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Walking with Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Grace
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Walking with Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Grace



In this presentation, as indicated in the title, Dr. Pat chooses to highlight three of the most powerful positive emotional experiences available. She enlightens us by augmenting our awareness of our ...

In this presentation, as indicated in the title, Dr. Pat chooses to highlight three of the most powerful positive emotional experiences available. She enlightens us by augmenting our awareness of our emotional condition and its consequences and she empowers us by identifying specific Young Living essential oil products most relevant to the achieving the emotional states that we desire.



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Walking with Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Grace Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Walking With Forgiveness,Gratitude & GraceHealing Past Wounds andEmotional Scars WithYoung Living Essential Oils Dr Patricia L Lawler DC, CCN,DACBN,CTN
  • 2. Introduction  Practitioner and Instructor for over 33 years in Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Bio Energetic Medicine, Neurology, Structural and Consciousness Medicine  Clinical Director of HOLLY HOUSE Center for Integrated HealthCare
  • 4. Adam, our Office Manager, witha Client
  • 5. Other Staff Membersat HOLLY HOUSEBill Brown Sandy Lightsmith Karen Cooley-KistlerAdministrator Qigong & Raindrop Therapeutic Massage
  • 6. A Day At The Office With Dr Pat
  • 7. Clinical Practice…. Forgiveness? Gratitude? Grace?
  • 8. Why Might You Want to PracticeForgiveness, Gratitude and Grace ?  To enable your body’s healing process  To deepen your level of consciousness  To find Joy and Peace in your day to day lives
  • 9. How Do You LearnTo Walk With…Forgiveness, Gratitude & Grace ? First You Must Understand … the Power of Emotion
  • 10. The Secret of the Power ofEmotion Our State of Mind may be the most powerful influence in the expression of our genes and the manifestation of our health in that each and every moment we are continually bathing our cells and DNA in endorphins and endomorphines which are secreted in direct response to our emotional state.
  • 11. In What State of Mind … Are You Walking… in Your World?
  • 12. In What State of Mind AreYou Walking, cont …? Puffed up In Pride? Fearful? Sad? Ashamed? Angry? Guilty? Apathetic?Depressed? Obsessed With Desire?
  • 13. In What State of Mind Are YouWalking, cont…? Or are you walking in a… Willing? Courageous? Loving? Accepting? Neutral? Joyful? Reasonable? Peaceful? Enlightened?
  • 14. Do Emotional States AffectOur Health?  We now know that all states of mind have a profound effect on our health either positive or negative  States of mind elicit the secretion of specific neurotransmitter and hormones  Hans Selye describes the stress response and its relationship to our health in his groundbreaking work, The Stress of Life
  • 15. The physiology and pathology of exposure to stress.Selye, HansOxford, England: Acta, Inc. (1950). xx, 822; 203 pp.Abstract 1.A variety of "stressors" (such as emotional upsets, exposure to extremes of temperature, and anoxia) set into motion defense reactions mediated through the nervous and the hormonal systems. These affect blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar level, blood clotting, osmotic pressure and tissue hydration. During prolonged, severe systemic stress there are 3 phases: "shock," adaptation, and exhaustion. Strong emotions are particularly effective in eliciting the somatic manifestations of the general adaptation-syndrome. Psychosomatic derangements as well as a variety of neuropsychiatric disturbances are likely to fall into the steadily broadening category of "diseases of (mal)adaptation" to biological stresses. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)
  • 16. Do Such Chronic EmotionalStates Affect Our Health, cont.  John–Didier Vincent, is a Professor of Neurophysiology at the University of Bordeaux II, France and also is a clinical biologist. He is director of the Behavioral Neurobiology Unit at the National Institute for health and medical research in France.  Vincent authors The Biology of Emotion in 1996.
  • 17. Jean-Didier Vincent  Vincent bases his work on review of extensive scientific research into the chemistry of passions  He further validates Selye’s position that emotions both positive and non resourceful continually impact our body’s physiology
  • 18. Biology of Emotion, Cont…A reference from The Biology of Emotion,Neuroscience, 919-40,1981“it is possible to induce lactation in virginrats by presenting them repeatedly with youngneeding to be fed. After a few days, the femalerat, which has already developed maternalBehavior, begins to lactate.”
  • 19. Biology of Emotion, cont…R. B. Zajone, “emotional and facial efference:a theory reclaimed, Science,1985:“gives a scientific basis to physiogomy as a sciencewhich tries to establish links between temperament,character or personality, and facial features. Iffacial expressions exert an influence on theorganism it my be worth our while to put a goodface on things to keep ourselves in good health.”
  • 20. Archaic Smile•Greek Sculpture of the 6th CenturyCavalier ‘Rampin head’•Vincent – “..illustrates the miraculous balance of a being at the heart of a world in the making.”• Is Vincent saying we have a role to play in creating our world or our experience of the world?
  • 21. Vincent, cont…  According to d. Le Roith, J. Shiloach and J. Roth, of Peptides, 3, 211,1982: “Vertebrates evolve and experience biochemical elements in the Nervous System and the Endocrine Systems”  Claude Kordon explains Vincent as describing a Palace of the Mind – a place of extraordinary possibilities in endless combinations of neurotransmitters, hormones and consciousness.
  • 22. The Palace of the Mind State of Mind Beautiful Balanced Endomorphines ModulatesModulates + BalancedBalanced Hormones Neurotransmitters = From the + Derived from the Endocrine System Modification of Amino Acids
  • 23. But What if You Are in The Dungeon Instead of the Palace of the Mind? State of Mind Not So Beautiful Imbalanced Endomorphines + Neurotransmitters Derived from theDisrupted Hormones Modification of From the + Amino Acids Out = Endocrine System of Balance
  • 24. Adrenal StressStressful State of Adrenal Mind GlandsIncreasing Cortisol DHEAStress Cortisol DHEAAdrenal DHEA CortisolFatigue
  • 25. Are You InfluencingYour Body’s Health byYour State of Mind ?
  • 26. Eckart Tolle & The Power ofNow  Tolle writes that we are, through our state of mind, either decreasing pain in our body or increasing pain in our body.  He terms this the Pain Body  We know from research that physiological feedback from non resourceful emotions elicits the release of pain-causing endorphins leading to inflammation, which leads to pain, where as positive emotion tends to lead to the release of positive endorphins and endomorphines, reducing inflammation and increasing the likelihood of healing.
  • 27. Emotions and States of Mindthat Create Pain Bodies•Excessive Pride•Fear•Grief•Apathy Negative =•Guilt Endorphins•Anger•Shame Pain Body
  • 28. Lack of Forgiveness CreatesA Pain Body Emotions such as Pride, Fear,Grief, Apathy, Guilt, Anger & Shame are often associated with not being able to forgive someone or something which happened in the past. Not being able to forgive injures you…It is like a Mirror which reflects back painful endorphins.
  • 29. Lack of Forgiveness  We live a good part of our life in the past and cannot be in the present  A good percentage of our body’s energy is locked up in the past painful memory and can not be used for healing or vitality. We are running at “half mast.”  Over time, the pain body grows leading to illness and dysfunction
  • 30. Not Only Are We Affecting OurselvesBut We Are Affecting Others As Well  The Secret World of Plants – P. Thompson and Christopher Bird  Dr Masuro Emoto’s work with water crystals  Our own friends and family – How do you feel when someone is angry with you? What happens? If you react….
  • 31. Masuro Emoto and WaterCrystals Unpleasant Music Beautiful Hope Music
  • 32. We are 50% to 65%Water How Is Your Internal Water Doing With Your State of Mind?
  • 33. Forgiveness Antonio Frilli, Florence, Italy 19th CenturyWe May Need to Ask For Help From A Higher Source..
  • 34. Asking For Help WithForgiveness…. • We May Need to Ask For Help From A Higher Source….  We May Need to Ask For Help From Our Family, Friends or a Professional  We May Need to Ask For Help From the Wisdom of the Plant World, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • 35. Clary Sage
  • 36. Asking for Help From TherapeuticGrade Essential Oils  Essential Oils help you by their bioresonance and frequency  They also help you by their complex biochemical nature
  • 37. Asking For Help FromTherapeutic Grade EO, cont…Through the profound frequencies andbiochemical diversity Essential Oils: Cleanse receptor sites on cells Deprogram Incorrect DNA Information Reprogram correct Information for optimal DNA expression
  • 38. The Exquisite YL Blend -ForgivenessThis exquisite blend helps you to release hurt feelings,perceived insults, and negative emotions. It also helpsyou release negative memories, allowing you to move pastemotional barriers and attain higher awareness, assistingyou to forgive and let go.
  • 39. Forgiveness Begins to Releasethe Pain Body •Sometimes Love, A Sense of Freedom, Acceptance in the Human Condition, Sometimes an Ability to Make Peace, Courage, Compassion, Understanding, Peace, Serenity and even Joy can flood your body’s physiology when you experience Forgiveness. •Forgiveness can happen suddenly or gradually Over a period of time.
  • 40. With Forgiveness Comes HealingEmotions & Endorphins•Courage•Neutrality•Willingness•Acceptance•Reason Positive =•Love Endorphins•Joy•Peace•Enlightenment A Body At Ease
  • 41. Very Often, all of theseResourceful Healing Emotionsare Needed…. To Complete Forgiveness
  • 42. In What State of Mind … Are You Walking… in Your World?
  • 43. What State Do You Choose?Are You in Control of Your State of Mind? Is Your State of Mind a Choice You Make Each Day?
  • 44. Are You Building a PainFree Body?Or A Body of Pain?
  • 45. What To Do? First, Understanding the Challenge…
  • 46. The Exquisite YL BlendForgiveness Rose Lavender Lemon MelissaHelichrysum Bergamot Palmarosa Frankincense Roman Chamomile Jasmine Geranium Rosewood Sandalwood Ylang Ylang
  • 47. According to spiritual teacherssuch as Eckhart Tolle, Dr. DavidR Hawkins, the Dalai Lama,Mother Theresa and manyothers……Our State of Mind is Within OurChoice and Within Our Control
  • 48. Our State of Mind MayBe the Only Thing We CanControl in Our Lives
  • 49. Is There A Way YouCan Get A Better Pictureof Why You Choose To Beand Act the Way You Do? Yes…A MD Psychiatrist While Researching Emotionsand Consciousness and Muscle ResponseTesting Develops A New Way to Look at OurEmotions And Attitudes
  • 50. David R Hawkins, MD Develops theMap of the Scale of Consciousness • Dr. David R Hawkins, MD Sedona, Arizona • Writes the ground-breaking works, Power vs. Force, The Eye of the I, and I • Develops the Map of the Scale of Consciousness which describes the levels of awareness and growth in connection to a Greater Divine Force • These levels, or fields, are associated with emotional states and describe typical attitudes associated at each level (calibration).
  • 51. Map of the Scale of Consciousness per HawkinsGOD VIEW LIFE VIEW LEVEL LOG EMOTION PROCESSSelf Is-ness Enlightenment 700-1000 Ineffable Pure ConsciouAll Being Perfect Peace 600 Bliss IlluminationOne Complete Joy 540 Serenity TransfigurationLoving Benign Love 500 Reverence RevelationWise Meaningful Reason 400 Understanding AbstractionMerciful Harmonious Acceptance 350 Forgiveness TranscendenceInspiring Hopeful Willingness 310 Optimism IntentionEnabling Satisfactory Neutrality 250 Trust ReleasePermitting Feasible Courage 200 Affirmation EmpowermentIndifferent Demanding Pride 175 Scorn InflationVengeful Antagonistic Anger 150 Hate AggressionDenying Disappointing Desire 125 Craving EnslavementPunitive Frightening Fear 100 Anxiety WithdrawalDisdainful Tragic Grief 75 Regret DespondenceCondemning Hopeless Apathy 50 Despair AbdicationVindictive Evil Guilt 30 Blame Destruction
  • 52. Map of the Scale ofConsciousness per Hawkins www.veritaspub.com
  • 53. Map of the Scale ofConsciousness and Forgiveness In Order to Be Able to Forgive We Must Calibrate at a Level of Acceptance – 350 – or HigherMerciful Harmonious Acceptance 350 Forgiveness Transcendence Are You at a Level of 350 or Higher?
  • 54. Map of the Scale of Consciousnessand Forgiveness•How Do You Know Your Level of Calibration?•Use Muscle Response Testing , Pendulum or other Bio Energetic Assessment Technique to test Your Level of Calibration•If you find you are not at a 350 level set a goal to get there!
  • 55. Map of the Scale of Consciousnessand Forgiveness  Practice qualities listed at a level 200 or higher  Be kind, grateful and compassionate, especially to yourself  Use the Essential Oils recommended on the following pages to “lift” your calibration
  • 56. Map of the Scale ofConsciousness Per Hawkins Plus Young Living Therapeutic Grade Oils Per Dr Patricia Lawler
  • 58. Forgiveness Are You there yet? Let us pass the oil of Forgiveness to help us out! 1 drop, gently rub hands together and inhale
  • 59. The Exquisite YL Blend ForgivenessRose Highest frequency, Balance, Harmony, Well Being, Creates Magnetic Energy, Attracts Love and Brings Joy to HeartMelissa Calming, Balancing, Gentleness, affects Limbic Center of Emotions, helps Depression, Hypertension and AnxietyHelichrysum Relieves Anger and promotes ForgivenessAngelica Calming, bring memories back to point before traumaFrankincense Holy anointing oil, stimulates Limbic Brain & elevates Mind to overcome Stress and DespairSandalwood Stimulates Pineal Gland and Limbic Region, center of Emotions, May Remove Negative ProgrammingLavender Relaxing and grounding, reduces Depression and Improves Cognitive PerformanceBergamont Uplifting and Calming, relieves Anxiety, Stress and Tension
  • 60. The Exquisite Young LivingBlend ForgivenessGeranium Balances hormones, with antidepressant, uplifting, and tension-relieving propertiesJasmine Is uplifting, antidepressant, and counteracts indifference, frigidity and hopelessnessLemon Stimulating, deep sense of well being, induces relaxation and reduces depressionPalmarosa Stimulating, revitalizing, creates a sense of securityRoman Chamomile Combats restlessness, tension, and opens mental blocks, purges anger from liverRosewood Relaxing, powerful effect, grounding, strengtheningYlang Ylang Increases relaxation, balances male an female energies, restores confidence and equilibrium
  • 61. Forgiveness The YL blend, Forgiveness, calibrates much higher than 350. It calibrates at 540 to help you lift into Forgiveness. This is not the frequency of the oil, but its calibration.
  • 62. Learning to Forgive andForgiveness – Taking Action See someone in your mind who you would like to forgive or believe it would be best to forgive. If this is difficult ask the Higher Power for help Place one drop, gently swish hands together, and inhale the oil blend, Forgiveness I forgive you, _____, and I forgive myself at this time. I am letting go of all resentment, anger, fear, guilt and shame. I am filled with love, joy and peace. (Writing this down in your journal or on a piece of paper can make it extra powerful) (Or), The Higher Power is helping me to forgive you,___, and helping me to forgive myself at this time. I am letting go of all resentment, anger, fear, guilt and shame. I am filled with love, joy and peace
  • 63. Forgiveness I forgive you and I forgive myself.
  • 64. From Forgiveness ComesGratitude  Once true Forgiveness occurs you are can experience true Gratitude  In Gratitude you are in a state of being thankful and in a state of love  To experience Gratitude we need to be at a level of 530  You do not need to maintain a level of 530 to experience Gratitude for a moment
  • 65. Gratitude•Gratitude can feel expansive,expanding out from you•Gratitude can feel expansive, expanding inside of your heart
  • 66. GratitudeWe Want to Practice:  Being grateful for all the little things  Being grateful for all the beauty  Being grateful for the big things  Being grateful for your body  Being grateful for your self  Being grateful for Gratitude Essential Oil
  • 67. Brazil – Copaiba TreesGratitude for Young Living and Nature’s Beauty and Bounty!
  • 68. Gratitude, the essential oilblend from Young Living  The essential oil blend, Gratitude, calibrates at 530 (once again this is not the frequency but is the calibration)  It is an excellent blend for prayer and meditation
  • 69. Gratitude in Action  Let us pass around Gratitude, the essential oil blend from Young Living  Take one drop and gently rub hands together  We will wait while others are receiving their oil  While we are waiting, what are the therapeutic essential oils comprising Gratitude?
  • 70. Gratitude, the essential oilblend from Young LivingIdaho Balsam Opens emotional blocks and recharges vital energyFirFrankincense Holy Anointing oil, stimulates the Limbic System, elevates the mind, overcome stress and depressionMyrrh Holy Anointing oil, stimulates the brain (sesquiterpenes), Including the amygdala, control center of emotionsGalbanum When combined with Frankincense and Sandalwood its frequency rises and contributes to a sense of prayerYlang Ylang Increases relaxation, balances male and female energies, And restores confidence and equilibriumRosewood Soothing, gives a feeling of being grounded and strengthened
  • 71. Gratitude in Action  FIND YOUR WORK SHEET  Write down three things, people, or events for which you are grateful. Express your gratitude in your heart.  Write down one action step you could take to express your gratitude to someone or something within the next two weeks (it could be a tree!)  One drop, gently palms together, and inhale your Gratitude and be Grateful  Inhale your Gratitude and Commit to your
  • 72. People are often unreasonable and self-centered.FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY.If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motivesBE KIND ANYWAY.If you are honest, people may cheat you.BE HONEST ANYWAY.If you find happiness, people may be jealous.BE HAPPY ANYWAY.The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.DO GOOD ANYWAY.Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.GIVE YOUR BEST ANYWAY.For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.IT NEVER WAS BETWEEN YOU AND THEM ANYWAY. ~ Mother Theresa ~
  • 73. In What State of Mind … Are You Walking… in Your World?
  • 74. With so Much Forgivenessand Gratitude Grace is WithUs!Being in a State of Grace Arises When the Heart is Full of Love And Gratitude…..
  • 75. To Find Grace Look Within!
  • 76. To Match the Graceof the SeasonOur Young Living Essential Oil Blend Christmas Spirit
  • 77. The blend Christmas Spirit Represents theGrace of this Special Time of the Year  Christmas Spirit has only simple oils  Yet, because of Gary Young’s grace-filled intention in creating this oil blend and all the intentions of the people who have used it over the holidays, and the powerful sacredness of the holidays themselves of pure love, Christmas Spirit Calibrates at 580.
  • 78. Christmas Spirit Orange Elevates the mind and body, brings security, joy & peace Cinnamon Bark Believed to have a frequency of wealth & abundance Spruce To open and release emotional blocks, to bring balance & grounding, as well as prosperity
  • 79. Entering the Grace ofChristmas Spirit  One to two drops in your palm, hands gently rub the oil, then inhale deeply  In stillness now:  Allow the Grace of Love, Joy and Gratitude to fill your whole being  See Yourself held in the gentle hands of Grace  See the World held in the gentle hands of Grace  All is Calm All is Peace
  • 80. Happy Holidays from Everyone at Holly House!
  • 81. HOLLY HOUSE Center for Integrated HealthCare Dr. Patricia L. Lawler DC.CCN.DACBN. CTN 2324 University Avenue West St.Paul, MN 55114 Phone: 651.645.6951 eMail: FrontDesk@hollyhouse.org Website: www.hollyhouse.org Facebook.com/HollyHouseCIHC12/12/2011 83