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Event Individual Proposal
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Event Individual Proposal


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A written proposal to hold an event for a small group of people for the NCUR conference in Ithaca, NY in 2011

A written proposal to hold an event for a small group of people for the NCUR conference in Ithaca, NY in 2011

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  • 1. Proposal To: th 25 National Conference on Undergraduate Research Ithaca College– Ithaca, NY March 30th-April 2nd, 2011 Submitted By: Heather Mueller 240.506.3733 Title: A Taste of Ithaca- Moosewood Dining Experience Date Submitted: April 20, 2009 Principle Investigator: Heather Mueller Authorizing Official: Signed: Principle Investigators: _______________________ David Prunty _________________________ Ithaca College Heather Mueller 953 Danby Road Financial Manager Ithaca, NY 14950
  • 2. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Summary..........................................................................................3 National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.............................4 Location............................................................................................5 Budget...............................................................................................5 Agenda..............................................................................................7 Menu.................................................................................................8 Transportation...................................................................................8 Publicity............................................................................................9 Other Issues.....................................................................................10 Evaluation........................................................................................11 References........................................................................................13 Appendix..........................................................................................14
  • 3. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 3 SUMMARY Moosewood Restaurant is a world-famous vegetarian eatery that is unique to Ithaca. It was “started by a collective of seven young people with no formal culinary training and little restaurant experience” (Moosewood Restaurant, 2003). According to Bon Appetit, it is one of 13 restaurants that has revolutionized the way Americans eat over the past century (Moosewood Restaurant). The restaurant’s goal is to never make people feel uncomfortable about what they want to eat, and offer mainly vegetarian and vegan dishes (Moosewood Restaurant). They serve fish, and on occasion meat. I believe Moosewood shows the spirit and culture of Ithaca. It does because seven people decided they wanted to start a vegetarian restaurant in the 1970’s when there were hardly any vegetarian restaurants, but they never gave up hope. Now Moosewood is a thriving business with many awards from the James Beard Foundation, as well as awards for the restaurant’s cookbooks. For a post-meeting trip during the National Conferences of Undergraduate Research, I planned a trip to Moosewood Restaurant. The theme of the event would be “A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience.” Attendees must register for this event before NCUR. Attendees will eat at the restaurant for a maximum of 3 hours, and then all be shuttled back to campus together. They will have the option of remaining in the downtown Ithaca, or taking a taxi somewhere else and will be provided with taxi services. I choose Moosewood Restaurant because it is an appropriate activity for NCUR and the specific target audience of college undergraduate students. College aged students typically spend college years deliberately experimenting and refining his or her likes and dislikes. So, if the students were introduced to the unique style and creative menus of the restaurant, they could be intrigued and inclined to try something new. Moosewood serves meals that show that “dinner
  • 4. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 4 may be an occasion for creativity that doesn't always have to be built around a slab of meat” (Moosewood Restaurant). This could accommodate to anyone who choose to go on this activity, whether they were a meat lover, or not. NATIONAL CONFERENCES ON UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH The National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), established in 1987, is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study by sponsoring an annual conference for students. Unlike meetings of academic professional organizations, this gathering of young scholars welcomes presenters from all institutions of higher learning and from all corners of the academic curriculum. Through this annual conference, NCUR creates a unique environment for the celebration and promotion of undergraduate student achievement, provides models of exemplary research and scholarship, and helps to improve the state of undergraduate education. In addition to providing a forum for student presentations and performances through its annual conference, NCUR also does many other activities and events. The conference organizes workshops for faculty and administrators who support undergraduate research and creative activity on campuses across the country. The conference collaborates with other national organizations in support of undergraduate research and the improvement of undergraduate education. NCUR administers the NCUR/Lancy initiative, which awards grants to support summer interdisciplinary undergraduate research programs. NCUR publishes a proceedings of the conference, sponsors with the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and annual Institute for Undergraduate Research Program Directors, and sponsors special projects on issues relating to the goals of the organization. (Bakrania, 2009).
  • 5. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 5 LOCATION Moosewood is located in downtown Ithaca, NY. Ithaca is in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, is a gorgeous place, graced with streams, waterfalls, an occasional ravine, Cornell University and Ithaca College (Moosewood Restaurant). The restaurant is in its original home in the Dewitt Mall, a renovated historic brick school building at the corner of Seneca and Cayuga Streets (Moosewood Restaurant). There is also at least “20 square feet per person” in the dining area, which is a space requirement (Allen, 2000, p. 132) (See Appendix H). BUDGET The total expenses for the trip to Moosewood Restaurant is $8,895.92, and the total income is estimated to be $3,150.00. This results in a $5,745.92 profit loss that NCUR has to pay for as a part of its’ extra conference fees. The total expenses of the site was $4,261.00 To rent out Moosewood Restaurant for this event, it costs $1,600 for the first hour of rental, and $1,000 per hour after that. Since I rented out the restaurant for three hours, this fee cost $3,6000. I thought this was a reasonable price for the site price, especially since they included many other things in that price, such as linens and flowers. The restaurant charges 20% gratuity for parties over 7, and this event has a maximum of 70 guests. Therefore, the gratuity price is $525.00. In order for Ithacapella to perform, they need a basic portable service including 3 microphones, 1 mackie powered mixer, 2 dual 12” speakers, and a CD player. Labor will require 2 technicians, 2.5 hours of setup time with a 15 minute sound check, and a strike of the equipment for 1 hour after the conclusion of the event. The labor of the 2 technicians will cost $59.50. The set equipment use outside of the campus center costs $76.50. In total, all of the equipment costs $136.00. The total decoration expenses were $0.00. I will not have to provide decorations because
  • 6. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 6 Moosewood Restaurant covers the price of all the decorations I would have provided. Moosewood provides fresh flowers, tea lights, lighting, and paper supplies. I did not want to purchase balloons because the balloons would not have added anything extra to the event, and would have just been an extra cost. The total publicity expenses were $1,470.00. There was no money spent on graphics work, since I did it myself. The printing costs were $621.00. I printed 70 “save the date” 8½ x11 mailers, as well as 2000 8½ x11 posters advertising the event. The postage on the “save the date” mailers costs $29.40 since I will mail each mailer too all participants who registered for the event. I also sent flyers to each of NCUR attendees individually, which cost $820.00 on postage. NCUR did not charge anything to advertise for this event through their website. The total miscellaneous expenses were $539.92. Transportation cost $360.00 since I ordered two 41-passenger Cornell University Transit Charters to transport the attendees to and from Moosewood from Ithaca College. The cost of the stationary suppliers to mail out the mailers was $179.92 through the Office Depot website. Since I ordered a pack of 2000 stationary, I was able to save money on stationary because the more you order, the more money you save (Office Depot, Inc., 2009). I did not fax any flyers or mailers to anyone, nor did I contact anyone via telephone to advertise this event. The total refreshment expenses were $2,625.00. A typical dinner at Moosewood costs $15.00, and a typical drink is from $5.00-$7.00 without tip included. Tip will be about $8.00 per customer. However, all of the refreshment expenses are covered in the registration fee, which is $45.00 per guest. Linens, plates and silverware were free because the price of linens in included in the site fee. The total program expenses were $0.00. Ithacapella did not cost anything to book, nor did
  • 7. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 7 they require transportation to Moosewood Restaurant. They live throughout the Ithaca Community so I did not have to provide hotels, or any other fees. There were no prizes or gifts awarded or handout out either. The proposed cost to participants in $45.00 per person. This covers the cost of food and transportation. If 70 people attend, with each ticket costing $45.00, there will be a $3,150.00 income. There will be no return to the planning committee. AGENDA This event was planned so the attendees of NCUR could have the chance to eat an authentic dinner in Ithaca, NY (See Appendix A). At 5:30 PM, the attendees should arrive in front of the campus center, facing the parking lot. This is the pick up location. Shortly after, two Cornell University Transit Charters will arrive. At 5:45 PM the buses will leave. At 6:00 the buses will have reached Moosewood Restaurant and unloaded all passengers. From 6:10-9:00 PM attendees will enjoy a appetizing meal at Moosewood Restaurant. At 7:30, Ithacapella will perform. I choose Ithacapella to perform because they are a student organization unique to Ithaca College, and shows the audience another part of the culture of Ithaca, NY. In addition, Ithacapella has self-recorded 4 cd’s, as well as placing first in the Semi Finals round of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (Ithacapella, 2009). The set up time for staging and lighting is minimal, so the restaurant will not need to close in order to set up (Allen, 2000, p. 166). Attendees may leave whenever their meal is finished, or they can wait for the buses. At 9:00 PM the attendees will begin to board the bus, and at 9:20 the bus will depart. If attendees choose not take the bus, they will be provided with a list of taxi services in Ithaca, NY. At 9:30 the bus will arrive at its’ point of origin at the campus center, facing the parking lot. Attendees may return to their hotels from there. I choose the event to be 3 hours so attendees would not feel
  • 8. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 8 rushed when enjoying their meal and entertainment, and would be able to relax while dining. MENU At Moosewood Restaurant, the menu changes daily for lunch and dinner. This occurs because the “cooks & menu planners are continually creating new & exciting dishes while also drawing from hundreds of recipes found in the Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks” (Moosewood Restaurant, 2003). However, for the purpose of this event, I have secured a menu for the attendees to choose from so attendees may preview the menu before deciding to attend the event (See Appendix B). I tried to secure as many fixed costs as possible, and created a custom menu to keep costs lower for the event planner as well as the registration fee for the event (Allen, 2000, p. 166). The dinner will consist of a house salad, a main entrée, and a drink within the range of $5.00 - $7.00. The menu consists of cornbread-chipotle crusted catfish, provencal ragout, spinach cheese ravioli, and primavera filo rolls. All entrees are served with a house salad. The dressings are home-made by the restaurant and consist of creamy spinach-basil, feta garlic, lemon tahini, miso ginger, honey dijon, and dressing du jour (Moosewood Restaurant). Any entrée with a (V) indicates a dish that can be made vegan, and all dishes are served with optional items, unless otherwise requested (Moosewood Restaurant). TRANSPORTATION Cornell University Transit Charters will provide transportation to and from Moosewood Restaurant. The full-service charter operation runs “finely-appointed buses for travel within New York State” (Cornell University, 2009). Membership of the Cornell University community is not required to use the Cornell University Transit Charters, and the charters can be booked by anyone for any purpose, and paid for in a variety of ways (Cornell University). The largest charter holds 41 people, so I will be reserving two buses to hold a maximum of 82 people. Since
  • 9. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 9 only 70 people can fit in Moosewood Restaurant, this holds more than the maximum amount of people who could attend the trip. I will be renting the two buses for 3 hours. There is a 3-hour minimum on weekends, which fits the needs of the event, and the cost is $180.00 per bus (Cornell University). I used the Cornell University charters instead of Ithaca Airline buses because two 36-passenger buses would have cost $492.00 with Ithaca Airline, while Cornell University charters only cost $360 for two 41-passenger charters. After dinner, the attendees have the option of taking the charter back to campus, taking a taxi back to their hotel room, or remaining in the commons and taking a taxi home later. Since there are many options of returning the attendees back to their hotel rooms, I will provide a list of taxi services so the attendees can do whatever they please after the event (See Appendix E). Guests may have their cars during NCUR, and if this is the case, we will advertise on the website for the event where the closest parking in to the Moosewood Restaurant, which is in close walking distance to the restaurant (Allen, 2000, p.82). This way, if guests cannot make it to Ithaca College before the event, they will still be able to attend. PUBLICITY To publicize this event, I will utilize the internet, mailers, Ithaca College campus, as well the NCUR website. To reduce costs, I utilized the internet for half of my advertising, to reduce costs. NCUR created a section of its’ website to publicize this event. If people want to register, this page linked them to the evite for the event. I created an “evite,” which is an electronic invitation (See Appendix F). This saves on mailing costs, and is sustainable since it does not require paper. The evite includes the information about the host NCUR, the restaurant, when, as well as some information about the restaurant. There is a 70 person limit for this trip, and if people notice the small limit of spaces, it may incline them to register. When attendees register
  • 10. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 10 for this event, NCUR will be notified, and will send out a “save the date” mailer to each person who signs up (See Appendix C). In addition, flyers regarding information about the Moosewood event will also be mailed out to every participant of NCUR (See Appendix D). The remaining flyers will be posted around Ithaca College during NCUR to remind the people who registered about the event. OTHER ISSUES I could foresee a couple of issues with this event. Since this trip to Moosewood Restaurant is on the first day of NCUR, people may be too tired to go out to eat. This is why I emphasized on one of the flyers that this event will be fun and relaxing. The attendees will have a nice and relaxing time eating delicious food authentic to Ithaca, NY, as well as listening to the soothing voices of an all make a cappella group from Ithaca College. Moosewood is an authentic location in Ithaca and it is fun and relaxing, and this will hopefully be apparent through the advertisements for the event. Another thing is that since I utilized the internet a lot for publicity of this event, some people who aren’t internet savvy might not see the invitation. This is why I am also sending out a hard-copy of the invitation to the attendees of NCUR. Another issue may be that attendees may finish dinner quickly, and want to leave. This is why I am providing a list with taxi services to every attendee at the event. This way, they can explore Ithaca after dinner, and still have a way to return to their hotels. Another issue may be that Moosewood will have to turn away and walk-in customers not associated with NCUR, and may “fear that guests once turned away will no longer return.” (Allen, 2000, p. 39). Some ways to overcome this concern are to post signs announcing the closing well in advance, in newspapers and on Moosewood’s website, to post “private party” signs on the day of the event, hand out coupons for complimentary beverages or appetizers to any walk-in customers and thank them for their
  • 11. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 11 understanding, and to advertise neighboring restaurants (Allen, p. 39). EVALUATION I believe the event planned, of eating an authentic and fun dinner at Moosewood Restaurant, will be successful. I will measure success by how many people come to the dinner. Since the restaurant can hold 70 people I think if 53 people if would be a great number for the turnout of people who attended. That is 75% of the whole restaurant filled with people. In addition, I will measure success through a survey to see how satisfied the attendees were with the event. After NCUR, I will send all the participants who attended the Moosewood Dinner and survey online to complete. This survey will tell us if the attendees enjoyed the dinner and if they would return to the restaurant. The staff at Moosewood has “handled events of this nature before,” so the event should run smoothly in terms of handling food and handling the guests as well as their needs (Allen, 2000, p. 60). Moosewood has hosted many banquets and special events in the past, while still remaining a successful and thriving restaurant (Moosewood Restaurant, 2003). This post meeting activity for NCUR will allow participants of NCUR to enjoy the town they are visiting during the conferences. Hopefully, it will allow for members of NCUR to get to know each other. The event is also relatively inexpensive, and was estimated to be $12,300.00 instead of $8,895.92, which is a big difference. I was able to keep the budget of the event to a reasonable cost, with attendees’ registration fees covering $3,150.00 of the total cost. I think this event is a good activity for attendees of NCUR to participate in, because it ties in many aspects of Ithaca, NY. The attendees are going to a restaurant original to Ithaca, eating food that has won many awards, listening to a student organization from Ithaca College, while enjoying the company of other students. Since only a limited number of people can attend, they
  • 12. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 12 should be able to meet many of the other people there, and the atmosphere of the event should feel comfortable and relaxing. Even though the attendees already paid for the dinner, they still have a selection of things to pick from to eat and drink. Overall, “A Taste of Ithaca: The Moosewood Dining Experience” shall be a great event.
  • 13. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 13 REFERENCES Allen, J. (2000). Event planning. Canada: Wiley. Bakrania, S. (2009). NCUR. Retrieved April 14, 2009, from Cornell University. (2009). CU transit. In Cornell University. Retrieved April 18, 2009, from Ithacapella. (2009). Ithacapella. Retrieved April 18, 2009, from Ithaca College Web site: Moosewood Restaurant. (2003). Moosewood restaurant. Retrieved April 14, 2009, from Office Depot, Inc. (2009). Flat print letterhead & envelopes. In Office depot. Retrieved April 18, 2009, from N=5+3314+378259&Ne=100/
  • 14. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 14 APPENDIX A Time Activity 5:30 PM Arrive at Ithaca College – Campus Center Entrance – to wait for bus 5:45-6:00 PM Travel to destination 6:00 PM Arrive at Moosewood Restaurant 6:10-7:30 PM Dinner at Moosewood Restaurant 7:30-8:00 PM Performance by Ithacapella 8:00-9:00 PM Continue with dinner 9:20 PM Depart from Moosewood Restaurant 9:20-9:30 PM Travel to initial site 9:30 PM Arrive at Ithaca College
  • 15. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 15 APPENDIX B Dinner Menu March 30, 2009 QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Spinach Cheese Ravioli
  • 16. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 16 APPENDIX C Save The Date! QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. The Moosewood Dining Experience
  • 17. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 17 ATasteofIthaca Wednesday March 30th, 2011 6:00-9:00 PM Meet at IC Square for Shuttle to Restaurant For More Information Visit
  • 18. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 18 APPENDIX D QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Want to get a Taste of Ithaca?
  • 19. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 19 The Moosewood Dining Experience ArelaxingauthenticdinnerinIthaca Wednesday March 30th, 2011 6:00-9:00 PM Cost: $45/per person
  • 20. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 20 Meet at IC Square for Shuttle to Restaurant Register at Only 70 spots
  • 21. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 21 APPENDIX E Taxi Services in Ithaca, NY A Plus Taxi (607) 533-8294 Cayuga Taxi (607) 277-8294 Finger Lakes Taxi (607) 277-0611 Green Hornet Taxi & Transportation Service (607) 327-1128 Ithaca Dispatch Inc (607) 277-7777 Any questions? Call Ithaca College’s Information Desk (607) 274-3011
  • 22. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 22 APPENDIX F Evite
  • 23. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 23 APPENDIX G Budget
  • 24. A Taste of Ithaca: Moosewood Dining Experience 24 APPENDIX H Dining Room of Moosewood Layout Chair Speaker KEY Main “Stage Mackie Door Area” Stage Power Microphone Table Lights System