point 1n– Significantly increased throughput and signal stability– Dual radios support current and legacy devices without impacting each other– Only requires POE power (not POE+) HP Networking offers intelligent 802.1 wireless networking solutions 1n that provides flexible access for businesses of all sizes.
  • 21. NEXT STEPS– Visit: The Cloud System Feature– Engage: See the HP Rep at rear of clinic– Seek more: Request follow up via Eval Form– Re-Live: