Human Nature May-June 2013 Magalogue


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Human Nature May-June 2013 Magalogue

  2. 2. p6NEWPERFECT GLOWMINERAL BLUSHNEWBUGSHIELDOILp66NEWTOUGH LOVEPOWDER DETERGENT 1kgp34NATURAL BABY CARE LINEp22NEWLOOKSANITIZERNEWp27COOLINGDear Friends,No doubt, the start of summer signals the annual sojourn to our many beaches and picturesquevacation spots. In Human Nature and in Gawad Kalinga, the punishing heat has only beenmatched by the fervor of our love for the Philippines as we enthusiastically trekked to Baseco,Intramuros and the Pablo-ravaged town of Cateel in Mindanao for the annual Bayani Build.This year, 57 Human Nature employees endured getting baked under the sun to paint, clean andbuild homes for our poor brethren. This was our true expression of the battle cry“walang iwanan” (no one left behind).Back here in home base, our brilliant scientists have concocted exciting new products tokeep our families and our homes healthy, happy and safe. Check out our new and improvedmineral blush to perfect your summer sun-kissed look. Be sure to pick up our 100% naturalTough Love Powder Detergent to keep your clothes feeling and smelling fresh withoutpolluting the environment.There are countless ways to show your love for your family, your countryand your planet. Human Nature can help you in most respects.Enjoy and protect the beauty of the Philippines!With resolute hope,When you see this logo, it meansthe items are not available in retailsupermarkets and may only bepurchased from your nearestHuman Nature Dealer or Branch.DEALEREXCLUSIVEWHAT’SINSIDE{ }456-1112-2122-25262728-2930-3132-3334-3738-4344-4748-5354-6162-63646566-67Our ProductsRead the LabelNEW Mineral Make-UpFace CareNEW LOOK Baby CareKids CareNEW Hand SanitizersCleansing BarDeodorant CareFeminine CareNEW Home CareHair CareMen’s CareBody CareSocial EnterpriseBranch Directory / Product FAQInside Out: Optical BrightenersPet CareNEW Insect Repellent(02)224-2222(02)224-2223(02)224-2224OURNEWNUMBERSFOR DELIGHTFUL CUSTOMER SERVICETO BE CONNECTED TO OTHER DEPARTMENTSTO ORDER PRODUCTSWHAT’SNEW2
  3. 3. OURPHILOSOPHYAs a social enterprise, rather than maximizingprofit like most businesses, we aim to optimizeprofit considering what is best for our country,our people and the poor in all our about loving our beautiful Philippines, loving our rich environment, lovingour Filipino countrymen, and loving our families. Every Human Nature home care, personalcare and beauty product is a testament to this love as they feel as good on your skin as theydo in your heart. We’ve captured our love in every bottle so that we can share it with you foryou to enjoy and to share with others.PRO-PHILIPPINESOur products are formulatedusing only ingredients that canbe grown in the Philippines.Even our packaging is made inthe Philippines though sourcingoverseas may be cheaper. Indoing so, we help make our localeconomy stronger.PRO-POORThrough our partnerships withGawad Kalinga and otherorganizations, we aim todevelop world-class organicfarms and other enterprisesthat will multiply the incomeof poor communities as wehelp create the market for theirproducts and produce.PRO-ENVIRONMENTOur natural and organicproducts are free from harmfuland toxic chemicals that mayseep back into our soil andwater. By using natural andorganic products, you notonly free yourself from healthrisks but you help preserve ourenvironment as well.OURDREAMWe aim to be the global standard of a business with a heart. Our goal is to help inspire andnurture social enterprises to scale up and be as big – or bigger! – than Human Nature, andin a much shorter time than it took us. The Philippines has so many world-class productscreated by people who care. By supporting local social enterprises, we firmly believe we canuplift the poor communities in no time.Kape Maria Coffee BeansSierra Madre, BenguetBambowtie, TarlacGK Enchanted FarmAngat, BulacanPrecious Herbal PillowsSan Nicolas BulacanBayani BrewAngat, BulacanTrese, PayatasQuezon CityJacinto & LirioPasig, Pampanga,Laguna and RizalCitronella FarmGK Libmanan,Camarines SurCitronella FarmKanapawan,Camarines NortePassion Fruit & Sunflower FarmGK Pueblo Antonio Village,Catigan, Davao CityKape Maria Coffee BeansDavao CityCitronella FarmBrgy. San Jose,MalaybalayCitronella FarmImpalutao,BukidnonCitronella FarmImbayao,MalaybalayVCO FarmGK ImmaculateConcepcion Village, IloiloAnthillCebu CityCafe de Sug Coffee BeansSulu, MindanaoLemongrassFarmCauayan, NegrosOccidentalLemongrass FarmMurcia, Negros OccidentalCitronella FarmGK Hope VillageTalisay, NegrosOccidentalOURLOVESTORY3
  4. 4. OURPRODUCTSis the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.NATURAL CARE LABS:THE MERGING OF SCIENCE & NATUREtakes pride in the sciencethat goes into every product formulated byour Natural Care Labs. We are at the cuttingedge of research into natural ingredients,some of which we are the first in the world touse (e.g. coco nectar). It can take months oryears for our scientists to research and fullytest their natural formulations. Afterwards, thesame products undergo safety assessmentsby leading dermatologists and breakthroughproducts go for further clinical studies atindependent third-party labs. All this to ensurethat you get the most innovative, genuinelynatural products, guaranteed tested and safe.100% NO HARMFUL CHEMICALSDid you know that 1 in 3 adults nowadays willsuffer from cancer in their lifetime? A hugenumber of scientific studies link syntheticchemical ingredients in everyday products withcancer, hormone disruption, fertility problems,asthma, acne, speeding up ageing, etc.Shocking, but true!Start protecting yourself and your family! In thepast, tobacco companies said smoking washarmless. Today, we know it’s not true. It’sabout time we knew what our beauty productsare doing to us too. Check the ingredients onthe label first, read up on them, and know whatthey do to our bodies.products contain only safe,pure, world-class natural ingredients. Manyproducts labelled as natural are mostly syntheticwith a few natural extracts thrown in. WithHuman Nature, you can be sure your skin istouched by... Only the Good.4
  5. 5. READING THE LABEL. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT?Back labels are there for a reason, and in a world where the term‘natural’ is loosely used, you’ll want to stay on top of the game and beknowledgeable when it comes to harmful ingredients to avoid.PARABENSThe EWG Skin Deep database indicates thatparabens are linked to cancer, endocrinedisruption, reproductive toxicity,immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity andskin irritation. [ ]SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)A study appearing inExogenous Dermatologyconfirmed SLS to be avery “corrosive irritant” tothe skin by stripping your skinof protective oils and moisture.[ ]MINERAL OIL,PARAFFIN, PETROLATUMMineral oil, paraffin and petrolatum coatyour skin like plastic, clogging poresand creating a build-up of toxins. They alsoslow cellular development, which can causepremature aging, and can lead to cancer anddisruption to hormonal activity. [ ]DEA (Diethanolamine)DEA can react with otheringredients in the cosmeticformula to form an extremely potentcarcinogen called N-nitrosodiethylamine(NDEA). NDEA is readily absorbed throughthe skin and has been linked with stomach,esophagus, liver and bladder cancers.[ ]TRICLOSANTriclosan is an endocrinedisruptor and may interferewith normal functioning of thethyroid hormone and estrogen,and is also associated withallergies. [ ]PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTSPetroleum-based ingredients (e.g.propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropylalcohol) pose risks of cancer, geneticdamage and reproductive toxicity,including infertility, to unsuspectingconsumers and their infants and children.[ Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.,Chairman of The Cancer Prevention Coalition ]SYNTHETIC COLORANTSThe Organic Consumers Association saysthat you should avoid FD&C “at all costs,”as many of them may raise your risks ofcontracting various forms of cancer.[ ]There is no room for trial and error. And unless you want to treat yourself like a science experiment, we say… Read the Label!Learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal care products at The EnvironmentalWorking Group is a U.S. non-profit group dedicated to protecting consumers from health problems attributed to harmfulchemicals in every day products.“Petroleum-based ingredients [ e.g. propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropyl alcohol ]pose risks of cancer, genetic damage and reproductive toxicity includinginfertility, to unsuspecting consumers and their infants and children”- Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of The Cancer Prevention CoalitionHOW THEY WORK:Optical brighteners are depositedon your clothes and transform UVlight waves making the fabricappear whiter. They don’t reallyget your clothes any cleaner,they just make them appearwhiter and brighter. Whatthey do though, is stay onyour clothes as chemicalresidue. You can detectoptical brightenersusing a special UVor black light andwill notice yourclothes literallyand eerilyglow.PHOSPHATE INGREDIENTSPhosphate ingredients, oncecommon in laundry anddishwashing detergents, havebeen found to triggerharmful algae blooms whenwastewater is dischargedinto our waterways,rivers, lakes and oceans.Because of theseharmful algae blooms,25 states in the U.S.have banned phosphatesin household laundry anddishwashing detergents.[ ]developmentof baby boys.[ Toxic Beauty, Samuel S.Epstein, MD. ]SYNTHETICFRAGRANCE(Phthalates)Studies haveshown a correlationbetween phthalates andpremature breastdevelopment in girls youngerthan eight years old and theconcentrations of thephthalates in their blood.Other research suggeststhat exposure to somephthalates affectsthe sexualOPTICALBRIGHTENERSOptical brighteners,an alternative to bleach,are found in some laundrydetergents to makes fabricsappear brighter. They can oftencause skin irritation and some,like triazine-stilbenes, do notbreak down easilyand canaccumulate inthe environment,where they can betoxic to aquatic life.[ ]5
  6. 6. MINERAL MAKE UPMara is wearingPerfect Glow Mineral Blush in Pink Bloom,Mineral Hydrating Lipstick in Sweet Nectar,and Mineral Lip Gloss in Coral Beach.6
  7. 7. newWE’VE MADE THE GoodEVEN Better!Perfect GlowMineral Blush100% NaturalNew Mineral Blush with natural Vitamin Ethat gives cheeks the right glow toenhance your naturally blushing beauty.P 295 4.3gMineral Blush100% NaturalIn two glowing shades:P 275.00 4.3gSave P20!INTROP 195.00 3.5gSave P30!OFFERPink Bloom Sun-kissedYou won’t have to miss the Mineral Blushyou first loved! It will still be availablewhile supplies last in 4 pretty shades.Rosy CheeksPink QuartzPetal BloomTropical RoseBetter color pay-off. Better shades. Better packaging. Better size.Now you can get that perfect glow anytime, anywhere with the all-newPerfect Glow Mineral Blush that now comes with a mirrorand a natural brush!P 225 3.5gNow comes witha natural brush!7
  8. 8. Mara is wearingPerfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey,Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Sun-Kissed,Mineral Hydrating Lipstick in Coral Kiss,and Tinted Lip Gloss in Pink Orchid.“This is the best foundationI’ve ever used! The case alsomakes it very convenient. I neverused foundation on regulardays, until I started using thisstuff. It feels so light I can wearit anytime and not feel like I’mhurting my skin!”– Katrina8
  9. 9. PERFECT BEAUTYMAGNIFIED by aPerfect BaseDERMATOLOGISTTESTEDPROVEN SAFEPURE NATURAL GENTLEThe secret to effortlessly beautiful makeup is choosing the right base. Finally, a line of100% natural face makeup that works in harmony with your skin to blur imperfections,creating a fresh, even complexion and texture. Formulated with natural Vitamin E andmulti-functional rice powder to give you that soft-focus effect to make pores look lessvisible for a naturally polished and healthy looking skin that’s proudly Filipina.Perfect CoverageMineral Foundation100% NaturalMedium to full coverageLong-lastingSemi-matte to matte finishInfused with Bamboo PowderMineral Pressed Powder100% NaturalSheer to medium coveragePerfect for touch-upsMatte finishAlso available in refills that comewith a fresh new puff / spongePerfect CoverageMineral Foundation Refill100% NaturalP 325 7.5gP 295.00 7.5gSave P30!OFFERMineral PressedPowder Refill100% NaturalP 195 9gP 450.00 7.5gSave P45!OFFERP 495 7.5gAvailablein 4 shades:OrientPearlSandDollarIslandShellBoracayBronzelight mediumfair morenaP 325 9gVanillaIsland ShellAvailablein 4 shades:medium morenalight fairToffeeCaramelHoneyVanilla9
  10. 10. IMPROVEDpackaging!Mineral Lip Gloss100% NaturalGet luxurious shine with this all-natural sheertinted gloss with passion fruit seed oil thatadds nourishiment to your lips, leaving themsoft, smooth and tingly. The fuss-free,mess-free packaging makes this a beautystaple for instant touch-ups!P 225 8.5mlCleansing Oil100% NaturalLet your skin breathe and cleansewith natural makeup remover that takesoff even the most stubborn waterproofmascara! ! It works double-time as itmoisturizes your skin while getting ridof all impurities.P 350 195mlSplashYOUR LIPSwithCOLOR & SHINETinted Lip Balm100% NaturalGet lip-stained look with themoisturizing comfort of a soothing balmwith cocoa butter, beeswaxand all-natural plant oilsthat keep your lips soft all-day!P 79.75 4gMineralHydrating Lipstick100% NaturalRich in color and hydrating comfort fromthe nourishing blend of cocoa butter,passion fruit seed oil and sunfloweroil, delight in these perfect Filipina huesfor gorgeously soft, healthy lips!P 225 4gAvailable in3 shadesPink Hibiscus Island Berry Coral BeachP 205.00 8.5mlSave P20!OFFERP 295.00 195mlSave P55!OFFERP 195.00 4gSave P30!OFFERAvailable in 3 shades:Island KissFlame TreePink OrchidSweetNectarCoralKissFirstKissLuckyin LoveAvailable in4 shades:10
  11. 11. savorthe FLAVORS ofNATURAL LIPSMOOTHIESP 64.75 4gSave P5!OFFER“I use the peppermint lip balm.I’ve used every lip balm fromevery store before but this is theonly one that solved my problemwith dry, chapped lips. It’s reallyeffective. Plus you can’t go wrongcoz it’s all natural!”– Jonalyn100% Natural Lip BalmKiss dry, dull lips goodbye! Give it someTLC with 100% Natural lippies infusedwith lip pampering moisturizers to giveyou soft, kissable lips!This nourishing blend of cocoa butter,beeswax and pure natural oils givesyour lips the perfect moisture, you’resure to keep on swiping it overand over again!P 69.75 4gA lot of women use lip balms withoutrealizing they contain petrolatum, mineraloil, paraffin, synthetic chemicals derivedfrom crude oil – the same one used tomake gasoline for your car! Switch to anall-natural lip balm that’s made with none ofthese harmful chemicals!CRUDE OIL ISFOR YOUR CARNOT FOR YOUR LIPS!Cool your lips down withour PEPPERMINT flavorfor that fresh, frosty feel.Available in three fun and sweetflavors that give satisfying scent-sationto your lips: Peppermint, Wild Berry,and Tutti Frutti!11
  12. 12. Helps lighten dark under eye circles • Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks •Under eye moisturizer • Helps prevent & diminish the appearance of stretch marks •Helps soften and lighten underarms • Softens feet soles, knees & elbows •Removes stubborn makeup • Overall body moisturizer • Helps diminish fine lines aroundthe eyes • Helps soften cuticles and dry skin • Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful •Helps relax tired, puffy eyes • Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites •Nourishes & conditions eyelashes • Helps lighten dark lips • Adds shine to dull hair •Helps ease dry & itchy scalp • Helps improve skin condition after sunburn • Smoothens dry,rough skin from shaving • Helps calm skin & ease rashes • Helps relieve symptoms of skininfections • Helps hydrate dry patches on face • Helps lighten lesions and scarsSunflower Beauty Oil100% NaturalP 249.75 100mlP 149.75 50mlFACE CAREandCANDYEDITOR’S PICKS(December 2012)As seen inSMART PARENTINGMUST HAVES BY RIATANJUATCO-TRILLO(December 2012)12
  13. 13. “I’ve been using this for just a couple of days and I can already seethe results. Dark circles under my eyes are now becoming lighter andthe fine lines are somehow diminishing!”– Tashara“The sunflower beauty oil is so soothing and supple when applied tothe face. It was absorbed immediately, so there was no oily and stickyfeeling. It makes my skin look youthful and radiant. I am so in love withthis product.”– FerylinBESTSELLER13
  14. 14. Purifying Facial Scrub100% NaturalChemical exfoliants and peeling procedures leave you with newer, clearer and softerskin. But are you certain that’s all you’re getting? Bet they didn’t tell you that theseprocesses may leave your face drier, fragile and more prone to pigmentation, huh?Scrub those blues away! Eliminate dull and dead skin cells and glow from within withskin-refining real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules. See your skintransform from so-so to amazingly smooth and luminous… all the time!P 104.75 50mlThe secret?NATURALEXFOLIATIONTransform your skin from roughto smooth and glow naturallywith 100% only the good14
  15. 15. “I really love how my face looks like after I’veused Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub. It’s clean,smooth and without a trace of nasty blackheads orwhiteheads. The scrubs are gentler and the texturesmoother than other expensive facial scrubs in themarket.”- Jona,“I Iove it! I used it for the first time yesterday, andmy face already feels super clean, fresh, and smooth! Italso gives me a pinkish white glow.”- TinandMEGAHOT & FRESH(April 2012)As seen inCODENAMEAYA.COMREVIEWS(13 March 2013)15
  16. 16. Everyone’s skin has differentneeds. Whether your skinis normal, oily or dry, wehave something refreshing,superiorly clean designedfor you.BalancingFacial Wash99.85% NaturalP 199.75 200mlP 79.75 50mlBalancingFace Toner100% NaturalP 184.75 200mlP 99.75 100mlP 169.75 200mlSave P15!OFFER3SOUGHT-AFTERingredients,3BREAKTHROUGHproducts inNATURALCLEANSINGOFFERP 189.75 200mlP 69.75 50mlSave P10!16
  17. 17. “My skin loved the Balancing Facial Wash from first use! Myface felt soft, supple, and there was no shine! I love how the tinyscrubs soothe the little rashes on my forehead and around mynose. After just 2 weeks, the rashes are gone!”– Maria Esperanza FatimaFOR OILY OR COMBINATION SKINStrike the perfect balance of clean and fresh with our Balancing Facial Wash and Toner,made with the prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry, Manila Elemi,a great anti-bacterial ingredient that leaves your skin clear and shine-free without thechemicals.Dermatologist-tested to be safe, gentle and non-irritating.ELEMI: Philippines’ luxurioussecret to clear skin17
  18. 18. Hydrating Creamy Wash99.85% NaturalP 199.75 200mlP 79.75 50mlHydrating Face Toner100% NaturalP 184.75 200mlP 99.75 100mlP 169.75 200mlSave P15!OFFER“I had severe rashesand my face was verydry. None of the productssuggested by my dermaworked until I usedHydrating Creamy Wash.It turned my skin backto its almost-flawlesscondition.”– MelindaFOR DRY OR MATURE SKINTransform your skin from dull and dry to soft and supple with Hydrating Creamy Washand Hydrating Face Toner. Packed with moringa, that contains 7x more Vitamin C thanoranges, 4x more calcium than milk and 4x more Vitamin A than carrots, it comesin a luxuriously creamy formula to remove dirt, makeup and impurities while keeping skinhydrated and stunningly smooth all the time!Dermatologist-tested to be safe, gentle and non-irritating.MORINGA:Nutritionalpowerboost from natureAs seen inITSMISSKATEY.BLOGSPOT.COMREVIEWS(22 March 2013)OFFERP 189.75 200mlP 69.75 50mlSave P10!18
  19. 19. “Both NourishingFacial Wash and Tonerwork wonders! Every timeI visit my derma, she saysthat I have clean, clearand soft skin and mypimple marks arebecoming less visible.Now my skin glows!”– Charmaine KathleenNourishingFace Toner100% NaturalP 184.75 200mlP 99.75 100mlP 169.75 200mlSave P15!OFFERNourishing Facial Wash99.85% NaturalP 199.75 200mlP 79.75 50mlFOR NORMAL OR SENSITIVE SKINEven the most beautiful and fragile face needs to be nourished! Fight the dangers ofeveryday free radicals with Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner that contain tomatoextract, a great antioxidant that soothes and helps repair skin leaving it unbelievablysmooth, soft and healthy – inside and out.Dermatologist-tested to be safe, gentle and non-irritating.TOMATO:Nature’spowerful anti-oxidant As seen inBECOMINGSLEEK.WORDPRESS.COMREVIEWS(15 March 2013)OFFERP 189.75 200mlP 69.75 50mlSave P10!19
  20. 20. Moisturizing Day Fluid with 15 Natural Vitamins & Minerals100% NaturalMoisturize and protect your skin from environmental stress by feeding it its daily doseof 15 natural vitamins and minerals. Our moisturizing day fluid gives your skin a fresh,healthy glow from within and even has an extra dose of natural Vitamin E, nature’srichest antioxidant, to help fight free radicals and sun damage.P 274.75 100mlP 149.75 50ml P 244.75 100mlSave P30!OFFERVitamin E · Vitamin C · Vitamin AVitamin B1· Vitamin B2 · Vitamin B5Vitamin B12 · Vitamin D · SeleniumLecithin · Zinc · PotassiumIron · Calcium · Magnesium“This is a light moisturizer and greatto use under make-up. It keeps my skinmoisturized all day! It’s not oily at all, and thiscomes from someone with oily skin.”– Jonnabee15 REASONSto believe in thePOWER ofNATURALMOISTURIZERSAs seen inSKINCERELY-YOURS.BLOGSPOT.COMREVIEWS(5 March 2013)Buy 50ml Day Moisturizer& 50ml Night Moisturizer togetherFOR ONLY P 269 Save P30!BUNDLE OFFER20
  21. 21. Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen100% NaturalCalm your skin while you sleep and let radiant beauty bloom the morning after! Ourmoisturizing night cream has powerful plant collagen that helps renew your skinwhile you get your beauty rest – when skin absorbs nutrients the most. With a hostof other skin-essential vitamins and minerals, it helps generate cells so you wakeup to supple skin and a refreshed healthy glow, without traces of tired or puffy eyes.P 274.75 100mlP 149.75 50mlP 244.75 100mlSave P30!OFFER“The night creamfelt cool on my skin!The next day, myface felt so soft andsmooth... and nogreasy feelingat all!”– JW21
  22. 22. We honor motherhood, the noblestprofession. Watch our video“This productis simplyamazing. Notonly does itprevent diaperrash it also healsmy son’s insectbites and skinallergies.”- PatriciaBABY CARE22
  23. 23. Natural Baby Wonder Oil100% NaturalShow your love in the most intimate way withour 100% Natural Baby Wonder Oil. Made withpremium-grade sunflower oil, it’s gentle andsafe to use for infant massage, a crucial step forbaby’s development as it stimulates brain nerves.It also lowers the baby’s stress level for a strongerimmune system.*Dr. Leslie Baumann, Cosmoceutical Critique: Sunflower Oilwww.skinandallergynews.comIdeal for infant massageHelps prevent and soothe diaper rashHelps protect against skin infectionsHelps heal little bumps, boo-boos andinsect bitesGentle cleanser for the ears and bellybuttonStudies show that massaging yourbaby with sunflower oil lessensthe risk of developing skininfections by 41%.*Mother Nature’sspecial touchDERMATOLOGISTTESTEDPROVEN SAFEPURE NATURAL GENTLEnewlookB a b y C a r ePRICE DROPP 129.75 100ml23
  24. 24. Natural Baby Wash99.3% Natural“I have a 3-monthold baby. I foundthis productvery helpfulin keepingher bodymoisturizedand soft.I also tried it onmyself and itworked wonders!Plus the powderynatural scent isperfect!”- LuciaP 289.75 500mlP 129.75 200mlP 44.75 50mlB a b y C a r ePRICE DROPBathe your little one with pure gentleness using our NaturalBaby Wash. Free from harmful chemicals such as SLSand SLES, it’s perfectly safe to use on baby’s delicate skin.Touches of lavender, rosemary, and chamomile helpcalm and relax your baby from top to toe!24
  25. 25. Natural Baby Lotion100% Naturalnow withPUMP!newlookP 129.75 200mlP 44.75 50mlB a b y C a r ePRICE DROPBaby’s skin is ten times more sensitive than yours. This iswhy your little angel needs extra care. Give your little onea natural skin treat with our 100% Natural Baby Lotion,made with a medley of sunflower oil, avocado oil andaloe vera. Natural glycerin gently seals in the moisture forhealthy skin that’s baby-soft and supple with every cuddle.DERMATOLOGISTTESTEDPROVEN SAFEPURE NATURAL GENTLE25
  26. 26. KIDS CAREKidsNatural Shampoo& Body Wash96.4% NaturalMake tub time loads of fun forkids with our yummy-scentedNatural Shampoo & BodyWash! Count on it to keep yourlittle ones smelling naturallyfresh as it effectively washesaway dirt and grime.Its unique Protein CareSystem nourishes their hairand skin so they stay healthy,happy and squeaky clean!Available in PineapplePawikan & Tangerine TarsierscentsP 289.75 500mlP 129.75 200mlP 44.75 50mlKids Spray Sanitizers100% Natural | Triclosan-freeBid those bacterias and germs bye-bye withour triclosan-free kids spray sanitizer that’sclinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs oncontact. Now you can stay worry free evenwhen they’re out in the great outdoors!Available in Bubbly Gum & Candy CanescentsP 59.75 50mlONLY P29.75 50mlwhen bought with any500ml Kids Shampooand Body WashP 49.75 50mlSave P10!OFFER26
  27. 27. SANITIZERSSpray Sanitizers100% Natural | Triclosan-freeLadies and gentlemen, the coolest and newest additionto our all-natural sanitizers line: Cool Burst! Perfectfor our tropical weather, this new sanitizer scent isclinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs while givingyour hand and body that refreshing minty sensation!Available in refreshing Cool Burst, Citrus Burst& Tropical Burst scents (Cool Burst in 50ml only)P 189.75 200mlP 59.75 50mlDID YOU KNOW?Triclosan, an ingredientusually found in chemicalsanitizers, is classified asan irritant. Independentstudies have found it maybe linked to endocrinal andreproductive malfunctions.DEALEREXCLUSIVEnewscentOFFERP 174.75 200mlSave P15!27
  28. 28. BODY CLEANSINGDID YOU KNOW?Chemical bar soaps are made through hot-processing. As a result, their natural glycerinis lost, leaving the skin feeling tight and dry after bath. Not only that, they also contain theharmful ingredients EDTA and BHT. EDTA is a known penetration enhancer which makesthe skin absorb the chemicals from the soap. BHT, on the other hand, is banned in mostof Europe and Japan because of its carcinogenic properties. Over two years in the making,our Natural Cleansing Bar is 100% free from these and other harmful chemicals!28
  29. 29. Cleansing Bar100% Natural| Fragrance-freeA soap so clean and pure too good to be true? You better believe it! Let your skinembrace only the good with our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar. Our cold-processedcleansing bar is rich with natural glycerin that locks in moisture to keep your skinhydrated and touchably soft. As a bonus, cold-processing consumes less energy andproduces less waste – so it’s not only skin-friendly, it’s eco-friendly too!P 64.75 120g P 59.75 120gSave P5!OFFERNatural cleansing bar certain to leave your skin honestlyclean without a trace of harmful chemicals“This soap is so pure thatit makes me feel cleanerthan anything I have evertried before.” — Cristelle Kaith29
  30. 30. DEODORANT CAREWHY RISK IT?You love your body right? Then please don’t use products with chemicals like these:• Aluminum salts found in most antiperspirants that close pores and are potentialcontributors to Alzheimer’s disease*• Parabens – can cause DNA damage and disrupt hormones**Sources: *Is antiperspirant toxic? (**’Dirty Dozen’ Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid ( forHAPPI“Beenexperimenting witha lot of deodorants so far only HumanNature was tellingthe truth. I havesmoother andlighter underarmsafter just a fewdays of use.”- Kristine30
  31. 31. “I’m paranoid to use harsh deos since its been linkedto all sorts of illnesses. When I tried this HN deodorantI was so surprised! IT REALLY WORKS! I’ve been usingthis deo for a month now and not once did I get smelly!I love this deo!”- AprilFRESHNESSPremium Deodorant100% NaturalA healthy body is a happy body.Fight for your happiness bychoosing only the good! Our deois not an antiperspirant but willliberate you from harmful chemicalsfound in most chemical brands.Made especially for active, fun-loving women like you, our healthyPremium Deo naturally protects,smoothens and helps lightenunderarms like no other in the worldwith its superior natural oils andextracts. Your body deserves onlythe best. Choose to be healthy. It’syour right. Fight and groove yourway to fresh happiness all day long!Shake bottle and reapplyas needed to ensure premiumprotection.OFFERP 89.75 50mlSave P5!Available in Powder Fresh and Happy Pink scentsP 94.75 50ml31
  32. 32. FEMININE CARE“This is one HN product I’ll be purchasing again andagain. It cleans like most commercial feminine washes,minus the worries that you’re using potentially irritatingchemicals on your sensitive area.”— AvivaYou deserve only the safest purest care for your most intimate areaMany chemical feminine washes contain sodium laurylsulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Accordingto the Danish Institute of Public Health, SLS damages theskin proteins and disrupts the skin barrier allowing readypenetration of carcinogens. So don’t risk it and go for thenatural clean!Switch to nature’s gentle touch with our pH balanced,feminine wash. It has soothing aloe vera and chamomileplus natural cleansing agents from coconut for a healthier,fresher, cleaner and more confident you.“Best feminine wash I’ve ever used.”— GlendaUse Human Nature’s Natural Feminine Wash for 7 daysstraight and we guarantee you’ll feel cleaner, fresher,and better cared for!Or your money back.**visit your nearest Human Nature Branch or call Human Nature at 224 – 2222 for more details.AS RECOMMENDED BYDRA. JAYDEE VILA INKEEIN WOMEN’S HEALTH(August 2012)32
  33. 33. Natural Feminine WashChamomile Fresh98.66% NaturalP 159.75 200mlP 54.75 50mlNatural Feminine WashChamomile Coolwith cooling sensation98.66% NaturalP 167.75 200mlP 62.75 50mlOFFERP 154.75 200mlP 54.75 50mlSave as much as P13!OFFERP 149.75 200mlP 49.75 50mlSave as much as P10!DERMATOLOGISTTESTEDPROVEN SAFEPURE NATURAL GENTLEwithcoolingsensation33
  34. 34. HOME CARETOUGH LOVENATURAL POWDER DETERGENT100% NaturalAvailable in a fresh, clear scentP 199.75 1000g as packedTOUGH LOVENATURAL LIQUID DETERGENT100% NaturalAvailable in Citrus scentP 329.75 950mlP 299.75 950mlSave P30!OFFERDID YOU KNOW?Over 80% of the ingredients used in this 100%natural powder detergent are locally sourced!This means the more you use this product, themore livelihood you are able to generate forthe Philippine economy!“I tried this liquid detergent on my wool items such asbeanie and next-to-skin baselayers. Wool is very sensitive...a wrong detergent could make it shrink. Human Naturehas done NO HARM to my sensitive garments. You savedme from dry cleaning and detergent specialized for woolordered from US.”– JojoChemical laundry detergents are notorious for the poisonous effects they haveon aquatic life. This doesn’t mean that you have to go soft on dirty laundrywhen using a natural alternative. No way! Tough Love by Human Nature isnon-drying on your hands, biodegradable and 100% free from harmfulchemicals, keeping you, Mother Earth and her waters happy. It also leavesyour clothes smelling clean fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftoverleaving the fabric kinder to your skin. Tough on dirt, gentle on the earth!34
  35. 35. Have you ever wondered aboutharmful chemicals that stick toyour clothes even after rinsing?Read about optical brightenerson page 64!newDEALEREXCLUSIVE“I am crazy in love with this liquid detergent. It saves me timeas it rinses off easily, and money for I never need to use a fabricsoftener as it leaves clothes soft.”– Allyn35
  36. 36. TOUGH LOVENATURAL DISHWASHING LIQUID99.97% NaturalDoing the dishes ain’t fun especially when you’re drainingtoxic chemicals back into our waterways. Not with our naturaldishwashing liquid! It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, 99.97%natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals! With itsperky grapefruit-orange scent, your dishwashing chore willnever be a bore!P 99.75 250mlP 169.75 500mlTOUGHON GREASE.KINDTO YOUR SKIN.GENTLEON OUR EARTH.“A small drop ofTough Love goes along way, good forwashing the dishes andperfect for washing mymakeup brushes. YES!!It cleans my makeupbrushes so well withoutdrying them out, doublepurpose.”– Cristelle KateP 159.75 500mlSave P10!OFFER36
  37. 37. Did you know what your chemicaldishwashing liquid may do moreharm than good? It might actuallybe dirtying the earth!Turn to page 4 to find out why youneed to steer clear of phosphatesand other harmful chemicals!“Don’t underestimate thelight formula as this cuts throughgrease swiftly and rinses off easilyat half the time, with lesser waterconsumed. It leaves no slimysoap residue!”– Allyn“Everything you lookfor is in this bottle! Mabulasiya, doesn’t dry my hands,and perfectly gets rid ofgrease kahit sobrangdami pa niyan”– Joan37
  38. 38. HAIR CARE38
  39. 39. 100% NaturalSmoothing Hair SerumThis day and night wonderhas a light, silicone-freeformula that penetrateseach strand deeply to giveyou a frizz-free sheen andnatural protection fromdamaging elements duringthe day. While its dual leave-intreatment allows soybean,broccoli, and sunflower oilsto deeply nourish your hairas you sleep – so you gethealthy, dazzling hair!P 249.75 50mlProtects by Day Restores by NightBeauty Tip:Build the day and night Hair Serum habit!During the day, hair is subject to pollution, heat andother environmental stress that could damage it.So, give your locks proper protectection with ourHair Serum! Complete your routine by letting yourhair soak all the goodness at night to help restoreyour hair’s healthy state.“Best ever! I have triedother brands before and itmakes my hair looks greasy.This product is so lightand de-frizzes my hairinstantly. Great way to tameyour frizzy hair. And smellsgood too!”- AgnesSILICONE-FREEHAIR SERUMPREVIEW10 THINGS TO TRY(April 2013)39
  40. 40. Natural Strengthening Shampoo96.4% NaturalFall for naturally healthy locks with our Natural Strengthening Shampoo! Beat the battleagainst hair fall and get thicker, fuller, and stronger hair!Available in Soothing Aloe Cool Peppermint scentP 289.75 500mlP 129.75 200mlP 44.75 50ml“After only 3was dramaticallyCREAMFoam® technology for hair that’snaturally beautifulHydrolyzed protein for stronger, fuller hairPhilippine coco nectar for vitamins, minerals amino acids to keep hair healthy40
  41. 41. Natural Strengthening ConditionerCap off your hair rescue routine and say goodbye to breakage with our NaturalStrengthening Conditioner for truly amazing, strong, and gorgeous hair!Available only in Soothing Aloe scent.Cool Peppermint scent coming soon.P 299.75 500mlP 144.75 200mlP 49.75 50mlwashes, my hair fall problemreduced, plus my hair got fullerand bouncier!”- YelGugo bark calamansi to fight hair fallOrganic virgin coconut oil for an extradose of softness41
  42. 42. LUXURIOUSLYthat dazNatural Moisturizing Shampoo96.4% NaturalIt’s time to shine on under the shimmering sun! Get luxuriously soft and smooth tresseswith our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo for truly healthy and hydrated hair wherever thewind may take you!Available in Lush Vanilla and Mandarin Fresh scentsP 289.75 500mlP 129.75 200mlP 44.75 50ml“I have dry, kinkyhair which has beenquite damaged byfrequent relaxing.I thank this productfor slowly bringingmy hair back tolife. It makes myhair soft, moisturizedand tame.”- MichelleCREAMFoam® technology for nature’s nourishmentAvocado oil with omega-3 for rich moisturePhilippine coco nectar for vitamins, minerals aminoacids42
  43. 43. SOFT HAIRzles all day long!Natural Moisturizing ConditionerLet down those beautiful, luscious locks! Lock in that healthy luster with our NaturalMoisturizing Conditioner for a head-turning mane that’ll last all summer long!Available in Lush Vanilla and Mandarin Fresh scentsP 299.75 500mlP 144.75 200mlP 49.75 50mlIntensive Hair MaskKeep your hair looking soft,smooth and shiny with ournatural intensive Hair Mask! ThisDIY wonder nourishes your hairwith avocado oil with omega-3and rich organic virgin coconutoil to deeply moisturize dry anddamaged hair.Available in Rosemary andJasmine scentsP 299.75 200gP 99.75 50gSeaweed extract for a healthy lusterAvocado oil with omega-3 for rich moistureOrganic virgin coconut oil for an extra doseof softness43
  44. 44. MEN’S CARESO YOU THINK YOU HAVE DANDRUFF?Most men think they have dandruff when in factit could just be dry scalp aggravated by chemicalshampoos or build-up caused by insufficient rinsing.Save your scalp. Shift to natural and RINSE WELL.Pure Strength Black Diamond Natural Shampoo with Revitalizing Peppermintis charged with one of nature’s most powerful deep cleansing ingredients, BambooCharcoal. Known in East Asia as the “Black Diamond”, it acts like a magnet to helprid your scalp of dirt and bacteria that may cause dry scalp and itchiness. Loaded with afusion of potent yet eco-friendly natural ingredients, this premium natural shampoo notonly keeps your hair in good shape without harming your health but also unleashes thehero in you as you help protect the environment.PREMIUM HAIRCLEANSINGFITFORHEROES44
  45. 45. P 299.75 500mlP 149.75 200mlPure StrengthBlack Diamond Natural Shampoowith REVITALIZING PEPPERMINT96.4% Natural“Almost everydaybefore going to sleep,my husband wantsme to scrape out hisdandruff but afterusing this, he no longercomplains aboutdandruff.”– Muslimah Rashida45
  46. 46. Pure StrengthBlack Diamond Cleansing Barwith Energizing Peppermint100% NaturalFueled with powerful deep-cleansingbamboo carbon known in East Asiaas the “Black Diamond”No triclocarban or chemical sulfatesthat pollute the environment*No parabens, BHT and synthetic fragrancesthat can disrupt male hormones**Pure StrengthOil-Fighting Face Wash100% NaturalLoaded with deep cleansingbamboo carbon and scrubsCharged with coolingand energizing mentholNo eco-pollutants like chemical sulfatesP 149.75 100mlP 89.75 50mlUNLEASH THEHEROIN THE MENIN YOUR LIFEHEROES’ TREATS FOR FATHERSTreat your men this coming Fathers’ Day!Give only the most hardworking yethealthy and eco-friendly products forthe hardworking fathers in your life.P 79.75 120g*Triclocarban (**‘Dirty Dozen’ Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid ( MEN’S CARE
  47. 47. Pure Strength100% Natural DeodorantP 89.75 50mlCharged with 100% natural antibacterial ingredients thateffectively kill odor-causing bacteriaKeeps skin healthy by allowing it to sweatNo aluminum salts linked to Alzheimer’s disease*No harmful chemicals that could harm you or the environment*Are antiperspirants toxic? (
  48. 48. BODY CAREAvocado Oil • Sunflower Seed Oil • Passion Fruit Seed OilAloe Vera Juice • Vitamin E • Vitamin B12 • AntioxidantsFor Healthy Skin That Will Take YourBreath AwayNature’sOverflowing GoodnessHealthy Lotion100% NaturalLightweight and teeming with vitamins, our blissfullyand delightfully scented Healthy Lotions will leave your skinirresistibly smooth and incredibly healthy! See your skintransform from dull and boring to glowing and breathtaking...“This lotion has provedthat switching toall-natural products is farbetter than continued usage ofpreservative-ladenproducts!”– ChenAvailable in Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight scents.P 199.75 200mlP 64.75 50ml48
  49. 49. DID YOU KNOW?Most, if not all, chemical lotions containmineral oil which studies have shown isthe #2 cause of premature skin-ageing- the sun is # 1.**Source: Toxicology of Personal Products ( editorsof top magazinesCOSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY PICK(May 2012)CANDY EDITOR’S PICK(June 2012)49
  50. 50. PremiumFor Your Hardworking BodyPampering ExperienceHand Foot Salve100% NaturalTime to give your hardworking hands and heels the happy hour they deserve! Slatheron our concoction of doctor-trusted, 100% natural moisture-rich Hand and Foot Salve.It has soothing oregano, spearmint, and lemon balm extracts to transform your dry,overworked skin to skin that’ll make others go my-oh-my!Available in Strawberry scent andEucalyptus scent with mild cooling sensation.P 129.75 50gPREVIEWBeauty WorkshopTop 10 Bestseller(October 2012)50
  51. 51. “I wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated;my muscle aches are gone! Using this massage oil becamemy night cap daily regimen.”– AllynMassage Oil100% NaturalDid you know that self massagecan do wonders to yourbody? Wonders such as tonedmuscles and increased mentalalertness*. Our natural massageoils are 100% free from harmfulchemicals and will heal yourhardworking body and mindanytime of the day. Massageyour way to wellness and feelyour body transform fromstressed to revived.Available in 2 scent fusions:Rejuvenatingwith eucalyptus and rosemaryessential oilsCalmingwith lavender, orange andlemongrass essential oilsP 360.00 195mlP 195.00 95ml* Source: The Benefits Of Self Massage (
  52. 52. “This productis simply thebest! No need tospend so much foran expensive spa.A must try!”– AgnesIndulgBamboo Body Scrub100% NaturalAfter a hard day’s work, step into paradise in the comfortof your own home. Start by using our natural BambooBody Scrub in calming and heavenly Vanilla Paradisescent. It has all-natural bamboo scrubs and blackrice to gently yet effectively exfoliate deep-seated dirt,leaving your skin radiant, polished, and so much softer.Experience paradise in a tube.P 349.75 200gP 129.75 50gAs seen inWOMEN’S HEALTHLove Your Bikini Body(March 2013)P 119.75 50gSave P10!TRY MEOFFER52
  53. 53. Body Butter Cream100% NaturalAfter your vanilla bath experience, indulge in our luxurious BodyButter Cream. Made with a fusion of nature’s ultra-succulent andpotent ingredients, our anti-oxidant packed, deeply moisturizingbuttery cream will transform your thirsty, dry skin into velvety,supple skin. Elate your senses with this 100% indulgent, 0%calorie body butter without the guilt!Available in Berry Bliss and Mango Passion scents.P 274.75 200gP 109.75 50gLuxuriousHome Spa Experience“This body buttercreamis one of the bestproductsof Human Heart Natureso far. It is extremelymoisturizing.”– JessicageAs seen inCANDY MAGAZINEBeauty Picks(February 2013)P 99.75 50gSave P10! (Mango Passion only)TRY MEOFFER53
  54. 54. HeadbandP89.00Pinay Proud T-ShirtP289.75Colors: Gold, PinkXXSXSSML 23.0” x W 15.3”L 24.6” x W 18.2”L 26.2” x W 19.0”L 27.0” x W 20.2”Pilipinas Hair TieP59.75Colors: Bright red,royal blue or apple greenLess For Self Black T-Shirt(Adults): P249.75XSSMXLL 24.6” x W 18.2”L 26.2” x W 19.0”L 27.0” x W 20.0”L 30.0” x W 22.5”Show Your Pinoy Passion!Show off your love for country with ourhand-crafted line of t-shirts, hair accessories,and trendy tote bags by Trese!SOCIAL ENTERPRISEP 49.75Save P10!OFFERP 74.75Save P14.25!OFFER54
  55. 55. Human Nature ToteP149.75Designs: Philippines on the Rise,I Help the Goodness Grow, Nurture NatureSize: L 15.5” x W13.5” x D 3”Strap: L 35.0” x W1.5”Pinay Proud Toiletry PouchP139.75Size: L 6.0” x W 6.0” x D 2.25”Less For Self White T-Shirt(Kids): P199.75Size 6 L 19.0” x W 14.0”Size 10 L 20.5” x W 15.0”Pinay Proud Zippered ToteP199.75Colors: Green Pink, Brown OrangeSize:Base:Trese is a silkscreen printing andsewing enterprise committed to empoweringGK Blue Eagle Village community members,Kapitbahayan (KB) officers, and out-of-schoolyouth. By creating innovative Trese products,community residents acquire valuable work skillsthat can aid them in developing self-sufficiencyand securing future employment opportunities.L 18.0” x W12.0”L 6.0” x W12.0”All products featured on pages 54-55available while supplies last.55
  56. 56. Over 200 years ago, the Philippines was the4th leading coffee producing nation.Reawaken the excellence of ourindustry one cup at a time.KAPE MARIA Treat your palate to the finest flavorsof the Philippines! Kape Maria’s premium coffee beans aresourced from coffee farmers all over the country thenhand-roasted to bring out their deepest flavors.CAFÉ DE SUG Make the bold choice withCafé de Sug Sulu Coffee. Made with wholeroasted premium Arabica beans from Sulu, thiscoffee’s flavor kickstarts your day while proceedsbenefit GK Sulu’s Sibol school.200g P295.00Maynila Blend(Strength: 8/10)Regular Espresso(Strength: 7/10)SuperFine Espresso(Strength: 8.5/10)Amuyao Blend(Strength: 6/10)NEW VARIANT NEW VARIANT Pulag OrganikaBlend(Strength: 9/10)200g P295.00variantnew56
  57. 57. In order to ensure that yourchocolates preserve their qualityand rich flavor, Theo Philo barsare kept fresh for selling at ourbranches and are unavailable fordelivery. But you can always dropby your nearest Human Naturestore to fulfill your chocolatecraving!Milk ChocolateMade with a high cacao content, these bars boast a denseand creamy flavor that will delight any chocolate connoisseur.THEO PHILO70% Dark ChocolateThese single origin dark chocolate bars are Theo Philo’s most prizedconcoction. Each bar exudes a bold, slightly floral, and earthy flavor withhints of cherry and tannic.Green Mango SaltUniquely Pinoy in flavor, these bars infuse a light tangy kick ofgreen mangoes in a chocolate base for a sweet, sour, and salty fusion.The Philippines’ onlyartisan chocolatefrom bean to bar.DID YOU KNOW? Europe may befamous for its chocolate – but due to theirclimate, no European country can actually growcacao beans! Theo Philo proudly sources thehighest quality cacao from Davao and sugarfrom Bacolod to carefully produce their finechocolates from bean to bar. Made bythe Philippines, of the Philippines,for the Philippines.P119.75gross wt. 50g57
  58. 58. Bayani Brew is a natural andhealthy blend of lemongrass,pandan leaves, and a hint ofcalamansi brewed by the nanaysof GK Bulacan. An all-nutritious,all-delicious, all-Filipino beveragemade especially for nation-builders!BAYANI BREWAlso comes in agiftable 4-pack that makes the perfectlyrefreshing Father’s Day present for thenumber one hero in your life.Classic Flavor: 400ml: P 45.00Father’s Day Gift Pack: P195.00(4 Classic bottles + box)Shelf life: 2 months from the production date58
  59. 59. OFFERP 1,499.00Save P100!OFFERP 499.00Save P100!OFFERP 349.00Save P50!Soft and smooth to the touch, waterhyacinth leather is the Philippines’ answerto Italian leather, the most expensive andsought-after leather in the world! Jacinto Lirio – Spanish for “hyacinth” and “lily”– transforms the softest plant leather intofashionable notebooks, bags, andaccessories through sustainable meansKWADERNOMedium Journal: P599.00Dimensions: 8.6”x 6.6”Small Journal: P399.00Dimensions: 6”x 4”iPAD CASEP1,599.00Dimensions: 9.8”x 8.3”* excluding the iPad MiniJACINTO LIRIODress up your gadget and impress your friends with themost eco-chic and environmentally friendly iPad case around. It’s made from fully recycledmaterials that speak volumes of hope for our farmers and flood-stricken communities inPampanga, Pasig, Rizal Laguna. Perfectly fitted to suit up all iPads.*59
  60. 60. PRECIOUS HERBAL PILLOW Each pillow purchased provides aSan Nicolas, Bulacan sewing community with an income four times higher than the usualpiece rate. Profits also support Right Start Community Development Inc., a non-stock,non-profit NGO that gives underprivileged Filipino children a right start in life throughmusic, dance creative arts.Small Pillow: P599.00Dimensions: 6”x 11”Color: Plain light greenShoulder Pillow: P999.00Dimensions: 7”x 20”Color: Leaf pattern60
  61. 61. ISABEL RAG DOLLLet your little one dream big withthis cuddly Isabel Rag Doll by Anthill! Whether she dreams of becominga successful doctor or a sugar plum fairy, there is no limit to herimagination as she nurtures this graceful little Pinay doll – now with newoutfits for more playtime fun! These cheerful dolls are crafted byHOME, an urban sewing community of mothers from Cebu.Isabel Rag Doll: P549.00Dimensions: 13.5” x 3” x 18”Color: PinkDoctor’s Gown: P125.00(Gown stethoscope only; doll not included)Princess Gown: P199.00(Dress only; doll not included)outfits!new61
  62. 62. METRO MANILAFlagship Store463 Commonwealth Ave.Brgy. Matandang Balara, Q.C.(02) 224-2222/ (02) Branch1310 Bambang St. cor. FerminTubera St., Sta. Cruz, Manila(02) 254-7477/ñaque BranchUnit R06, Santana Grove7202 Soreena Dr. cor.Dr. A. Santos Ave.,Paranaque City(02) 828-4572/ 0925-555-0599/ 0918-9904383hn.paranaque@gmail.comNEW LOOK ANDSITE IN JUNE!Pasig BranchQuorum Centre, 73 C.Raymundo Ave, Pasig City(02) 213-4813/ 0917-5225577 / 0939-4179780/0932-4554281OPENING IN JUNE!BRANCHDIRECTORYUP Village BranchUnit 9-D Mahinhin St.UP Village, Q.C.(02) 332-7885/ (02) 332-98580905-4513468humanheartnature.quezoncity@gmail.comAntipolo BranchG/F Comoda Ville,267-269 Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo, Rizal(02) 571-8341/ (02) OPEN!LUZONBulacan BranchPlaza San Jose, Paseodel Congreso, Catmon,Malolos City, Bulacan(044) 794-32780932-8843278/0917-5443278hn.malolos@gmail.comNEW SITE and NEW LOOKIN MAY!Cabanatuan BranchFMN Industrial Corp, MaharlikaHi-way, Cabanatuan City,Nueva Ecija(044) 464-0083 /0927-2031532hn.cabanatuan@gmail.comCainta BranchG/F, Rublou Market PlaceOrtigas Ext. cor. BrooksideGate 3, Cainta, Rizal(02) 213-4813 / BranchPurok Silangan, MaharlikaHi-way, IbabangDupay, Lucena City09175604536OPENING IN JUNE!Olongapo BranchUnit 1-3, SubicCreative CenterSubic Commercialand Light ParkManila Ave., cor. DeweyAve. CBD Area, Subic BayFreeport Zone, OlongapoCity, Zambales(047) 603-1471/ BranchTiangge-Tiangge Lacao St.cor. Carandang St. Brgy.Maningning, PuertoPrincesa, Palawan(048) 434-1731/0926-42205100939-8865431hn.palawan@gmail.comNaga BranchGround Floor, JP II AtriumBagumbayan Sur, Naga City(054) 472-1174 /0905-2628635hhn.naga@gmail.comSan Fernando, La UnionBranchF. Ortega Hi-way cor.Zamora St., Brgy. II, SanFernando City, La Union(072) 607-0343 /0999-9967166hn.sanfernando@gmail.comNEW SITE AND NEWLOOK IN JUNE!San Fernando,Pampanga Branch3M Building, MacArthurHi-way, San Agustin,San Fernando City,Pampanga(045) 963-5958/0932-625 Pablo, Laguna BranchG/F G Square Bldg.,Barleta St. cor. Malvar St.San Pablo City, Laguna(049) 503-10960922-8108627/ the BESTof the PHILIPPINES62
  63. 63. HUMAN NATUREPRODUCTSWhy are your prices cheaper than othernatural organic products?Our ingredients are the same or even betterthan higher priced brands but we chose togreatly reduce the usual profit margins andbe affordable so all Filipinos can use productsthat are good for them and the environment.Only when millions use products free fromharmful chemicals can we truly make adifference in our environment and in the livesof Filipino farming communities.Why do your products carry a 1 yearshelf life compared to 2 or more years forchemical products?We believe that using fresh ingredients isalways the best. Our preservatives are 100%free from harmful chemicals and help extendthe life of our products to 12 months whichis a reasonable time for a product to becompletely used up. Longer than that.. well,let’s just say fresh is best!Why do I have to store natural productsbelow 35°C and out of direct sunlight?Just like with fresh fruits and vegetables,high temperature and direct sunlight cantrigger discoloration, hasten deteriorationand affect the color or scent of the product.Since Human Nature productsare 95% - 100% natural, you can expectthe same reaction with our products.Most of the time, product efficacyremains the same even if scent and coloris affected. To preserve the lookand quality of all natural products,it is important to store them below 35°Cand keep them out of direct sunlight.Can people still be allergic to natural organic products?There are people who are inherently allergicto natural substances such as bee pollen,honey or eggs. However, synthetic chemicalsubstances have a much higher likelihoodof causing allergies and irritation. Since ourproducts are 100% free from these irritatingchemical substances, there is less likelihoodof allergic reactions to our products.Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. - the companybehind Human Nature - is registered withthe FDA with LTO # RD-II-MM-CT-0458FAQ onSantiago BranchHeritage Complex,Maharlika RoadMalvar, Santiago City, Isabela(078) 305-1440/ 0917-8087453hhn.santiago@gmail.comVISAYASBacolod BranchRoom 201, 2/F VSB Bldg., 6thLacson St., Bacolod City(034) 435-8279 / Branch2/F Everglory Bldg.C. Gallares cor. C. Putong St.Tagbilaran City(038) 500-3464/ City BranchUnit 3, The Strip, Osmeña Blvd.Capitol Site, Cebu City(032) 236-0549/ (032) 412-96960932-5354914hn.cebu@gmail.comIloilo BranchG/F 168 Gloria Bldg., LedesmaSt., Iloilo City(033) 300-100209209828509iloilo@humanheartnature.comMandaue BranchG/F The Orchard Cebu Hotel SuitesA.S. Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City(032) 421-1344 (032) 381-01780928-77970710917-32218530922-8365442/43/ BranchJose Ester Tan Bldg.2/F Door #5 Aviles St., cor. Rizal St.,Ormoc City, Leyte(053) 255-8442 / 0908-2942172hn.ormoc@gmail.comTacloban Branch165 Avenida Veteranos St.Brgy. 23-A, Tacloban City(053) 327-8637/ 0922-6756593hn.tacloban@gmail.comMINDANAOCagayan de Oro BranchSia Bldg. cor Arch. Bishop Hayes St. Don Apolinar Velez St., CDO City(088) 852-4207 /0906-52860620933-5696278hhn.cdoc@gmail.comDavao City BranchUnit No.10 Plaza del CarmenA. Loyola St. Bo Obrero, Davao City(082) 295-2976 / 0923-3739104 / 0923 747 6384hn.davao@gmail.comZamboanga BranchG/F Guan Seng Bldg. Almonte cor.Tomas Caludio St., Zamboanga City(062) 992-0311/ 0917-7222432zamboanga@humanheartnature.comShowcase of othersocial enterprisesThe Social Enterprisecategory at theLaguna branchThe Kids’ Corner atthe Olongapo branchOur friendly andaccommodating store staffFreshly-brewed coffee,free all the way!Traditional wooden toys andgood old storybooks for yourkids in tow at the kids playarea3216542 35 663
  64. 64. 64
  65. 65. Rachel GrantPhilippine-born former Beauty Queen,Bond Girl, Adventure Writer Social Entrepreneur,Human Nature Global AmbassadorPET CAREA few years ago, I noticed canine cancer was on therise and became very particular with how I cleaned mydog, Brutus. I realized that many pet washes containtons of toxic chemicals! That’s why I teamed up withHuman Nature to create Furry Kind, your naturalPet Care brand free from harmful chemicals so ourfurry friends could have healthier, longer lives.I was so excited to share the goodness in our NaturalCocomutt Shampoo, I even tried it on other dogsall the way in New York City — and they loved it! Formany, pets are family. They calm us down when we’reupset and perk us up when we’re lonely. So choose togive them the safest ingredients that touch their skin,paws and fur, because your furry kind pet deservesfurry special treatment!Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo96.4% NaturalAvailable in Tangerine TreatP 349.75 500mlFurryNatural Goodnessfor your FURRY special friend“This is the only doggy shampoo that doesn’tmess with my dog’s hair color and it has acheaper price compared to other dog shampoos.Two thumbs up for this product!”– Cristelle KaithDEALEREXCLUSIVE65
  66. 66. INSECT REPELLENTFROM DENGUE,HAS GOTTEN EVEN BETTEREnhanced Protection! Better Scent! Great New Look!NATURAL PROTECTIONBug Shield Oil (formerly Bug Spray)100% Natural | DEET-freeYour trusted citronella insect repellent now packs an even more powerfulpunch against pesky mosquitoes with our new and improved Bug ShieldOil. Now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for an added boostof protection and an even better scent!P 159.75 100mlP 99.75 50mlBug Shield Lotion100% Natural | DEET-freeAre you a lotion lover? Then you can still get thatsame natural protection from dengue minus theDEET with this non-sticky, easy to apply lotion!P 94.75 50mlCombat dengue while battling poverty!100% of the profits from every BugShield Oil and Bug Shield Lotion soldwill fund the development of sustainablelivelihood for our partner farmingcommunites in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.OFFERP 89.75 50mlSave P5!Be a part of ourFarmer’s Fund Drive66
  67. 67. BETTERSCENTOur goal is to sell 50,000 bottles which will fund the citronellaoil processing facilities in Brgy. Imbayao and Brgy. San Jose inBukidnon. Join us as we show the farmers our commitment to helpend poverty for them!newlookDID YOU KNOW?DEET which is used in many insect repellents, was developed for military warfare andnot for daily, long-term use. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to DEET killsbrain neurons and affects the central nervous system.67
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