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HIV/AIDS and Art, Peer Ethnographers, Engaging Faith Based Organisations, Online Intervention for Youths

HIV/AIDS and Art, Peer Ethnographers, Engaging Faith Based Organisations, Online Intervention for Youths

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  • 1. International AIDS Conference 2010 Vienna, Austria
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  • 8. Peer Ethnographers
    • Interesting approach.
    • Making use of target audience to ‘infiltrate’ into their own community to collect data.
    • Qualitative data/field notes.
    • Especially useful for hard to reach population, to understand their attitudes & perspective towards a certain issue.
    • Train peer ethnographers with relevant skills.
  • 9. Parents as educators
    • Several posters and presentations on parents as educators.
    • Importance of early ‘intervention’ where parents communicates with their children on sexuality to reduce initiation of risk behaviours in their teenage years.
    • Several barriers were shared e.g. fear, embarrassment, lack of confident & ability to communicate etc.
  • 10. Engaging Faith Based Organisations
    • Faith based intervention seemed to be effective among adult population.
    • Youth seemed to be less attracted to activities by FBO.
    • There is a need for FBO to design programmes targeting youths.
    • There is a need to work at the pace of the FBOs rather than forcing our agenda and timeline onto them.
  • 11. Online Intervention for Youths
    • Intervention developed based on 200 youths’ qualitative feedback.
    • Identified barriers to safe sex with casual & steady partners & STI screening.
    • Barriers translated into online training modules based on information, motivation and behavioural skills model by Fisher & Fisher.
    • E.g. one of the lessons include reaching better sensitisation when using a condom.
  • 12. HIV/AIDS education/intervention is tough. Perseverance is key to success.