Hkd2 energy digital and crisis - lessons from the macondo spill response_tim o'leary_o_briens response


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Hkd2 energy digital and crisis - lessons from the macondo spill response_tim o'leary_o_briens response

  1. 1. D2 EnergyLondonApril 26, 2012Tim O’Leary, VP Communications Copyright O’Brien’s Response Management Inc. 2012
  2. 2. About O’Brien’s OBriens Response Management is a leading provider of crisis and emergency management services. We help our clients become more resilient by enabling them to Prepare, Respond, Communicate and Recover before, during and after a crisis. O’Brien’s Response Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings (NYSE: CKH).
  3. 3. PIER Systems The idea for PIER received its start after a major pipeline explosion and fire. June 11,1999
  4. 4. PIER Helps You Communicate More Efficiently …helping you manage the flow of information…between you and your audience.
  5. 5. Who uses PIER?
  6. 6. Managing Communications Efficiently… …by tightly integrating important communications functions.
  7. 7. Reach Your Audience Quickly
  8. 8. Through Appropriate Channels
  9. 9. Making Inquiries Easy
  10. 10. Provide Answers Quickly
  11. 11. Easily Create Documents for Review andApproval
  12. 12. One-Click Publishing to Website
  13. 13. Quickly Distribute Direct to Individuals
  14. 14. Inquiries Arrive via Multiple Channels
  15. 15. Inquiries Sent To Pre-Selected People AUTOMATIC
  16. 16. PIER Forms•Quick creation of any datainput forms.•Used for managing“Suggestions” and as ClaimsIntake form.•Automated distribution viaemail.•Data exported to Excel.•Integrated within PIERwebsite.
  17. 17. MediaToolsMonitoring & Clipsintegrated in PIER
  18. 18. Common Platform
  19. 19. Gulf Oil Spill Joint Information Center A single PIER system provided: • 155 Million+ individual deliveries of web content. • Distribution of over 7 Terabytes of information. • Receipt and response to 67,000 Inquiries. • Receipt and routing of over 8,000 claim forms. • Receipt and routing of 40,000 suggestion forms. • Distribution of over 36 Million emails. • Delivery of over 30,000 text messages. • Creation of 10,000+ documents.
  20. 20. The New Normal Old New Gov & RP “one voice” Independent & Antagonistic Media attracts eyes through Media provides response facts black hat drama Distribute releases Interact with multiple audiences Informed through websites and Informed through traditional social media Printed information Live video, images, webcasts Response info priority Political message priority Adm Allen: public participation in Passive public all future events
  21. 21. Direct communication and interactionHighly scalable Government Relations (local, state, national)and Community Relations operation essential.
  22. 22. Advanced Communications Technology a Certaintyin Next Event Up to 12 simultaneous live video feeds. Live webcasts with live chat. “Widgets.”
  23. 23. Lessons Learned1. All Politics are Local.2. All News is Local.3. All Problems are Local.4. All Solutions are Local.
  24. 24. Tim O’ 281 606 4744