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Hpht direct new: Improving safety in HPHT

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  • 1. Improving safety in HPHT    Safety is an ever‐increasing concern in the high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) sector, with  organisations striving to understand how to balance risk and exposure alongside considerations for  emergency response and oil spill response.    One company aiming to solve potential problems before they even arise is the EFC Group, which has  been taking steps recently to expand its presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).    Most recently, the organisation secured a contract with the Al Ghaith Group for National Drilling  Company (NDC) Abu Dhabi worth £240,000, after the Aberdeen‐based company successfully  completed work onboard NDC's Al Hail jack‐up rig.    The organisation was responsible for supplying and installing a HPHT Monitoring System, part of the  Choke and Kill Manifold upgrade for its Khuff drilling schedule.    This latest contract means that the company, which designs and manufactures instrumentation,  monitoring, control and handling systems, has secured over £1million worth of UAE contracts in the  last 12 months.    Bob Will, EFC Group managing director, commented: "This significant contract win continues to  cement EFC as a niche supplier of bespoke systems for specialist areas such as Well Control. The UAE  currently accounts for 18 per cent of EFC orders and, along with the rest of the Middle East remains a  key target market for EFC growth."    He acknowledged that key challenges remain for organisations in the HPHT sector, namely the  suspension and abandonment of HPHT wells and understanding the technical challenges involved  and the required technologies.    With firms facing challenges such as assessing tubing and cementing requirements and effectively  managing uncertainty in pore pressure, fracture gradient and the transition zone, Mr Will said the  importance of HPHT safety will remain firmly under the spotlight, particularly in the Middle East.    "EFC are keen to continue investment in this important market, we have a resident engineer based in  Abu Dhabi supporting EFC's UAE clients, developing new business and building relationships," he  added.    Other recent Middle East contracts signed by EFC include work for two semi‐subs, with one involving  a Well Control Monitoring System, a key upgrade to its Choke Control System and assistance it  meeting stringent international standards.    The second contract required a complete overhaul of the company's BOP Controls System, which EFC  specialises in, and Mr Will is aware that such jobs are only likely to increase in the coming months as  safety and risk management concerns are tackled. 
  • 2.   Mr Will added: "Another encouraging product area for the EFC Group in this region is its Integrated  Marine Monitoring Systems (IMMS). A total of six IMMS Tank Gauging systems have been delivered  to NDC operated drilling rigs and we see a growing client base for the supply of these systems."    He added that the company will be using an upcoming industry conference to introduce its latest  Group offering, Mechanical Handling Solutions, as well as addressing the emerging Well Control and  HPHT market needs as Khuff drilling activity increases.     The importance of HPHT was most recently highlighted by Food & Water Europe, which renewed  calls for a moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in Europe after BP admitted the oil industry is not  ready to deal with a subsea explosion in deep water.    Following BP's high‐profile oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP's chief executive Tony Hayward said the  reason the industry had not prepared for such an event was that "the risk was seen as being zero".    However, Gabriella Zanzanaini, director of European Affairs for Food and Water Europe, said the  same excuse is being given for operations in the North Sea, with oil companies are saying that the  risk of the same thing happening are almost impossible.     "BP claims to have no HPHT wells in deep water in the North Sea, but they are not the only  operators. The commission should take the fact that the entire industry is not yet capable of dealing  with a subsea explosion seriously and push the member states to enforce a moratorium on  deepwater drilling now."    With such calls now being made by industry figures on an increasingly regular basis, it is clear that  the subject of HPHT safety is unlikely to dip under the radar any time soon.    Source: Direct News 04/10/10    If you found this article of interest, you may want to view the event brochure for HPHT Wells, taking  place in Aberdeen 23‐25 November.       
  • 3. 2010 20% Di for Opescount – Quote ra to HPHTS rs 10% Di LIDEO for scount & EquipConsultants – Quotement Provide HPHTS rs LIDEV PROGRAMME HPHT Wells - From perception to reality Main conference: 24th & 25th November 2010 Pre-conference workshops: 23rd November 2010 Venue: Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen Reduce risk and deliver optimal operational success in your HPHT projects. Hear directly from leading experts on key strategies to: n Manage risk, plan for emergency response and assess the critical safety factors for HPHT operations - with insight from the HSE, Cameron McKenna and Marsh CONFERENCE n Ensure wellbore stability while drilling - Chevron Upstream Europe share insight from the Erskine field n Customise QA/QC procedures for your HPHT project - with experience from the International Research Institute of Stavanger AS n Drive advances in completions for HPHT deep tight gas wells - Lukoil Saudi Arabia Energy Ltd bring case study experience of both appraisal and exploration wells n Optimise HPHT well design: From concept to well construction - hear from Ed Mcfadden, Independent Consultant Engineer Sponsors & Exhibitors: www.hphtwells.com/slide
  • 4. A welcome note from the HPHT Programme Steering Committee… Dear industry colleagues, HPHT operations are integral to the growth of the oil and gas industry. Getting the most out of your HPHT operations requires continuous learning and refinement of techniques and technologies to push the envelope as we continue to explore new areas, face new challenges and capture opportunities. The Programme Steering Committee came together in Aberdeen for extensive discussions to draw up the key topics for the 2010 HPHT Wells Summit. We formulated an agenda with a number of new topics to cover this year including: n Suspension and abandonment of HPHT wells n Risk management, emergency response planning and safety of HPHT operations n HPHT well design: From concept to well construction n Effectively managing uncertainty in pore pressure, fracture gradient and the “transition zone” n Delimiting the operational limits on drilling, logging & testing tools Other major themes that have been highlighted for discussions at this year’s meeting include: n Well architecture and delivering a safe HPHT well n Well integrity challenges n Emerging technologies and technology gaps for HPHT n Operational considerations for HPHT well evaluations The conference format is unique and mixes presentations, panel discussions, roundtables and workshops to ensure that you are able to learn first-hand from the practical experience shared amongst both expert speakers and the wider delegate audience. We look forward to seeing you there. Andrew McHardy, Independent Consultant Grant Affleck, Weatherford Jean-Paul Stuyck, GDF Suez HPHT Wells 2010 Programme Steering Committee The 2010 speakers & panellists include: Ed Mcfadden, Independent Consultant Engineer Tony Furniss, Regional Sales Manager, Enventure International LLC Grant Moody, HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, HSE Craig Hendrie, Managing Director, Plexus Ocean Systems Raid Bu-Khamseem, KEC Company Steve Kirby, Drilling Engineer, Sasok Ltd Joerg Zaske, Senior Geophysicist, Chevron Upstream Europe John Munningstomes, Senior Risk Engineer – Upstream, Marsh Derek Charlton, HP/HT Drilling Manager, Maersk Oil Jan Burgess, Partner, Cameron McKenna Andrew McHardy, Independent Consultant & Well Examiner, Total R J Boocock, Consultant Petroleum Engineer Grant Affleck, Business Development Manager, Weatherford Oddvar Skjæveland, VP Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre, IRIS Stuart Cole, Manager, Technical Sales and Services, Vallourec Group Programme highlights for this year include: Industry breakfast with the HSE Thursday 25th November 2010, 7.45am Join the HPHT community for a breakfast meeting on the morning of the second day of the conference. During breakfast, you’ll hear directly from Grant Moody, HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, HSE who will deliver a brief presentation on ‘Challenging wells in the UKCS – a regulator’s perspective’. Safety & risk management panel discussion This year, there is an exclusive interactive panel bringing together legal, risk, insurance, HSE and operator’s perspectives of key safety considerations for HPHT operations. Topics include: n Key considerations for environmental protection and pollution n Balancing risk and exposure n Response team planning: Emergency response and oil spill response considerations Case study experience of HPHT deep tight gas wells Lukoil Saudi Arabia Energy Ltd share insight into the process of optimisation for stimulation and production operations in a case study presentation of their drilling and completions experience in both exploration and appraisal wells in Saudi Arabia. Telephone: Fax: Email: Visit: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301 enquire@iqpc.co.uk www.hphtwells.com/slide
  • 5. Interactive Workshops Tuesday 23rd November 2010 08.45 – 12.00 Interactive Workshop A: 12.30 – 15.30 Interactive Workshop B: Examine critical completions Understand the need for discipline considerations and well integrity issues integration with HPHT wells for HPHT environments During this “hands-on” workshop, teams will work through an exercise to carry out a plan for well construction within a set scenario. Through this This in-depth workshop will give you the opportunity to assess first-hand exercise, you will: some of the most effective completions and well integrity challenges, and discover the techniques and strategies required to overcome them. n Define the challenges and being aware of “ripple on” effects of decisions made n Determine the players and their roles – possible shift in present organisation required During the interactive discussions, you will have the opportunity to: n Engage in discussions as to why early buy-in from senior management Explore in detail the use of various HPHT completion techniques n is critical Understand what the emerging technologies are in this space n In order to maximise group participation, you will be split into teams. In your Examine the critical aspects of HPHT well integrity n teams, you will work out a plan based around your scenario and then you Address issues surrounding HPHT well integrity with application to life n will then report back to the whole workshop. Key considerations will include: of well prediction n Bringing the ultimate goal of production back to the initial planning stage n Gain insight into cementing practices and cement fatigue in HPHT wells n Setting up a paper exercise of a well construction based on known reservoir n Measure corrosive formation fluids effects on: conditions and having back-up plans to address possible surprises - Tubular integrity n Establishing guidelines for drilling team - Pressure barrier sealing performance In this session, you will understand why thinking about the well objectives is - Well head seals critical to the well design. You will take into account the fact that if you only - Downhole mechanical seals in packers look at the drilling of the well (pressure integrity of the casing) rather than n Key considerations for cement sealing and structural integrity size, type and depth of the specific string, you may plan yourself into a corner with no room to adjust should higher pressures be encountered Workshop leader to be announced further up-hole. This could mean that you need to run another intermediate string and that could not be available or be wrongly sized to enable test tools to get to the depth required. You need to avoid having a drilled hole that nothing can fit in for evaluation purposes. Jointly a final plan is made complete with contingencies and objectives all agreed. Led by R.J. Boocock, Consultant Petroleum Engineer All of R.J. Boocock’s experience has been “hands-on” within the oil and gas industry, specialising in field development, reservoir engineering, production operations, optimisation and surveillance, drilling, completions, work-overs and contract negotiations. He has been heavily involved in training programs and produced manuals such as “Advanced Well Testing”, “Drilling and Geological Operations” and “Exploration Well Programmes”. He recently completed an assignment for GSPC doing well testing work in HPHT wells. Sponsors & Exhibitors: Baker Hughes delivers innovative, reliable products and services designed to help customers manage operating expenses, maximize reserve recovery and boost overall return on investment. Baker Hughes has been a technology leader in the oil and gas industry for over 100 years and continues to partner with operators to find solutions for progressively more complex technical challenges. A leading global oilfield service company with operations in over 90 countries and nearly 50,000 employees globally, Baker Hughes provides advanced products and services to help customers drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas wells. Baker Hughes’ reservoir technology experts offer independent consulting services, geomechanics modeling, petroleum engineering and reservoir simulation services to achieve superior results that lower costs, reduce risk, improve productivity and increase ultimate recovery. At Baker Hughes collaboration is at the heart of our business. Our 23 local geomarket teams work side by side with customers to engineer reliable, application-specific products and services – whether the application is deep water, unconventional hydrocarbons or production and water management - and deliver technologies that improve operating efficiency and create more value from the reservoir. READ Well Services is a downhole technology specialist providing a variety of new downhole well construction, repair and well intervention services to the oil and gas industry. RWS’s expertise lies in its ground breaking Hydraulically Expandable Tubular System (HETS), Cased Hole Logging services (data acquisition and analysis) and Development and Engineering. Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, L.L.C., the world’s leading provider of SET® solid expandable technology solutions for the energy industry, has a global presence with operations in North America, the Middle East, South America, Europe and the Far East. Enventure’s SET® technology minimizes the tapering event in oil and gas wells by radially enlarging proprietary tubulars through a cold-drawing process. SET® systems are used in openhole and cased-hole environments to mitigate trouble zones, add casing points, remediate damaged casing and cover perforations. Weatherford International Ltd (WFT: NYSE) is the fourth-largest diversified upstream oilfield service company in the world. Our global network includes more than 34,000 people, 730 service bases, 87 manufacturing facilities, and 13 Technology Centers in more than100 countries. Our products and services span the lifecycle of a well, including drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention. The Company’s range of production enabling technologies include evaluation services, directional drilling services, controlled pressure drilling® (CPD®) systems, cased hole completion systems, expandable technologies, intelligent completion technologies, production optimisation systems and all major forms of artificial lift systems. Weatherford International Ltd, Tel: +44 (0) 1224 380180 Fax: +44 (0) 1224 241601Email: grant.affleck@eu.weatherford.com Web: www.weatherford.com Roundtable Sponsor: Vallourec & Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK (VMOG UK) manufactures casing and tubing to the highest industry standards, for the world’s most progressive oil companies. Over the last year, VMOG UK has been facilitating the upsurge in HP-HT activity in the North Sea through a project-based approach to the most extreme exploration projects ever seen, with extensive qualification testing and dedicated manufacturing quality plans. The expertise gained through supplying casing and tubing for Total’s Elgin-Franklin and Glenelg projects, and Shell’s Shearwater, Onyx and Aragorn projects (to name but a few) ensured that V&M has the extensive experience so vital to delivering success in HP-HT wells. In 2007, VMOG UK has supplied all of the casing and tubing for the highest pressure well ever drilled in the UKCS North Sea, from the 13 5/8” production casing through to the 3 1/2” sour service work-string for the well test. Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK Office, Tel: +44 (0) 1224 279350 Fax: +44 (0) 1224 279341 Email: scole@vmog.co.uk Web: www.vamservices.com /www.vmog.co.uk Plexus Holdings plc. is an AIM listed engineering and service business in the oil and gas industry based in Aberdeen. Plexus has developed and patented a unique method of engineering for oil and gas field wellheads and connectors, called POS-GRIP® Technology which involves deforming one tubular member against another to effect gripping and sealing. POS-GRIP Wellheads are the leading technology for HPHT exploration drilling and production due to their through-BOP and true metal to metal “HG” Seal capability. Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd, Plexus House, Burnside Drive, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0HW, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1224 774222 Web: www.posgrip.com Email: cfh@posgrip.com
  • 6. Conference Day One Wednesday 24th November 2010 08.30 Coffee and morning registration 12.15 Seated lunch and networking break 09.00 Chairman’s opening remarks outlining the HPHT 13.15 Carry out effective planning for the suspension and market overview n Assess what has changed in the global offshore environment in the past abandonment of HPHT wells n Examine the legislative and guideline background 12 months and understand the impact on HPHT operations in the future n Understand the technical challenges involved and the required technologies n Global insights into HPHT projects n Assess your tubing and cementing requirements n New technologies and pushing the envelope with HPHT operations n Explore the major environmental considerations surrounding this complex area 09.30 Examine advances in completions for HPHT deep tight gas Steve Kirby, Drilling Engineer, Sasok Ltd wells through insight into the process of optimisation for stimulation and production operations 14.00 Gain insight into the geophysical challenges at the depleted n Explore Luksar’s testing and completion challenges in the first exploration stage HPHT Erskine Field, North Sea n Assess how Luksar are advancing in completion and testing for A-1 & F-2 Gain insight into the Erskine Field, a depleted HPHT gas condensate exploration wells accumulation located on the western margin of the East Central Graben, n Lessons learnt and the way forward for T-4 appraisal well Central North Sea, UKCS. This presentation will give you insight into: Raid Bu-Khamseen, KEC Company n The challenges with wellbore stability while drilling, integrity due to significant liner deformations and sanding issues 10.15 Icebreaker networking and problem solving session n The geophysical and geomechanical studies conducted over the last couple In this interactive session, delegates will be assigned a team to work with of years, their applicability to HPHT reservoirs and the challenges to in order to solve a set scenario. In these teams, you will take the time to implement modern geophysical tools at a mature field talk through the proposed scenario and evaluate the challenges, risks and n The identification of high risk areas for wellbore integrity of existing wells opportunities you would be likely to come across. Each team’s spokesperson and for the optimisation of potential infill well locations, changes in mud reports their findings back to the wider delegation. window during drilling and completion integrity 10.45 Coffee and networking break Joerg Zaske, Senior Geophysicist, Chevron Upstream Europe FOCUS ON HPHT SAFETY 14.45 Coffee and networking break 11.15 Emergency response planning and critical safety factors for HPHT operations 15.15 BLUE SKY THINKING - TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS A panel of health and safety and risk experts will kick off by delivering short ROUNDTABLE SESSION 10 minute overviews where they briefly share their perspective on what This interactive session will see the delegate audience split into two groups. 2010 going forwards means for managing HPHT operational safety and risk This is your opportunity to voice your opinion on technology gaps and management. industry requirements for your forthcoming HPHT projects. 11.15 The regulator’s perspective GROUP A: Expandable technology requirements n Understand key safety considerations for HPHT operations and ensure n Gain insight into “Hot off the press” new technology that your safety strategies are robust for 2010 going forwards n What does the industry require for expandable technology developments? n Examine requirements for the operators’ compliance with safety regulations n Explore effective strategies for the application of expandables in HPHT for HPHT operations environments n Understand the importance of promoting a safety culture Led by: Tony Furniss, Regional Sales Manager, Grant Moody, HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, Enventure International LLC Health and Safety Executive (HSE) GROUP B: Casing and tubing requirements 11.25 The legal perspective n Casing and tubing requirements for HPHT depleted zones n What are the legal requirements for HPHT drilling safety and risk? n Selecting the appropriate materials and connections n Examine key considerations for environmental protection and pollution n Casing with drilling applications – gain insight into developments n Mitigating risks and compliance Led by: Stuart Cole, Manager, Technical Sales and Services, Vallourec Group Jan Burgess, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna 11.35 The risk and insurance perspective 16.30 Chairman’s close and end of day one n Ensure that you are effectively prepared when it comes to emergency response and oil spill response 17.00 Networking drinks reception n Understand key considerations for balancing risk and exposure Join your peers in a relaxed and n Explore what is required of the operator from the insurer’s perspective informal setting for this excellent John Munningstomes, Senior Risk Engineer – Upstream, Marsh networking opportunity. This is a 11.45 Interactive panel debate and Q&A session fantastic way to establish contacts You’ve heard the different perspectives from the HSE and risk professionals. early on at the conference and to Now it is your opportunity to raise your questions and put forward any strengthen relationships with challenges and concerns directly to the panel of experts. existing contacts. Interactive panellists: Andrew McHardy, Well Examiner, Total & Independent Consultant Jan Burgess, Partner, Cameron McKenna John Munningstomes, Senior Risk Engineer – Upstream, Marsh Grant Moody, HM Principal Inspector of Health & Safety, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Telephone: Fax: Email: Visit: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301 enquire@iqpc.co.uk www.hphtwells.com/slide
  • 7. Conference Day Two Thursday 25th November 2010 07.45 HPHT industry breakfast with the HSE 13.45 Testing and qualification of equipment for extreme applications Join your peers from the HPHT community for an industry breakfast n Customising QA/QC procedures for your HPHT project meeting. You can take this opportunity to catch up with your contacts n Explore how technology and materials can better withstand hostile HPHT conditions informally whilst enjoying a full English breakfast and bacon rolls. n Specification and design of equipment: Managing risk in the design process During breakfast, you’ll hear directly from Grant Moody, HM Principal n Ensuring your equipment is fit-for-purpose: From raw materials to manufacture Inspector of Health & Safety, HSE who will deliver a brief presentation Oddvar Skjæveland, VP Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre, on ‘Challenging wells in the UKCS – a regulator’s perspective’. International Research Institute of Stavanger AS 08.30 Coffee and registration 14.30 Addressing the many challenges of HPHT well evaluations HPHT wells offer an opportunity to shift the paradigm while adjusting the 09.00 Chairman’s welcome mindset to cope with the current technological limitations. Success is often measured through the pre-determined KPIs which can fail to encompass 09.15 Exploring HPHT well design: From concept to well construction the need for a fully integrated approach. In this session, you will explore how: n Explore effective strategies to ensure that you have clear well objectives n Understanding past failures in reservoir management can provide the key to n Understand how allowing for uncertainty in pore pressure, fracture gradient and future success stories the “transition zone” predictions is key to the success of your well construction n Well planning needs to be all encompassing and deal with all aspects from n Understand why casing shoe points and casing strategy is as important as location, trajectory, well construction, drilling and completion fluid systems to detailed casing design available evaluation tools n Examine the “lack of accurate data” paradox n HPHT environments not only affect the drill bit selection and downhole Ed Mcfadden, Independent Consultant Engineer steerable assemblies, but also the reservoir properties and test tools as well. Test programmes need to apply a suite of achievable objectives and a clear understanding of the effects of time and temperature on downhole logging 10.00 HPHT logging: Going the extra mile and test tools n New techniques extend the valid operating envelope n Good planning with sufficient lead time can make all the difference n Data from case studies in Gulf of Mexico and North Sea n Increases in operating efficiency R J Boocock, Consultant Petroleum Engineer Grant Affleck, Business Development Manager, Weatherford 15.15 Coffee and networking break 10.45 Coffee and networking break 15.45 Group competition of the well construction process During this group session, the delegation will be split into teams to build an 11.15 Interactive panel discussion: Identifying technology gaps ideal well in a given scenario. for HPHT completions n Understanding fluid selection for your completions projects You will: n Seals and tubular integrity – key technology gaps A) Consider what is currently available to you n Explore pore pressure projects B) Identify any current technology gaps n Key considerations for polymers and metallurgy 1) Planning tools - integrated planning, hydraulics, real time to n BOP considerations actual comparisons 2) Rig capacity - size, onboard mud coolers fluid capacity, MPD spread, Interactive panellists: (And total number of “capable” rigs) Derek Charlton, HP/HT Drilling Manager, Maersk Oil 3) Drilling tools - downhole equipment premium threaded components, etc Andrew McHardy, Well Examiner, Total/ Independent Consultant 4) Fluids - weight, rheology, variable behaviour with heating / cooling cycles, Ed Mcfadden, Independent Consultant Engineer control with mpd 5) Cement - design, testing, “foams” 12.00 Gain insight into requirements for friction grip 6) Casing - steels etc technology and solid metal seals for HPHT surface 7) Completions - tools transferring conventional technology to ht domain and subsea wellheads 8) Well test - special tools, differing test patterns n Explore current industry standards for wellheads 9) Logging - real time vs. recorded vs. wireline, new developments n Establish what makes a product fit for purpose for HPHT drilling and explore This group exercise is created to determine the difference between testing and qualification procedures the actual edge of the current envelope, and the theoretical limit of n Gain insight into key case studies on HPHT wellhead experience upcoming potential wells. Craig Hendrie, Managing Director, Plexus Ocean Systems 16.30 Chairman’s close and end of conference 12.45 Lunch and networking break Event partnership opportunities Make the most of this unique opportunity to further your business development and marketing in the HPHT marketplace. Through tailored networking, sponsors can achieve the face-to-face contact that overcrowded trade shows cannot deliver. Sponsorship options are extensive and packages can be tailor-made to suit your company’s individual needs. Most packages include targeted marketing to over 10,000 HPHT professionals and tailored networking opportunities. For further information on exclusive profiling at the 2010 HPHT Wells Summit please call us on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 or e-mail sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk Supported by:
  • 8. Main conference: 24th & 25th November 2010 5 easy ways to register Pre-conference workshops: 23rd November 2010 Web: www.hphtwells.com/slide Venue: Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen Registration Form Phone: +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Fax: +44 (0) 20 7368 9301 My registration code is HPHTSLIDE0 Email: enquire@iqpc.co.uk HPHTSLIDEV Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at database@iqpc.co.uk quoting the registration code above to inform us of any changes or to remove your details. Post: IQPC Ltd. Anchor House, 15-19 Britten Street, London SW3 3QL FREE ONLINE RESOURCE Our website has changed! You will now find a variety of resources such as articles, news, podcasts and presentations available online. Many of these features are exclusive to IQPC so visit www.hphtwells.com/slide today and learn something new for free. Delegate Rates Package Operators Consultants & Standard Price VENUE INFORMATION Equipment Providers Venue: Ardoe House Hotel and Spa, South Deeside Road Blairs, AB125YP, Aberdeen, United Kingdom Phone: :+44 (0) 1224 860600 Fax:+44 (0) 1224 860644 Gold c£2547 + VAT Conference † + 2 Workshops ACCOMMODATION Quote Quote Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. To book Silver HPHTSLIDEO HPHTSLIDEV c£2048 + VAT accommodation Tel: +44 (0)1224 860600. Always quote IQPC when booking. It is advisable to book before 23 October 2010. Prices from Conference † + 1 Workshop** to receive to receive £120.00 inclusive vat and breakfast. For alternative hotels, please search http://www.4cityhotels.com/aberdeen.html Bronze 20% Discount 10% Discount Conference only † c£1549 + VAT DIGITAL CONFERENCE ON CD ROM A digital version of the conference proceedings, Workshop only** c£499 + VAT including all presentations, is available to buy. ccannot attend the event, please send me the CD Rom I * To qualify for this discount, bookings must be received with payment by the discount deadline. Only one discount/offer is applicable per person. priced at £599 plus VAT Registration fee includes conference documentation, lunch and refreshments. Recent digital conferences available - £599 plus VAT each ** Please indicate choice of pre-conference workshops A cB c csset Integrity Management, November, 2009 A † I cannot make the networking Breakfast. Please remove £50 from the conference fee. c c HPHT Wells, November, 2009 All above prices are subject to UK VAT at 17.5%. VAT Reg# GB 799 2259 67 clease send me conference materials indicated above. P cI have filled out credit card details opposite. Delegate Information For further information Please call: 0207 368 9300 or email: knowledgebank@iqpc.co.uk. To search IQPC’s archived conference documentation DELEGATE: Mr cMrs cMiss cMs cDr cOther c visit:www.iqpcknowledgebank.com First Name Family Name Position TERMS & CONDITIONS Please read the information listed below as each booking is subject to IQPC Ltd Email standard terms and conditions. Payment terms: Upon completion and return of the registration form, full payment is required no later than 5 business days from the date of invoice. Payment of Organisation invoices by means other than by credit card, or purchase order (UK Plc and UK government bodies only) will be subject to a £49 (plus VAT) per delegate processing Address fee. Payment must be received prior to the conference date. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received. Tel Fax IQPC Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy: You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC. For any Dietary Requirements cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another IQPC conference which must Approving Manager occur within one year from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by IQPC for all permitted cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days Signature (inclusive) of the conference. In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, I agree to IQPC’s cancellation and payment terms you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of cancellation. In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend in on the rescheduled Payment Methods Total price for your organisation (Add total of all individuals attending): date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must Card Type: VISA cM/C cAMEX c occur within one year from the date of postponement. Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any Card Number:cccccccccccccccc circumstances. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. IQPC shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled Exp. Date: cccc Sec: cccc or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not Name On Card: Signature: be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergency. Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, Billing Address (if different from above): circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. City/County/Postcode Discounts: All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and Conference Code: 11887.004 before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Any discounts offered Cheque enclosed for: £ whether by IQPC (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. (Made payable to IQPC Ltd.) Data protection: Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection By Direct Transfer: (Please quote 11887.004 with remittance advice). IQPC Bank details: Account No: 51304143 Act 1998. Your details may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate IBAN Code: GB59 MIDL 4038 1851 3041 43, Sort Code: 40 38 18, Swift Code: MIDLGB2112V, Account name: International Quality with you offers related to your business activities. 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