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Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey
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Hkd2 london facebook_sws_jon harvey


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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  • Thank you for having me here today. There’s a fundamental shift happening.
  • We’re moving from the information web to the social webAnd I’m excited to be here to talk about how you can take advantage of that. Has anyone noticed that your life online is really mirroring your life offline? It used to be really separate, but not so much anymore.
  • We’ve always been a social bunchAsking friends for recommendations: the latest holiday location, Best restaurant opening, Which phone should I buy
  • For the first 15 years of the web, this kind of information was only possible by talking to people offline.And what we went to the web for was information retrieval. Whether we were looking up the weather, finding showtimes for a movie, or researching a specific topic. That period of the Internet was defined by search. During the first wave of the Internet, we largely knew what were looking for and we went online to find it. But now the web is being rebuilt around people. Increasingly, we go online as our real selves and we interact with the people in our real lives. My Facebook homepage mirrors the rest of my life. I discover movies, restaurants, music, and news through the people around me. This is a fundamental shift is also impacting marketing
  • SLIDE 2:Brand-building has always been about story-telling, but the way we tell those stories has evolvedThere was a time when we simply told factual stories – we explained a product’s functional benefits - it’s better than x product because it does this thing 10% better or it’s 10% cheaper.   Then we started communications with an emotional benefit.  The “Think Small” VW Beetle campaign in the 60s was possibly the first one to be really human and interesting in its communications. I believe the next big thing in communications is whether the content is share-worthy. In a world with ever-increasing content and no increase in the amount of time available to consume it, as we’re brainstorming ideas and strategies, it means asking: what is it that’s going to make this worth sharing?  What is it that makes this worth passing on?  this requires a different approach strategically and a different tonality in our marketing. The reason this is so powerful is that you can actually have your customers tell your story for you.  Social media allows a brand to come to life through a patchwork of stories from the people who care aboutit.
  • Case Study of this:1800 Flowers has created a social presence via an active FB Page and by using our Platform tools.  By using FB Login, 1-800-Flowers is able to show the upcoming birthdays of friends and family to each website visitor.  All of its products on the web feature a Like button.  This allows the brand to know what products are most popular and use this data to inform merchandising and promotion decisions.In order to grow their fan base, they use Like Ads, which is the quickest way to acquire fans.
  • But acquiring fans is just the beginning and 1800 Flowers publishes and engages in conversations with their fans, which allows them to deepen their relationships with customers and gain valuable insights. In addition, 1800Flowers has a customer service team dedicated to answering questions on Facebook. It also engages its biggest advocates to help inform product development efforts and they often have customers jump in and start answering questions for the brand. Every time someone interacts with these posts that action gets published into the News Feed, creating word of mouth around 1800 Flowers
  • Slide 11: In order to amplify that word of mouth to ensure they reached and activated the friends of their fans, 1800-Flowers ran Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. In this case, they ran a Valentine’s Day campaign that offered 50 FB credits and 15% off flowers. In addition, they were a launch partner for us on Sponsored StoriesHopefully you’ve all heard about Sponsored Stories and are already running them, but just in case, with Sponsored Stories you can take any story that shows up in the News Feed and elevate it to the right-hand side to make sure that more people see it. The reason this is useful is that often people miss a News Feed story, in particular if they only log in once a day or if they have a lot of friends and therefore a very dynamic News Feed. Sponsored Stories enable you to increase the distribution of News Feed stories about your business.
  • The results of their efforts are impressive. Their FB credits campaign led to 4,000 transactions on 1800Flowers.comA 400% increase in log-ins on their website with Facebook credentialsThey doubled their fan base to over 120,000 fans which means the brands can now reach over 37 Million friends of those fans with friends of connections targeting Engagement with wall posts also increased during this period 250%And finally, they saw a 2X increase in click-throughs on Sponsored Stories compared to Facebook Ads, which already had high click through rates As you can see, very impressive results and a great example of a client leveraging a lot of the Facebook ecosystem. So I’m going to use the customer journey as a framework for showcasing other innovative work on Facebook. With social this journey can start with product development…
  • MARKETING FUNNELOne way to visualize the power of social design is to turn the marketing funnel into a viral loop.Take your transactions from the bottom of the funnel and move them to the top.
  • Nike Video: Ignite the graphEngaging, rewarding, evolving – great example from a global leader
  • Transcript

    • 1. Jon Harvey
      June 2011
      Stories Worth Sharing
    • 2. The Web isAbout People
      You Can Connect with People at Scale
      Marketing is About People
      Build a foundation
    • 3. Communication is as old as time
    • 4.
    • 5.
      • 10% cheaper
      • 6. Premiere lens
      • 7. Neck strap
      Brand building = storytelling
    • 8. Co-creation of the brand story
    • 9. Your foundation for storytelling
    • 10. Your foundation for storytelling
    • 11. Your foundation for storytelling
    • 12. Valentine’s Day Campaign
      transactions directly from Facebook Credits promotions
      increase in log-ins with Facebook credentials
      friends of fans
      CTR’s with Sponsored Stories
      “It was validation that there is a strong convergence happening with commerce, Facebook and social media in general” Chris McCann, President 1-800-Flowers
    • 13. awareness
    • 14. Nike
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18. Tell great stories and amplify out to millions of consumers
      Use engagers to influence and pass on your message
      Embrace commerce – an essential part of the experience
    • 19. Thank you