So You Write Cool Stuff, Now What?


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Allison Knaupe, SVP Digital Strategist at H+K, delivers the 4 C's of promoting your blog. Follow her on Twitter at @aknaupe.

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  • There’s a reason you’re blogging, remember that and try not to stray too far. Be true to yourself.
  • There are so many successful bloggers in a lot of different areas nowdays. Many of them we know as mommy bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers who found so much success that companies wanted to partner with them. They struggle sometimes with finding their own inspiration and meeting the needs and interests of their sponsored audience.The point is, you started with a POV, and that’s why people began reading your blog. Stick with what brung you. If you’re thinking about starting a block, have a POV.It’s ok to stop for a while. Use visuals. Ask your readers for input.
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  • cross promo—add your url to everythingcross promo—lifestylevs corporate (pinterest v linkedin)offline promo—believe it or not, stickers are cool
  • cross promo—add your url to everythingcross promo—lifestylevs corporate (pinterest v linkedin)offline promo—believe it or not, stickers are cool
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  • So You Write Cool Stuff, Now What?

    1. 1. So You Write Cool Stuff,Now What?The 4 C’s of Promoting Your Blog
    2. 2. The 4 C’sContent Cross-Promo Connection Calculation 2
    3. 3. Content
    4. 4. Opinion FamilySports fashion Expertise Politics Humorfood Travel Do-It-Yourself Pets celebrity 4
    5. 5. Writer’s Block? Don’t Worry. Breathe. 5
    6. 6. And now for some tricks
    7. 7. Use Great HeadlinesMost important part of your postMake it tweetable (and re-tweetable)Tips from bloggers and copywriters = formulaswork: The Secret of _________ Here’s a Quick Way to __________ Who Else Wants _______?Lots of advice online:18 Resources to Help you Write Better BlogTitles
    8. 8. For Example: Stores Expecting Big Lines on Black Friday
    9. 9. Or: It’s Going to Be a Rough Black Friday Credit: Blog
    10. 10. Learn From LettermanThe blogosphere loves a good Top TenCan you present your content as a list or in aranking or a How To? Top Ten Top Five Three Tips How to do [blank] How to do [blank] betterWhat would attract your target audience?
    11. 11. Get Re-tweeted 1. you 11. please re-tweet 2. twitter 12. great 3. please 13. social media 4. re-tweet 14. 10 5. post 15. follow 6. blog 16. how to 7. social 17. top 8. free 18. blog post 9. media 19. check out 10. help 20. new blog post Information provided by Dan Zarella
    12. 12. Get Re-tweeted and Shared
    13. 13. Get It Out There!Can your content be re-packaged in other easyto share formats?Are there different ways for John Doe (andsearch engines) to find it?How would your audience most like to engagewith your content?Does the content include the audience’s pointof view?Can it be made more visual?Is it a good story?
    14. 14. Cross-Promo
    15. 15. There’s a lot out there, but you don’t have to do it all…at least not all at once 15
    16. 16. As you know, know your audience Ari Seth Cohen Photographer, fashion writer 16
    17. 17. Add your URL to everything:More tricks Hey, offline is still a place: • blog plaster…it’s stickers— seriously! • leave flyers behind • get in event programs Fish where the fish are: Where is your target audience online? Go there. And push them to your blog with your cool headlines, interesting visuals, and relevant content
    18. 18. Connection
    19. 19. Reach Out to Other Bloggers1) Reach : Let them know you’re there through direct inbox or email messaging;comment (but not in a stalker-psycho way) on their posts2) Relevancy is key - don’t pitch stories to other bloggers that have little or no relevanceto their blog. You’ll just be wasting their time and yours.3) Only pitch your best posts - you will have a much higher success rate at getting alink if you only do it with your best stuff. I would only ever do this with around 1-2% of myposts.4) Give them an angle – don’t just shoot the link over – tell the blogger what the story isabout and why it might be relevant to their blog. Save them a little work by showing howthe post might be interesting to their readers.4) Keep it brief – if the blogger wants lots of details about your post they’ll click the link.Be to the point, communicate what you need to say and then let the blogger get on withtheir day.5) Be personal – use their name, their blog’s name and show you are not just spammingthousands of blogs with your email. 19
    20. 20. Be Sure to Mind Your P‘s and Q’sDO:Give credit where credit is due: provide the blogger’s handles,hashtags, etc. if you are using some of their information in yourpostsDON’T:Don’t sell yourself in comments, like linking to your site in theircomment section. Tacky. 20
    21. 21. Calculation
    22. 22. Thank YouFor more information, please contact:Allison KnaupeDigital Strategist,