HKD2 - Qype - User Generated Differences


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Stephen Taylor, CEO Qype, takes a look at Differences between reviewers communities across Europe

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HKD2 - Qype - User Generated Differences

  1. 1. User Generated Differences: a market by market look at Qype March 2010 a c 0 0 1
  2. 2. Qype is changing the European “local”  landscape  • Consumers and  businesses are moving  online Yellow Pages • Consumers want  understand, connect and  understand connect and comment not just find • Small business need to  engage not just advertise Social networks City guides Mobile Location
  3. 3. Leadership across Europe • From 6 – 16m Unique Visitors per month  2009 • Already market leader in UK, FR, DE – beating established players and new  entrants United Kingdom • 10 dedicated domains with over 1 millions  Ireland Germany Poland user reviews in 7 languages. All languages  accessible from all domains France Austria Switzerland • Over 600k user contributions per month Spain Italy • Proven ability to replicate model. Each  market launched grows more quickly than  the last Brazil 3
  4. 4. Coverage of more than 50,000 towns and cities Paris Berlin London Hamburg München Cork Köln Dublin Wien Frankfurt am Main Madrid Marseille 5 star reviews in Europe Lyon Düsseldorf Edinburgh Stuttgart Hannover Manchester Toulouse Barcelona Glasgow Nice São Paulo Bristol Strasbourg Birmingham Bordeaux Essen Leeds Montpellier Nürnberg Nantes Leipzig p g p g Dortmund Liverpool Brighton Lille Sevilla Zürich Dresden Valencia Cardiff Rennes Bremen Oxford Zaragoza Bonn Rio de Janeiro Karlsruhe Hagen Wiesbaden Darmstadt Palma de Mallorca Freiburg Wuppertal Münster Málaga Lübeck Mannheim Kiel l ál b k h l Nottingham Aachen Salzburg Roma Heidelberg Mainz Sheffield Basel Duisburg Bochum Bielefeld Saarbrücken Newcastle upon tyne Rostock Potsdam Würzburg Magdeburg Belfast Genève New York Cambridge Braunschweig Leicester Aix en Provence Amsterdam Osnabrück York Norwich Kassel Bamberg Derby Angers Kraków Augsburg Regensburg Lüneburg Leverkusen Grenoble Southampton Coventry Tübingen Donostia-San Sebastián Oldenburg Bilbao Valladolid Rome Plymouth Hull Bergisch Gladbach Warszawa Krefeld Bournemouth Gießen San Francisco 4
  5. 5. A very lively, committed and involved community at the heart of the model 5
  6. 6. Quality user generated reviews 6
  7. 7. Personalised experience - follow people with similar tastes 7
  8. 8. Discovery – through user to user interaction 8
  9. 9. Qype Communities: Market by Market 9
  10. 10. German Community 10
  11. 11. German Community • Willing to be honestly critical of a place • Very willing to be honestly critical of Qype! • Like to know “how it works” • Loyal • Clear user guidelines and T&Cs • “No bullshit” communications from Qype • Explain and involve • Give privileges and a voice 11
  12. 12. German Community 12
  13. 13. UK Community "From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s , sake, I spit my last breath at thee” "Even if you have a table there’s table, something about a standing pool of shrieking harridans or guffawing chinless Caspians that can really take the shine off p y the evening.” "The chips to steal a phrase made me The chips, phrase, want to go into the kitchen and hurt someone very badly indeed, just so they knew how I felt. The bun made me want to kick babies. Frankly, the burger would have made Mother Teresa want to kick babies, before strapping scythes onto her forearms and running amok through a crowded Mumbai orphanage.” 13
  14. 14. UK Community 14
  15. 15. UK Community • Looking for fun • Like to share a d co ec e o s a e and connect • Always looking for the next thing • Lots of Quirky events – burlesque, chutney and chess evenings • Competitions, prizes, new features and heavy use of Twitter and Facebook • Get the best to contribute more – “gurus” who connect with others, create events t 15
  16. 16. Des top model…
  17. 17. De beaux mâles…
  18. 18. Des personnes politiquement incorrectes…
  19. 19. French Community 19
  20. 20. French Community • Love to talk about food not just the restaurant – and expect quality insights • Younger urban bias Younger, • Didn’t like the original “German” site • Expert user guides • Quality events – cool places (and involved major brand sponsorship) • Attention to detail + adding latest trendy places • Site redesign 20
  21. 21. Italian Community • Our newest market: • New approach – earlier “cool” events • Qype pin as a symbol of belonging • Harnessing the passion 21
  22. 22. Polish Community 22
  23. 23. Qype Communities: Market by Market PASSION SELF‐EXPRESSION OWNERSHIP Mais….. vive l diffé M i i la différence 23