Quick Study in Program Analytics


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Measurement is a hot topic in the digital sphere, mainly because of its complexity. This deck provides a top line breakdown of the elements behind analyzing program analytics.

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Quick Study in Program Analytics

  1. 1. A Quick Study in Program Analytics Boyd Neil National Practice Leader Social Media and Digital Communications boyd.neil@hkstrategies.ca @boydneil www.boydneil.com September 12, 2012
  2. 2. A Caution
  3. 3. Terminology HygieneMonitoring – Listening – Sorting and qualifying data as relevant or notMeasuring – Assignment of a numerical value to a program objective – E.g. number of „Likes‟, site visits, number of followers . . . Etc.Analyzing – Interpreting data (either monitoring or measurement) in light of business and social web program objectivesReporting – To whom and how
  4. 4. And Let‟s Be ClearROI has two elements; 1. Cost of the activity (investment) expressed in dollars 2. Gain from that activity (revenue or cost saving) expressed in dollarsTherefore . . . ROI = Gain – Cost Cost
  5. 5. What Is Useful To MeasureFrequency (refers to “buy rate”) – but it also means getting social connections to interact with you more oftenReach (refers to finding new customers) – but it also means attracting net new stakeholders/followers, customers, media etc.Yield (refers to getting customers to spend more each time they interactwith you) – but it also means getting deeper engagement out of each contact
  6. 6. Measurement StrategyBusiness Objectives Social Web Program ObjectivesDefined by thebusiness unit Realistic Targets for Each Objective Can be expressed in Measurement terms of Specific and frequency, reac measurable for Select h and yield each program objective measurement numbers
  7. 7. Measurement StrategyBusiness Objectives Social Web Program ObjectivesGrow sales withconnected Realistic Targets for Each Objectivecustomers Increase social participation Measurement Generate 300 comments and mentions per Comments per day on social post (blog) platforms Comments per update (Facebook)
  8. 8. XXXXX Sales Rep Incentive ProgramPROGRAM OVERVIEW
  9. 9. Program Objectives Drive Sales – Push sales of the XXXXX phone by creating more engagement with sales reps Create Brand Awareness – Engage reps about XXXXX where they already are hanging out in the social space Educate – Communicate new device product features to sales reps through the application Create Stickiness – Refresh content and offer rewards for ongoing participation
  10. 10. Concept Customized rewards and loyalty program built in Facebook to engage XXXXX sales reps Easy-to-use app  Provided innovative learning environment  Maximized viral attributes of social media  Used positive competition of gamification. App was designed to provide ongoing points and rewards system for sales reps  Collect points and badges for participation  Redeem points based on their ranking for rewards.
  11. 11. Registration National XXXXX sales team tasked with registering reps into program Series of unique codes created for each rep so program members could be tracked Print collateral:  Poster placed in Bell stores  Postcards„ outlined general information about program, prizing, call-to-action, and individual validation code Reps given $5 Starbucks gift cards as incentive to sign up
  12. 12. GamificationPoints allocated for activities on theapp, for example: – Posting a tip (20 points) – Watching a video (10 points) – Taking a Quiz (up to 10 points based on correct answers) – Participate in a discussion (10 points) – Log a sale (30 points)Leaderboard showed rankings of reps asthey competed to reach the redemptionlevels – Groupie, Posse, Wingman, LegendAdditional sales incentive was layered onwith a „Top Ten Challenge‟ to sell mostXXXXX devices
  13. 13. PrizingThe table below outlines the prizes developed for the app:Level Points Needed Reward Value Number AvailableNewbie N/A No rewardGroupie 250 $10 (Starbucks gift card) 1500Posse 650 $15 (Future Shop gift card) 1000Wingman 1250 $25 (Cineplex Odeon gift Card) 300Legend 2000 Motorola product – XT860 4G or 40 XOOM with Speaker HD DockTop ten sales reps N/A – sales based The top ten sales reps in terms of 10 on validated IMEIs XT860 4G sales were awarded one of three vacations packages worth $3,000Note: Rewards were capped at the numbers indicated; sales reps would then continue on to try for the next level with abonus 50 points to keep going.
  14. 14. Mystery ShopSales reps participating in the program whorecommended XXXXX during the mystery shoppingperiod were awarded 100 bonus points, along with everysales rep in that store location participating in the program90 in-person mystery shops were conducted at retaillocations across Canada in September 2011
  15. 15. XXXXX Incentive ProgramRESULTS
  16. 16. Participation Total sales rep participation: 795 Badge levels: 7% Groupie – 201 reached Groupie level Posse – 105 reached Posse level Wingman – 74 reached Wingman level 9% 25% Legend – 59 reached Legend level 13%
  17. 17. Top 10 Sales Winners
  18. 18. XXXXX Recommendation Rate70% • 50 sales reps ultimately recommended XXXXX60% • 36 sales reps ultimately recommended XXXXX 58% (note, not all of these reps were on the program) • 38 sales reps in the program community were50% awarded mystery shopping points40% 36% 35% Bell30% The Source20%10% 0%0% Prompted Ultimate Recommendation
  19. 19. Program Results Overview Measure Target AchievementTotal Rep Participation • 1,000 • 795Recommendation Rate • 5% • 36% (Bell); 0% (The Source) – unprompted • 58% (Bell); 35% (The Source) – ultimate recoBadge Level • 90% achieve Groupie • 356 users stayed at 100 pointsParticipation • 50% achieve Posse • 231 users had between 100 & 250 points • 25-30% achieve Wingman • 201 users reached Groupie; 122 stayed at Groupie • 5% achieve Legend – 25% achieved Groupie or higher • 105 users reached Posse; 31 stayed at Posse – 13% achieved Posse or higher • 74 users reached Wingman;15 stayed at Wingman – 9% achieved Wingman or higher • 59 Users reached Legend Status – 7% achieved LegendEngagement • N/A • 8,400+ Discussions posted by reps • 4,200+ Tips approved uploaded by Reps • 300+ Facebook Comments by Reps • 343,852 “free” earned media impressions inside Facebook by Reps app usage (based on 6,987 actions)Traffic • Google stats • 9,958 Visits • 199.16 average visits a day • 100,483 Page viewsSales Lift • 20% • 26% • Total number of sales was 582
  20. 20. Your Attention Has Been Appreciated/ Graphic Credit . . . http://gapingvoidgallery.com/