SZABIST ONLINE MAGZINE      ZAB INSIGHT           BY       BBA OPEN                         EWS
2    By Adeel Feroz
your campus.your world   zab insight6
The Cricket tean group pho-     tograph, showing students of    szabist participating in a cricket              tournament8
ZAB INSIGHTAIESECAISEC stands for International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management.AIESEC is the...
YOUR CAMPUS.YOUR WORLD                                    S                              IE                      E    T   ...
YOUR CAMPUS.YOUR WORLD                                                                                               ZAB I...
99 Campus « A NEW BEGINNING                              17
zab insight         23
your campus.your world 22
Zab Insight (2010) Ews
Zab Insight (2010) Ews
Zab Insight (2010) Ews
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Zab Insight (2010) Ews


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This is a magazine (online version), designed by me along by my colleague for a project in university.

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Zab Insight (2010) Ews

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  5. 5. 2 By Adeel Feroz
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  9. 9. your campus.your world zab insight6
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  11. 11. The Cricket tean group pho- tograph, showing students of szabist participating in a cricket tournament8
  12. 12. ZAB INSIGHTAIESECAISEC stands for International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management.AIESEC is the world>s largest youth run organization present in over 107+ countries across the globeand 3 cities across Pakistan. AIESEC in Pakistan is in three major cities and has its local chapters in fiveuniversities, namely LUMS - Lahore, NUST - Islamabad, IBA - Karachi, SZABIST - Karachi.AISEC Offers:1 Leadership opportunities Lead or work in a team of talented individuals. Equip yourself with leadershipqualities!2. International internships Participate in project-based and/or company-based internships abroad!3. Conferences and seminars By Mohammad RafilKeep the faith :SZABIST Students Council (SSC), a student body that is positioned based on democratic votes by the students.The election for the council is conducted so the peple elected are for and by the students. The year following thefootsteps of the previous counsil the 2nd elections toop place . the new council carries the legacy of the previousmembers i.e. events for the students and societies forstudents of their interest and improvements around Campus.The current student body has been in power for the past three months. Till now the main event is the beach partybeing organized for the students. Some may ask, “Is that the correct way to utilize the budget?” But let’s not forgetthat the SSC cares for its fellow students and hence is always there for them. Just so the students can enjoy andrelax it decided to havce a beach party. Again the question for the provisions of on-campus facilities arises. Wellit’s just been three months, and how can we all forget that they had a part in making SZABIST a smoke free zone.However the question arises “should SSC need supervision from another body to ensure they are doing their workproperly?” I am sure the people that have been elected know what they should be doing. The students want to seechange as per the promises made our esteemed SSC.We hope that in the upcoming semester we see SSC flourish even more as there is a lot to be done.GOOD LUCK SSC! By Usman Shahid. 11
  13. 13. YOUR CAMPUS.YOUR WORLD S IE E T CI SO IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is world’s leading organization in the field of technology. IEEE SZABIST student branch serves as the platform for students to learn the innovations happening around the world, to enjoy avenues for exposure to the corporate world and to foster the innovation and ideas. Purpose: The purpose of this society is to promote the technology and innovation by organizing events like seminars, competitions, workshops, exhibitions and social activities. Seminar Entrepreneurship: A seminar was arranged in January 2008 on Entrepreneurship to help the stu- dents of BS computer sciences to know the importance of management and entrepreneurship. Mr. Adnan the creator of Loot Mar and Mr. Najm from Intelligences software house were called to inspire students. ZAB-MUN ZABMUN is affiliated with MUN (Model United Nations), which is working to strengthen the relations among countries of the world. The SZABIST Model United Nations Society (ZABMUN) is a student body functioning at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST). Purpose: The purpose of the society is to train and prepare diplomats and leaders for tomorrow. ZABMUN has participated in many international conferences to promote talent. Event: In 2009 ZABMUN brought the experience of Model United Nations to the students of SZABIST, specifically the students presently in their second semester of the BBA program. Discussing “The Role of Microfinance in Developing and Developed Nations”, ZABMUN hosted a full fledged conference spanning over a period of two days, with approximately 200 students representing the various nations. By Ghanim Mohammad10
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  15. 15. YOUR CAMPUS.YOUR WORLD ZAB INSIGHT SZABIST Student Council The Student Council (SC) of SZABIST is formed to give the students an organized, formal platform to raise their voice and be heard. Motto of this society is to improve the quality of the educational, social, and personal life of SZABIST’s students. The main functions of this council are to: •Build coherence between all programs at SZABIST in order to make an active and constructive student body. •Encourage participation of all programs in different societies. •Take up the issue of cafeteria and campus hygiene with the administration. •Initiate a student assistance program through which senior students would be able to assist juniors in academic and extracurricular issues. •Encourage formation of societies which cater to entertainment and recreational needs of SZABIST students. •Build a strong working relationship between all societies and students in order to project SZABIST and its student body to all. •Encourage inter SZABIST sports activities and to provide equal opportunity to both males and females for participation. •Encourage specialist posts in societies to give students of different programs to practice what they learn. •Hold entertainment and recreational events generally for SZABIST Students and give them a chance to relax from tough academic schedules. YOUNG SENATORS Young senator is society currently running at SZABIST. The main aim of this society is to promote awareness amongst the young as they can choose right way and deny wrong. Society enables student to take interest in country affairs and prepare them for future leaders of Pakistan. For this purpose society has organized many conferences, debates, and plays. By Allah Rakha Jogi 12
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  18. 18. 99 Campus « A NEW BEGINNING 17
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  24. 24. zab insight 23
  25. 25. your campus.your world 22