2012 Skills Based Summit - A Billion + Change & HandsOn Twin Cities, The Readiness Roadmap
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2012 Skills Based Summit - A Billion + Change & HandsOn Twin Cities, The Readiness Roadmap






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    2012 Skills Based Summit - A Billion + Change & HandsOn Twin Cities, The Readiness Roadmap 2012 Skills Based Summit - A Billion + Change & HandsOn Twin Cities, The Readiness Roadmap Presentation Transcript

    • INSERT TITLE SLIDEEmpowering Nonprofits to Engage in COMINGVolunteerism: FROM HEIDI Skills-based The Readiness Roadmap
    • A Billion + ChangeA Billion + Change is a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollarsof pro bono and skills-based volunteer services by 2013. We areseeking 500 companies willing to pledge their best business skills andtalents to serve the needs of nonprofits and communities at home andaround the world. Together, we will inspire the largest commitment ofcorporate pro bono service in history. 2
    • Today’s Agenda• Nonprofit Capacity: The Need• The Readiness Roadmap• Local Resources: HandsOn Twin Cities• Q&A
    • Background• Capital One asked LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute to conduct a survey to assess nonprofit readiness for pro bono services• Capital One and its partners sent the survey link to nonprofits around the country in December 2011 and January 2012• There were 1,348 responses
    • Use of Pro Bono Services • The majority (75%) of respondents are familiar with pro bono because they have used these services or volunteers’ professional skills at their organization
    • Helpfulness of Pro Bono Work • Overall, the vast majority of respondents felt that the pro bono work was helpful – 39% said it was helpful every time – 47% said it was more often helpful than not – 14% said it was helpful only half the time or less
    • Reasons for Projects Not BeingHelpful • Most frequent complaint was that the deliverable was disappointing • 45% said that the volunteers were not knowledgeable about the agency or sector needs • Almost as many respondents felt that too much of the organization’s staff time was needed for the project
    • Reasons for Projects Not BeingHelpful • About 25% felt that the project took too long to finish • Another 25% felt that the volunteer did not have the right skills • 23% said they underestimated the scope of work that was required
    • The Problem:• Nonprofits are not ready to engage SBV volunteers• Lack of clarity around vision, mission and long-term goals• Nonprofits have difficulty managing external resources• Inability to translate organizational needs into specific volunteer projects• Challenge finding volunteers with appropriate skills• Challenge managing SBV projects and volunteers
    • The Solution: The Readiness Roadmap – an interactive, step-by-step conglomerate of resources and tools created to help nonprofits navigate skills based volunteering or prepare to implement SBVCollaborative Partners:
    • Readiness RoadmapHelping Nonprofits Navigate Skills-based Volunteering• Organizational Readiness• Needs Identification• Project Readiness• Sourcing• Planning• Implementation• Evaluation www.readinessroadmap.org• Recognition
    • Organizational ReadinessThe Challenge:• Being ready to manage pro bono volunteers• Having a clear organizational vision, mission, financial management systems, management involvement/buy-in, bandwidth to manage external resourcesSolution:• Organizational readiness assessment tool
    • Needs IdentificationThe Challenge:• Determining pro bono needs• Matching needs to volunteer skill-setsSolution:• Understanding your pro bono needs tool• Competencies Map• Role description: Project “Scoper”
    • Project ReadinessThe Challenge:• Engaging internal and external resources to sustain and execute a specific skills-based projectSolution:• Project and Project-Specific Checklist
    • SourcingThe Challenge:• Identifying and accessing pro bono professional servicesSolution:• Knowing the sources of pro bono volunteers• Understanding how to approach partners• Sourcing/recruiter role description
    • PlanningThe Challenge:• Plan to allocate resources, create internal accountability, and work productively with volunteers.Solution:• Best practices for pro bono engagement and project management (incl. risk management)
    • ImplementationThe Challenge:• Obtaining the expected project results, establishing clear understanding of expectations and scoping projects.Solution:• Effective project management tools• Clarifying roles and expectations, establishing the various “phases” of a volunteer engagement
    • EvaluationThe Challenge:• Effectively evaluating resultsSolution:• Evaluation Tools• Get feedback from employees and volunteers on how to improve process
    • Recognition & CelebrationThe Challenge:• Underestimating the importance of recognizing and celebrating the work of volunteersRecognize! Celebrate! Tell the Story!
    • HandsOn Twin Cities is the local expert in volunteerism. We have a working knowledge of both the nonprofit and corporate sectors.HandsOn Twin Cities Role:• We are the connector between the business partner and the nonprofit partner.• Increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations to engage skills based volunteers through trainings and assessments.• Ability to train corporate volunteers leaders on how to work with a nonprofit on a skills-based volunteer project.
    • SBV ExamplesUnitedHealth Group• Incorporating best practices from UHG’s successful legal pro bono program to develop a SBV toolkit.• Piloting the toolkit with a SBV committee in the UHG Finance department.• Currently scoping projects with UHG community partners before moving on to recruitment and placement.ING• HOTC conducted a pilot to rollout SBV in conjunction with other volunteer engagement activities.• Provided employee placement and support for two SBV projects.
    • SBV ExamplesGeneral Mills HR Event• 100 HR practitioners and 140 attendeesSkills Based Summit – TODAY!HandsOn Twin Cities SB Volunteers• Technology, statistical analysis of research, focus groups
    • Local ResourcesIn the New Year…• Readiness workshops for nonprofits (utilizing readiness roadmap)• Individual site visit/consultation• Recruitment and promotion: • Post on HandsOn Connect system • Share with corporate partners
    • Q&AResources:www.readinessroadmap.orgwww.pointsoflight.orgwww.handsontwincities.org/org_sbv
    • Thank you! Yvonne Siu Marketing Manager A Billion + Change ysiu@pointsoflight.org Katie Walsh Program Director HandsOn Twin Citieskatie@handsontwincities.org